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Monthly Horoscope Archive 2021

Archive 2021

Astro Overview for July

Under the sky of July we are invited to find the right balance between our hearts and minds. This month is about the individual need to feel special while adapting to group values. The dialogue between Leo and Aquarius, around which much of July’s dynamics are built, reminds us that life must be celebrated every moment, that we are here to rejoice and to love, but also that we have to respect the freedom and the rights of all other people.

At the same time, this month's calendar brings the sensitive and protective influence of Cancer. Issues related to emotions, past, family, home, patriotism continue to concern us. Another major event of this period is Jupiter’s return into Aquarius, where it will remain until the end of the year. Gradually, we will also begin to feel Virgo’s meticulous influence, as Venus and Mars enter this sign after July 22. Let's analyze in detail this month’s main astral events!

Mars (Leo) opposing Saturn (Aquarius): individual will contradicts social boundaries

Right from July 1 we have to face a challenge: we must obey collective rules, but at the same time we feel the urge to assert our personal will in creative manners. We may confront authoritarian people, and this makes us think more about our actions. We are struggling to build a freer and happier future for ourselves. If we act rigorously and responsibly, we will succeed. If we react with too much pride, we will end up feeling obstructed by unfair restrictions.

Mars (Leo) square Uranus (Taurus): brilliant inflexibility

On July 4 Mars and Uranus form a close aspect, inviting us to take unusual actions. Stubborn and determined, we are capable of explosive gestures. We are fighting for freedom and progress, but it is advisable not to exaggerate with dramatic attitudes. AstroFidelia recommends avoiding selfishness and childish pride. Instead, we can find ingenious solutions to financial problems. We need to combine risk with proper caution.

Venus (Leo) aspecting Saturn (Aquarius) and Uranus (Taurus): time for changes in relationships

Between July 7 and 8, Venus draws our attention through a couple of tense aspects with Saturn and Uranus. We learn to love and relate differently to our dear ones. We realize that ardent love must be combined with friendship. We understand that fidelity doesn't mean losing our freedom, so we build boundaries and keep a comfortable distance in relationships. We see collaboration and partnership in a new light.

Mercury in Cancer: sensitive thinking

On July 11, Mercury completes its long transit through Gemini, which began on May 4. Over the following weeks, our minds become more impressionable. There's a strong tendency to protect our own ideas. Emotions melt with logic: we assimilate information more easily if we rely on how we feel about it. Memory becomes a key factor in cognitive processes. We communicate more timidly. We should also avoid jumping to subjective conclusions.

Venus conjunct Mars (Leo): love and competition

On July 13, Venus and Mars form a perfect conjunction in Leo. For some of us, love is full of fireworks. For others, it is only a matter of restlessness. It's up to each of us to use this energy harmoniously. Romanticism reaches high points, as does our desire for adventure. A little rivalry and competition in relationships can keep the flame of love alight. But it is important not to allow egos to interfere too much in our actions.

Sun (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces): the glamour of our self-image

Around July 15 we are under the influence of a Sun-Neptune trine. We become impressionable and sensitive. We discover inner spritual and artistic inclinations; we transform them into creativity and refinement. We want to feel special, to have the superhuman power of saving the world. But we could also victimize ourselves too much. Charming, charismatic people impress us.

Venus in Virgo: the pleasure of feeling useful

On July 22 Venus enters Virgo. As of this moment, we find great pleasure in helping our dear ones. We express our affection modestly through concrete gestures. We enjoy taking care of small details. We feel attracted to people who are good professionals and who can give us useful advice. AstroFidelia recommends paying attention to petty criticism. Insignificant errors might annoy us too much.

Sun in Leo: being the center of our own universe

On July 22 the Sun's annual transit through Leo starts. From this moment on, we become joyful and want to make ourselves noticed. We learn to impose our point of view with dignity, but at the same time we maintain a generous attitude and an open heart. If our nature is rather reserved and shy, Leo teaches us how to reclaim our power with pride and self-confidence. We come into contact with our playful and creative side.

Mercury (Cancer) opposing Pluto (Capricorn): investigative thinking

On July 25, Mercury forms a close aspect with Pluto. Our minds penetrate beyond the surface of things. We investigate taboos and mysteries We discover the hidden territories of our own minds. But it's advisable not to get too suspicious about other people’s real intentions, because we could sabotage ourselves with pessimistic thinking. It is important to control our language so as not to create destruction with harsh words. These days power means delicacy.

Mercury in Leo: bright ideas

On July 28 Mercury joins the transits through Leo and stimulates our mental creativity. Word games are fun. We come up with witty ideas and we take pride in our cleverness. We communicate energetically, radiantly, affectionately. We understand things easier if we feel like playing in a cheerful learning environment. Although we are not very logical and methodical, we can intuitively and quickly understand new information.

Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius: wide humanitarian ideals

On July 28 we also celebrate Jupiter’s return in Aqurius, where it will remain until December 29. A great need for space and freedom embraces our souls. We need to feel independent and unrestricted. We're expanding our horizons by researching unusual information. Some of us will exercise their eccentric and experimental impulses. We focus on group dynamics, understanding that we are united into a collective network whose evolution we need to support.

