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Astro Overview for April

The second month of spring starts with the dynamic, enthusiastic and impatient drive of Aries. April’s first half is marked by new beginnings, intuitive decisions and immediate reactions. Logical thinking and quick verbalization guide our behaviour. At the same time, mid-April leads to confrontations related to authority, power and control. After the Sun’s entrance in Taurus on the evening of April 19, the atmosphere becomes more stable and clear. We are thus invited to calm down, enjoying simple pleasures and the beauty of the flowering nature. Let’s thus analyze in detail April’s main astral moments!

Mercury in Aries: energetic thoughts

On April 4, Mercury enters Aries, a sign associated with straightforwardness and self-confidence. From this moment on, we think and communicate in a combative and competitive manner. We are inclined to fight for our reasoning and courageously expose our personal ideas. Our minds easily absorb new information. We might intuitively grasp essentials, but we can also jump to conclusions and become quarrelsome out of nothing. Although we tend to stress more easily, this position of Mercury allows us to quickly regenerate our mental energy.

Mars (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces): scattered energy

Around April 9, we might feel a certain drift in actions and goals. AstroFidelia recommends that we keep our directions clear and not waste our energy in superficial or ambiguous activities. We may avoid direct confrontations because of poor self-confidence. It is good to stay vigilant and not trust illusive appearances. On the other hand, we can take advantage of the moment to pursue our spiritual ideals and to improve our artistic skills.

Venus (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn): confronting authority

The energy around April 12 stirs up confrontations with people we find authoritarian and inflexible. New rules and procedures for relationships are necessary. We are trying to create new systems of collaboration. Independence and the need to respect our commitments come into conflict. At the same time, we can discover extraordinary inner resources of endurance in times of relationship crisis. On a financial level, we might strongly reject the interference of public laws and institutions in our affairs. We may also start new long-term projects.

Venus in Taurus: stable and calm relationships

After April 14, we start working on stabilizing our relationships. We appreciate practical, tangible proofs of love. We also value the physical presence of our partners. We try to obtain clear commitments from our loved ones and express our devotion by making them feel comfortable around us. We begin to appreciate classical beauty more and listen to our bodies carefully. Some issues rooted in possessiveness and jealousy may require awareness and healing.

Jupiter (Aquarius) trine Mars (Gemini), sextile Mercury (Aries): bold actions and thoughts

Around April 17, we should take time for broadening our horizons. We can easily assimilate a lot of new information, combining detail and synthesis. We may formulate successful plans for our future and growth strategies. We can trust our intuitions and engage in a variety of actions, demonstrating dexterity and distributive attention. We may feel lucky, but it is avisable not to waste our chances. AstroFidelia recommends using this energy by setting high goals and starting concrete actions in this regard.

Sun-Mercury in Taurus: materialization and productivity

On April 19, the Sun and Mercury step together into Taurus. From this moment on, the collective atmosphere calms down. We start focusing on practical goals and the tangible aspects of life. We seek peace, tranquility, we prefer stable and predictable situations. We take root in physical sensations and pay attention to our bodies. Our self-esteem increases as we demonstrate our productivity and achieve practical results. We could also increase our material resources and save money for future investments.

Venus conjunct Uranus (Taurus): surprises in relationships

Around April 23, we can expect unpredictable events in relationships. We want lasting and trustworthy connections, but we cannot accept being chained. We seek the presence of nonconformist friends. Our tastes and desires combine simplicity and originality. Although Taurus encourages the appreciation of classical beauty, Uranus adds a deeply unconventional note. We find pleasure in unusual activities and in the company of free-thinkers.

Mars in Cancer: the victory of kindness

On April 23, Mars enters Cancer, a symbol of emotions and shyness. From this moment on, our actions become more prudent, aimed at creating protection for us and our loved ones. We impose our will indirectly and timidly. We can experience fluctuating courage, hesitating between various whims and changing moods. On the other hand, we can pursue some goals with great tenacity and sharp intuition, especially if we have to defend something or someone we feel very attached to.

Mercury conjunct Uranus (Taurus): revolutionary thinking

On April 24, Mercury and Uranus join forces and impel us to think differently than we usually do. Our minds are oriented toward progress and information related to technology, computing, energy, material resources, or unusual topics, such as those in the esoteric realm. This way, we may generate ideas that are both valuable and practical. Networking with large groups of friends can provide us with exciting news and leading lights for the future.

