Taurus Horoscope 2020

Love and Friendship

Love and Friendship

In the first quarter of this year and especially in the second half of February and the first part of March, your or your friends’ professional or social ambitions may create a rift between you. Your ideals and visions are no longer compatible and this can cause a break between you. See if something can be done.

In the next three months of the year, you may experience slight tension at a social level. You are not sure that you can have complete confidence in those around you. This circumspection may prove to be a reliable ally of yours in certain circumstances. Find out who you can really trust.

In the third quarter of the year, everything seems to be going well on the sentimental and social level. You have probably gotten used to the idea that you have to make some changes in the latter sector, especially if you were faced with complicated situations in relation to some friends. Do not worry because you will meet other people with whom you can build new relationships.

During the last three months of the year and especially in October, the natives of this sign working with their partner may find it difficult to draw clear boundaries between their family life and career. For things to go well between the two of you, it is very important not to mix the two life sectors.

Finances and Career

Finances and Career

In the first quarter of the year and especially in the second half of February and March, you may be thinking about going on the freelancing path, but you realize that you have much to learn until you can support yourself from individual projects. Before making the choice, you need to consider all possible variables.

In the next three months, delegations abroad are not recommended. You may not be able to get everything you wish from them. Once you get there, you need to be very well prepared for everything these trips entail.

In the first half of May and in the first half of June, try to curb your expenses and do not enter into negotiations.

In the third quarter of the year, you are advised to enroll in continuing education or career retraining courses, especially if you intend to change your career path. It will be difficult for you at first to keep up with all the information, but you will keep up with it eventually. Group projects could stagnate for a while.

In the last three months of the year, things are starting to return to normal. Your career receive a boost, as do your future plans and group projects. You are also more in control of your knowledge and you are making remarkable progress in this regard. Therefore, a successful end of this year is on the cards, which helps you lay the foundations for a successful 2021.

Physical and Emotional Health

Physical and Emotional Health

In the first quarter of the year and especially in January and the first part of February, your inner peace may depend on the atmosphere in the romance department. So, if tension brews between you and your loved one, your emotional balance will reflect the fears and anxieties you experience at this level.

In the next three months of the year and especially in May and June, you may deal with some doubts regarding your system of values, principles and beliefs. You may start to wonder whether the life philosophy you guide yourself by will lead you in the desired direction. Some events with strong emotional impact may prompt you to make some changes in your life.

In the third quarter of the year, continue with this soul-searching. You become more and more aware of the fact that you have to adopt a more mature perspective on life, which takes into consideration nuances. For a person like you, who has always believed in the infallibility of their value system, this achievement is a very important one.

In the next three months, you need to take care of your emotional and physical health.

In October, you may be more reactive than usual and have an impulsive attitude towards the least important of things. Some love issues provide you with a much needed reality check. The partner needs your support to recover from a more serious illness.

Home and Family

Home and Family

There are no surprises in the first quarter of the year. Moreover, in the first three months of 2020, you get along very well with your loved one’s close relatives, although your views are not compatible in some essential points. Seek to cultivate this kind of tolerance, despite your differences in mentality.

In the next three months of the year, the atmosphere may change in relation to them. The level of tension increases and there may be times when you can no longer ignore some things. Things may not also look good in terms of your relationship with your relatives abroad or settled far away from you.

In the third quarter of the year and especially in the first half of July, it is possible to start some heated arguments with your brothers, sisters, and cousins.

Instead of throwing gas on the fire, try to muzzle the conflict before it starts. Starting with September, the atmosphere between you and your loved one appears to improve significantly.

There are no unpleasant family events on the horizon in the next three months of the year. You seem to enjoy harmony at this level and tolerate without too much effort the differences in mentality between you and your loved ones. The winter holidays are likely to find you getting along with one another and looking forward to spend quality time together.

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