Cancer Horoscope 2020

Love and Friendship

Love and Friendship

In the first quarter of this year, there may be some unexpected changes in your social life. They are due to the fact that some relationships with friends are not as stable as you might expect. You are confident that some people will never prove to you that they are transient figures in your life, but reality shows you something else.

In the next three months of the year, the financial aspect may have a big influence on your love relationship. The way your partner or you understand how to manage your budget and its effect on your relationship may be more profound than you expected. You are looking for a common ground on this.

In the third quarter of the year, the challenges in the romance department continue. You realize that problems have deeper roots than you initially thought. You or your loved one tend to hide certain things from each other or avoid telling the truth to your significant other because you are afraid of their reaction. Remember, you never go wrong with the truth.

In the last three months of the year and especially in October, you and your partner may want to have a similar stance on certain household and family issues. Different opinions on how to manage a household or how to handle family problems can prevent you from dealing with them when the situation demands it. You have to form a team.

Finances and Career

Finances and Career

In the first quarter of the year, it is advisable to enroll in a continuing education course, both to keep up with others you work with, but also to open your horizons and get to know other people you can build strong professional relationships with. And the best way to get in touch with them is to further your education.

In the next three months of the year, professional partnerships already in effect may face some difficulties, and those closing in during this period may experience some obstacles. It is hard for you to synchronize with others, perhaps because of the lack of effective communication skills, which turns the differences between you and them into advantages.

In the third quarter of the year, it is not advisable to take business trips abroad or too far from home. The proposed goals may not be fulfilled or there is a risk that they may suffer delays or otherwise make you miss some opportunities to meet very important people. Try to plan ahead and prepare for the worst case scenario.

In the last three months of the year and especially in October, you may feel that your professional development is stagnant. This is because the pace you have enjoyed thus far is not sustainable. Ideally, you should try to move forward, even if that happens in leaps and bounds. Otherwise, you can lose a good chunk of the progress made so far.

Physical and Emotional Health

Physical and Emotional Health

In the first three months of the year and especially in the second half of February and the first part of March, some major events change the way you look at the world. These transformations come firstly in the form of disappointments, but you slowly realize that they were a series of much needed wake-up calls.

In the second quarter of the year and especially in the second half of May and June, you may be less straightword in your actions. Some fears come to the surface, you are less confident (in your strengths), certain events in the romance department put your marital harmony to the test. Eventually, you regain yourself-confidence, but not without going through some rough patches.

In the next three months of the year and especially starting with the second half of July, things appear to get back on track. You may feel that you are slowly regaining control over how your projects evolve, which motivates you and gives you more self-confidence. You have learned a lot in the previous months and you are on the right track.

The last quarter of the year and especially from December onwards, you gradually break away from some attachments that did not do you much good or downright prevented you from moving in the right direction. This is the first sign that you have finally decided to distance yourself from some people you hold dear to your heart, but whose influence has not been beneficial.

Home and Family

Home and Family

In the first quarter of the year and especially in the period between the second half of February and the first part of March, try not to see how far the potential for tensions between you and your partner’s relatives can go. If you and your loved one are having problems, it is ideal not to involve your parents or other relatives in your business.

In the next three months of the year, things may go quite well between you and your loved ones. You get along well with your family of origin, as well as with your partner and/ or children or your loved one’s relatives. As long as you show tolerance in relation to them, any differences in mentality between you and them are minimized.

In the third quarter of the year, you may feel some tension between you and your loved ones. It may not be something serious or frequent, but it is obvious that in the substratum of your relationship, some discontent and annoyance are brewing. Ideally, you should discuss them so that they do not get to the surface.

In the last three months of the year, some problems may occur in the family you have with your partner. They may be due to difficult situations in relation to your children, which prompt you to change something about your parenting style. Do not let things go in one direction or another without intervening on time. Otherwise, they will get worse.

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