Venus and Mercury (Taurus) square Saturn (Aquarius): safe reforms

Around April 25, we are invited to plan well-structured and intelligent reforms. Although the current reality may come into conflict with our long-term goals, teamwork can be very productive. Reluctance to change might block some projects considered eccentric or utopian. AstroFidelia recommends paying attention to rigidity and inflexibility towards those with different opinions from ours. We need to respect individual freedom and to actively participate in the collective progress.

Mercury conjunct Venus (Taurus): harmonious communication

Although the end of the month brings a stubborn tension and resistance, April 26 invites us to calm down and seek mental peace. It is better not to complicate our thinking too much. We could focus on what brings us pleasure and comfort. Creativity in writing and speaking is to be expected. Various friends bring us useful information. Fron a financial poin of view, we can make safe and profitable business choices.

Sun conjunct Uranus (Taurus): radiant originality

At the end of the month, on April 30, we might feel rebellious, ready to stand up for our freedom. Our self-esteem will increase if we allow ourselves to behave in unorthodox ways. We can act as agents of change. An unusual energy colors the collective atmosphere. What we are creating right now bears a progressive and at the same time classic imprint. It is time to ask ourselves what we can do differently, while still keeping a natural and simple style.

Putting all these sequences together, April seems to function at two different poles: during the first part of the month, the combined influence of Aries and Mars in Gemini creates variety, movement, speed, energetic impulses; after the middle of the month, Taurus directs our decisions towards practical goals in a slower, continuous and stable inner rhythm. Meanwhile, the background created by Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius is maintained: regardless of our personal interests, it is good to consider social progress, mass security and the implementation of large-scale reforms.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Aries until April 19, 9:34 p.m., when it enters Taurus;
  • New Moon in Aries on April 12, 3:31 a.m.; Full Moon in Scorpio on April 27, 4:33 a.m.;
  • Mercury transits Pisces until April 4, 4:42 a.m., when it enters Aries; on April 19, 11:30 a.m. it enters Taurus;
  • Venus transits Aries until April 14, 7:23 p.m., when it enters Taurus;
  • Mars leaves Gemini and enters Cancer on April 23, 12:50 p.m.;
  • Jupiter continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Saturn continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Uranus continues its transit through Taurus;
  • Neptune continues its transit through Pisces;
  • Pluto continues its transit through Capricorn and starts to retrograde in this sign on April 27, 4:12 p.m..


The first days of the month may bring ambiguity and misleading messages. After April 4, your attention sharpens and you can focus much easier on your tasks. Around April 9, it is good to consider the information hidden behind charming words. A state of continuous transition seems to accompany this period for you. That can generate a feeling of renewal and enthusiasm. On April 12, you can start something new in your career by working on your own.

Around April 17, short trips in the company of large groups offer you a lot of energy and moments of joy. On April 18, your thinking becomes incisive and profound. AstroFidelia advises you to avoid forcing your ideas on others, but also to defend your personal opinions in front of authority figures. After April 19, you enter a calmer phase, leaving behind a time that required a lot of action from you and brought many opportunities for self-affirmation.

From now on, it is good to focus on material resources, earnings and investments. You are concerned with financial security and comfort, and look for safe contracts, which promise stability. The last part of the month can bring you profitable partnerships. After April 26, Mars in Cancer drives your attention toward family and home. You are invited to fight for the support, protection and peace of your loved ones.


During the first half of the month you are highly receptive, picking up emotional states from the collective unconscious. AstroFidelia recommends paying attention to messages sent by your intuition and subconscious. For example, your dreams can now be full of interesting symbols. Around April 12, your mental sensitivity is amplified. Intense transformations may take place in your relationships.

After April 14, Venus in your sign marks the transition to a different energy, one that is calmer and more stable, in accordance to your inner rhythm. Around April 17 you can make inspired business choices. Projects that connect you with foreign partners are favored, as is international trade. After April 19, you enter a dynamic stage. It is advisable to spontaneously accept new opportunities that come to you.

From this moment on, it is expected to feel a reinforced physical energy. You become more self-confident and follow the impulse of courageous self-affirmation. At the same time, the general atmosphere seems calmer, stable and predictable. After April 26, Mars in Cancer brings you new opportunities to study and exercise your communication skills. You can discover fascinating information about the past. Family debates become interesting.


