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Love and Friendship

Love and Friendship

In the first three months of the year, there are no reasons why you should focus more than usual on your relationship. The previous year’s trends in your love department are still there, in the sense that you enjoy balance at home, even if sometimes there are moments of increased tension. Against a background like this, your relationship with your partner will evolve beautifully.

In the second quarter of 2021, but especially from the end of April onwards, it is possible that the atmosphere in your love life will change to some extent. Pluto’s retrograde transit through the house of love leads to tension to a certain extent, but Jupiter enters - for a short stay, indeed – in your partner’s house in your love life, which could help you better understand his/her reactions.

For the next three months of the year, Neptune continues to retrograde through the house of partnerships. On the one hand, this makes you more attentive to the needs of your loved one, more aware of what exactly you need to change in order to enjoy harmony at home. On the other hand, you may make too many sacrifices, giving up things that are important to you without receiving the same treatment.

In the last quarter of 2021, the atmosphere in your love life is very complex. From the beginning of October, you feel less tense around your partner, and this becomes even more evident from the beginning of December onwards. But the holiday season may come with a tense atmosphere, but it won’t last. It is rather the effect of the stress associated with Christmas preparations.

Finances and Career

Finances and Career

In the first three months of the year, but especially from the middle of January onwards, you face extreme challenges at work, which put your patience and skills to the test. In one way or another, you have to make room for novelty in your life and get used to new techniques and methods, to work more in association with others. Due to communication problems, teamwork leaves much to be desired in February.

In the next quarter of the year, but especially from mid-May, you communicate better with your colleagues and opportunities appear to establish new partnerships, to enhance your client portfolio. But be careful how you communicate with your superiors in June, because otherwise they could deprive you of opportunities to climb the ladder. Some collaborations will encounter problems.

In the third quarter of the year, but especially from the end of July, your productivity may decrease to some extent. Or maybe you focus more on the quality of the work you do, which requires additional investments of time and attention. From the end of September onwards, try to be more careful about what you spend your money, because your spending habits may affect your budget.

In the last three months of 2021, but especially in the second decade of October, you find a new rhythm at work, one that denotes a high level of efficiency, which you seem to have missed in the rest of the year. You feel more stable in terms of finances, and that allows you to save up more. The holiday season brings extra stress at work, but you’ll find it easier to cope with it.

Physical and Emotional Health

Physical and Emotional Health

In the first quarter of 2021, your mental and physical well being may not be up to par. Maybe you have accumulated a lot of fatigue in the previous year and you are still struggling with the effects of overwork. It is clear that you need to change something in your work ethic, to rest more. It does not help that you tend to internalize certain things and refrain from discussing them.

In the next three months of the year, but especially from late May onwards, you must pay special attention to your health. The symptoms you feel can become chronic if you do not make substantial life changes, and the effects will be felt both physically and mentally. The "burnout" syndrome is real and you have to take it more seriously in the future.

In the third quarter of 2021, you can make great progress in making your body stronger and improving older or newer health problems. Jupiter has been retrograding through the house of health in your solar chart from the end of July onwards, and this helps you make the necessary lifestyle changes in this regard. Excesses should not have part of your routine.

In the last three months of the year, your energy level increases dramatically, especially from mid-October onwards. It is true that the holiday season can be tiring, but except for a few moments of temporary exhaustion, you will cope well with it, without investing too much effort. You just have to make sure that you have time to rest between Christmas and the New Year.

Home and Family

Home and Family

In the first quarter of the year, a relative from abroad or a close relative of your partner’s may experience some health problems. This may involve some travelling on your part or your partner’s, either for medical purposes or to be close to them. Try to show involvement, both through personal efforts and by being close to them. It will speed up their recovery in no time.

In the next three months of 2021, tensions may arise in your relationship with your children. These are most likely due to Pluto’s retrograde transit, which puts pressure on your relationship and reveals areas of interaction where your visions are not compatible with each other. Problems have existed for a long time, but they only come to the surface in extreme situations.

In the third quarter of the year, your relationship with your relatives abroad or your partner’s continue to experience issues. As mentioned earlier, this may be due to other issues that have something to do with you, not them. You have to show a lot of patience and understanding, to let them know that they can count on you if they need to. They’ll open up when the time is right.

In the last three months of 2021, you communicate better with your children, although the holiday season may still find you on the verge of experiencing the same amount of tension felt in the previous months. You’re probably frustrated because you don’t have everyone in your family next to you on Christmas. Try to visit them sometime between Christmas and the New Year’s.

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