Mars enters Virgo: disciplined and methodical actions

On July 29 Mars begins its transit through Virgo. Our actions will be accompanied by greater attention to detail, perfectionism and a significant dose of self-criticism. We can succeed more easily by taking small steps one of a time. Insignificant mistakes tend to irritate us. Poor services and lack of professionalism make us nervous. We will also direct energy towards work-relates issues.

Under Leo’s influence, this month’s atmosphere is full of fun and joy. We remember that sometimes life is like a cheerful holiday. Staying in contact with our inner child and loving with open hearts are good responses to Leo’e energy. In the first part of the month, the transits through Cancer connect us to our roots, nest and family. At the same time, Aquarius doesn’t allow stagnation, and Virgo makes us hardworking. We are invited to find new solutions to old problems and broaden the horizons of our minds.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Cancer until July 22, 3:27 p.m., when it enters Leo;
  • New Moon in Cancer on July 10, 2:17 a.m.; Full Moon in Aquarius on July 24, 3:38 a.m.;
  • Mercury transits Gemini until July 11, 9:36 p.m., when it enters Cancer; on July 28, 2:12 a.m., it enters Leo;
  • Venus transits Leo until July 22, 1:37 a.m., when it enters Virgo;
  • Mars transits Leo until July 29, 9:33 p.m., when it enters Virgo;
  • Jupiter retrograde transits Pisces until July 28, 1:42 p.m., when it re-enters Aquarius;
  • Saturn retrograde continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Uranus continues its transit through Taurus;
  • Neptune retrograde continues its transit through Pisces;
  • Pluto retrograde continues its transit through Capricorn.


Under the influence of Sun in Cancer, the first part of July brings you a series of events related to family and home. AstroFidelia recommends connecting to your past and roots, spending lots of moments in the privacy of your home. Until July 10, you are looking for effective solutions that could provide more free time. Look for solutions that could offer both material satisfaction and pure happiness by changing your lifestyle!

While this period asks for relaxation and vacation, the New Moon on July 10 brings back precious memories and gives you moments of great sensitivity. Around July 13, relationships with children come to the fore. For other natives, this a perfect time for a new love. On July 18 you swing from home to career. Your need for intimacy and self-protection collides with external events that call to action.

After July 22, you become more active and energetic. New opportunities for fun arise and you feel an inner enthusiasm that makes you happy. At the same time, job responsibilities require your presence. Competent and professional people get your attention. Intense discussions with managers may appear around July 25. After July 28 you need to make your voice heard and remain as original as possible among your friends.


At the beginning of the month you are full of curiosity and assimilate new information easily. Spending time studying keeps you around home longer. Short trips help you recharge your batteries. During the first week of July you are challenged to find a balance between staying at home and fulfilling your professional duties. What makes you feel happy? You seek to act responsibly, but at the same time not to neglect your family.

The New Moon on July 10 brings news that impresses you and stirs up your protective spirit. Communication with your family amplifies in one way or another. AstroFidelia recommends to let your loved ones see your deepest emotions. Around July 13 you're dealing with hot situations in relationships. You learn to detach yourself from other people’s egos and to treat them with maturity. On July 18 you are good at making synthesis; you intuitively penetrate beyond words.

After July 22, you focus on family and home. Meanwhile, Venus in Virgo is starting to create opportunities for relaxation, vacation and fun. You have creative ideas and devote more time to your hobbies. Around the 25 of July interesting secrets can come to the surface. After July 28, you rest your mind and analyze your past. Jupiter in Aquarius makes you wonder about the best ways to make your presence felt in society.


Until July 11 Mercury transits your sign, which makes you voluble and very expressive. Your mental activity is radiant and produces creative ideas. If you keep humor and a playful mood, curiosity will take you through a series of surprising situations. The first week of this month brings you the challenge of combining reason and intuition. You have to synthesize a large amount of data. You need detailed content, but also grasp their essence.

The New Moon on July 10 brings financial events. You feel the impulse to build enough savings for the future. Around July 13 you can enter into various heated discussions. The way you see things confronts your partners’ philosophy of life. You can bring older information up to date, including spiritual knowledge. Long-distance travel can be replaced by a series of pleasant short trips. Hiking in the mountains would also be good for you now.

After July 22, you start spending more time with your family, in the privacy of your home. For instance, you could redecorate your place. Sun in Leo brings you new learning situations and fun, spontaneous, engaging discussions. Your relationships with siblings or various study colleagues expand. Around July 25, you may notice some hidden aspects of your financial situation. This is a good time for updating your value system.


Until July 22 the Sun is in your sign and brings you a lot of energy, spirit of initiative, creativity. Your temper is expansive and bright. Interesting financial events occur during the first week of this month. AstroFidelia recommends making some purchases that please your soul. At the same time, try keeping some limits so as not to lose control of expenses. You can have pleasant surprises if you share your wealth with others.