April’s first half invites you to think ahead and set long-term goals. The groups you belong to can offer comfort and support. Friends and associates can also bring lucky opportunities for your evolution. From April 4 on, communication with these friends becomes more dynamic and alert. Around April 12, AstroFidelia recommends that you establish key objectives for the future.

Until the end of the month it is advisable to keep a flexible attitude, while showing a lot of versatility in gestures and thinking. You may feel that you are going through a lucky state that takes you to new places and experiences. After April 19, a more secluded period gradually activates. This will give you the opportunity to contemplate the events with detachment and to free yourself from unnecessary worries.

Thus, the second part of the month brings a meditative mood and stimulates your spirituality. It is good, however, to keep yourself vigilant – daydreaming could cause various blunders and too much idealism could lead to deception. After April 26, Mars in Cancer directs your energy towards material gains. Financial movements related to family business and real estate may occur.


In your case, April starts in a rather enigmatic atmosphere. Until the Sun enters Taurus your career requires a lot of initiatives from you. This way, you easily get the public’s attention. Meanwhile, a lot is happening on a subtle and emotional level. You may feel navigating through ending cycles. AstroFidelia recommends faith in these opportunities for deep transformation.

Around April 12, something new can occur in your career. You could also confront certain agitated, aggressive, authoritarian people. It is time to impose yourself firmly, creating the path you deserve, the one that can bring you respect and notoriety. After April 14, the general atmosphere begins to stabilize, while you may start working on consolidating your future.

After the Sun enters Taurus, friends’ support can be very helpful. However, it is good to pay attention to false friends and to carefully select your company. This way, you can avoid intrigues, complications or hidden interests of others. After April 26, Mars in Cancer encourages you to become more physically active while taking care of your body and appearance.


The first days of the month bring you awareness and deep emotional transformation. You may communicate subtly, telepathically with someone very close. You let yourself guided by intuition into the depths of your own psyche. After April 4, your thinking becomes sharper and passionate. You focus on topics related to morality and fairness. You can get into various debates with those who don't share your values.

Around April 12, you have the opportunity to set new aspirations and start actions that will lead to new adventures. AstroFidelia recommends to take advantage of this energy and broaden your horizons through long-distance traveling. You could also start new classes that develop your spiritual knowledge. Around April 17, you can attract lucky, pleasant encounters with new people. A friendly and engaging atmosphere makes you feel comfortable.

After April 19, your career asks for seriousness and strong commitment. A sense of personal mission in the world comes to the fore. Starting with April 26, Mars in Cancer requires calm and rest. You may feel like stepping outside the circle of daily worries and duties. At the same time, previous phases of your life seem to be coming to an end, preparing the transition to future changes.


This month brings you some official situations related to education, knowledge and communication. April requires proving your intellectual abilities and communication skills. You need to formulate accurate, well-documented reports. This is a good time for solving mysteries. You make precise incisions into the unknown and reveal all kinds of secrets.

The middle of the month can bring you business trips opportunities and an overall feeling of transition to a new stage. AstroFidelia recommends to face these changes with flexibility. This way, you could enjoy a deep regeneration of energy. Around April 18, it's good to be radically honest with someone close to your heart. The two of you can go through a deep, emotional healing process.

After April 19, the energy of Taurus creates a calmer mood. Perseverance and a clear routine are good for you now. You are also looking to develop a safe, down-to-earth, healthy lifestyle. You could engage into various research in this respect. The universe gives you access to valuable knowledge and suggests solutions to concrete problems. After April 26, you could concentrate on making strategies for the future.


April’s first half offers you many events in relationships: new encounters and the activation of existing partnerships. Some of these people may have a direct and impulsive attitude towards you, but many others bring joy and light into your life. Especially around April 12 you may expect dynamic love circumstances. At the same time, detachment and a sort of isolation will give you time for pleasant hobbies.

Around April 17, your creativity is highlighted. At the same time, AstroFidelia recommends spending more time with children, while also taking care of the relationship with your inner child. It's time to build your own happiness by allowing yourself to manifest spontaneously and playfully. Until April 26, Mars in Gemini enforces this youthful atmosphere and brings various surprises that make you feel lucky.

After April 19, your attention is being driven towards pragmatic issues. You are concerned about sharing your material resources with some close partners. You can attract significant amounts of money from others. After April 26, you become more attentive to your responsibilities and career. Your prestige and public image concern you now. Exploring the idea of ​​personal mission in the world might be of help.


The first part of this month brings you many work-related events. Effort is being required in this respect. You need to focus your strength in order to overcome all sorts of daily obstacles. During all this time you have the chance to improve your skills and endurance in stressful conditions. In the end you could enjoy the satisfaction of well-performed tasks. Around April 12, you can start a new project at work. Relationships with working colleagues are also extremely dynamic.

A certain amount of emotional indecision might accompany you until April 26. Its purpose is to highlight alternative ways. It is advisable to remain flexible, without rejecting people or experiences that are worth keeping. Around April 17, you could turn old emotional wounds into valuable awareness. Sincere communication in relationships, especially with family members, is very important for you now.

After April 19, the atmosphere at work calms down, so you have more time to concentrate on personal matters. Relationships may also require more attention on your part. AstroFidelia recommends keeping close reliable people, with whom you intend to build lasting partnerships. After April 26, you can get in touch with people from abroad. Your messages reach them with more ease. This way, you can promote yourself successfully.


Until the end of April, you are going through a dynamic time in relationships. Friends and acquaintances from all over the world contact you and bring various news. Around April 9, you may be involved in a team project that requires a lot of subtlety and flexibility on your part. AstroFidelia also advises you not to become evasive and to pursue your goals with clarity and perseverance.

Around April 12, a new love story may enter your life or you may reinforce the romance of an already existing relationship. On April 17, you can receive good news from someone dear or you can be a pleasant messenger for others. All these relationship experiences help you open your heart and feel more love and happiness. You are also encouraged to make time for hobbies and activities that relax you.

After April 19 your career is being highly activated. You need to feel useful and skillful. Different daily tasks require concentration, endurance, continuity and tenacity. It is good for you to keep a realistic attitude and to look for simple, safe solutions. After April 26, you get very close to certain people on an emotional level. This way you can experience complex healing and transformation.


Until the end of April, you may experience a general feeling of movement and transition. During this part of the month you get the chance to train your intellect, spirit of negotiation and teaching skills. You can also undertake short business trips or you can interact with many colleagues and working partners. Around April 17, you may obtain good profits and accomplish positive financial results.

At the same time, you are invited to spend a lot of time at home, focusing on family relationships, comfort and intimacy. Around April 12, you can start a new project related to your place of residence. AstroFidelia also recommends to take some time on your own. Solitude and independence are good for you now. Exploring the past might lead to surprising answers and solutions for old problems.

After April 19, you may start to explore your creativity and special talents. Some kind of artistic expression can do you good, so you should surround yourself with beauty. After April 26, relationships require your attention. It may seem that some of your partners have inconsistent reactions, which complicate things. As far as you are concerned, a protective and mature attitude might be more appropriate.


For you, this month revolves around the idea of ​​communication and learning. You are good with words and this way you can maintain a cheerful, lively atmosphere. Close surroundings are an inexhaustible source of news for you. Written messages come from many directions while other circumstances make you act as a messenger. You could take advantage of the energy around April 12 and start new classes or initiate important discussions.

At the same time, AstroFidelia recommends paying attention to your body. During this month you could strengthen your vitality and enjoy fresh energy. However, it is good not to waste it, but use it as efficiently as possible. Around April 17, you may come up with creative, original and inspired plans for the future. The same day can be particularly successful for you on an intellectual level.

After April 19, you need to spend more time at home, with your dear ones. You should expect a couple of weeks that will connect you to the past and family of origin. Meanwhile, you have the chance to clarify some old attachments and feelings. This way you open your heart to love and experience a sense of self-protection. After April 26, Mars in Cancer invites you to work hard and develop your professional skills.


The first days of this month stimulate your imagination and create a meditative atmosphere. Around April 9, you may act rather unconscious and intuitive. Until its second half, April can bring you new sources of financial gain and a sense of consolidated wealth. You can make inspired quick investments. Around the New Moon on April 12, interesting financial events may occur.

At the same time, home and family situations accelerate. You can see your past and roots in a new light. You could also reevaluate the relationship with your parents. AstroFidelia recommends taking advantage of this time spent at home in order to strengthen your health and inner peace. Around April 17, a situation from the past comes to the fore and may be definitely settled. This can be a lucky day on a financial level as well.

After April 19, steady effort is being required from your mind. With patience and perseverance, you can overcome many challenges related to learning and communication. You can sign new profitable contracts. You should also take as many walks as possible, exploring nearby places where you can enjoy nature. After April 26, exciting opportunities for fun and relaxation may come to you.

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