The New Moon on July 10 makes you extremely sensitive. Those around you may easily notice your delicate and self-protective mood. Around July 13, something that is highly precious to you may not be as important to a partner. The universe is showing you how to give up certain material attachments. On July 15 you act with empathy and develop a philosophical, visionary attitude.

After July 22, you're looking to become more efficient while creating financial savings. You may discover new talents and use them in practical ways. At the same time, Venus in Virgo brings you close to people from whom you can learn useful information. You can start training courses that will be useful to you in the future. Towards the end of the month, it’s time to investigate taboos and some deep feelings.


Until July 22 you have a lot of energy and stay physically active, but at the same time you need moments of rest. Contemplating the past, you have the opportunity to give up old suffering and prepare the ground for new beginnings. The first week of the month also helps you realize that you can't be totally independent all the time. Although you seek to impose your will, relationships require a more cooperative conduct.

From all this dynamics you learn not to make unhealthy compromises and not to try to dominate others. The New Moon on July 10 can bring to your attention some past family experiences. A fresh energy, as yet unmanifested impacts your emotional structure. Around July 13 your magnetism is strong and you can easily attract others. AstroFidelia recommends to take care of your beauty and general appearance.

After July 22, Venus in Virgo invites you to go shopping for fun and pleasure. You could also invest in health care or in improving your professional skills. With the Sun transiting Leo, the second part of the month makes you more active and easily noticed. A general feeling of novelty helps you adapt quickly to unusual situations. After July 28, you need to analyze people around you carefully.


The first week of the month may seem more tense, but if you stay detached and keep a loving heart, you will easily understand the meaning of these moments. You need to look around with empathy and optimism, despite any daily challenges. You can discover the subtle meaning of some health problems that are more difficult to diagnose. AstroFidelia also recommends taking part in volunteering programs.

The New Moon on July 10 opens interesting doors for you and lays the foundations for new projects. Your interactions with certain groups broaden your horizons and make you feel protected. You have many supporters among your friends. After July 11, conversations with them come to the fore. Around July 13 your spiritual receptivity is very high. You can take advantage of these days meditating and staying away from daily problems.

After July 22 Venus transits your sign. Gradually, you become more extroverted and involved in worldly affairs. Other people notice you. You start focusing on your physical body and energy. Around July 25 you're looking for a balance between what your groups want and your personal opinion on certain situations. The end of the month brings you important awareness and dynamism. New beginnings start to manifest in your life.


Until July 22, you make yourself noticed at work. It is good to demonstrate your caring, maternal, protective attitude, so that others can see you as a model of emotional balance. The first week of the month finds you making plans for the future. You have to manage them with financial ingenuity. You're trying to make a happier and creative life path for yourself. Some friends can support you in this endeavor.

The New Moon on July 10 puts you under the spotlight at work. One way or another, you get new responsibilities and applauses as well. Around July 13 you can come up with precious ideas for your future growth. You can ask yourself where you’d like to be in a couple of years and with whom. AstroFidelia recommends assuming your role in society and supporting collective progress.

After July 22 you get into exciting group situations. You can even initiate meeting opportunities yourself. Around July 25, there may be some more tense discussions at home or with authoritarian people. Your words are impacted by emotions. After July 28 you have a more cheerful and relaxed mood. You should try to enjoy your free time and do things that really matter to your soul.


During the first part of the month you may swing from time spent at home to long-distance traveling. You can discover new places that bring you close to people with different traditions. By July 10, some work issues require total involvement. You are invested with decision-making power, but you also have to take into account the will of others. AstroFidelia recommends keeping your sense of humor even in the midst of serious responsibilities.

The New Moon on July 10 can bring you a new trip or the beginning of an interesting study class. Your attitude towards life is philosophical. This helps you understand the meaning of some personal experiences. Around July 13, you're concerned about your public image. You have to make a good impression, but it is advisable to avoid an attitude that would be too proud. If other people behave bossily with you, you can respond with dignity and humor.

After July 22, there are several occasions to meet with your groups of friends. You are in search of new ways to improve your work skills. The Sun in Leo keeps you connected to your career. At the same time, you seek to keep a clear direction of progress in your personal relationships. At the Full Moon on July 24 you try to find a balance between spending time at home and your work responsibilities. The end of July brings notable family events.


The first part of July brings you close to people whom you find special. Together you build moments of emotional fusion. You can easily read beyond appearances. You tend to have a more discreet and secretive attitude. That way, you investigate your feelings carefully. Until July 10 you may face some more tense debates. It’s best not to insist with too much pride on certain rigid ideas.

The New Moon on July 10 can bring interesting revelations and emotional healings in family relationships. The way you share your time, resources and energy with those close to you must be as fair as possible. Around July 13, be prepared to connect with people from far! It's time to draw some essential conclusions about your life by keeping a philosophical attidude and an open mind.

After July 22, you need to attend official meetings and make a good impression on your superiors. This requires a professional, attention-to-detail and cooperative attitude from your part. Meanwhile, the Sun transiting Leo can bring moments of happiness while travelling long distance. This feeling of adventure keeps you enthusiastic. Towards the end of the month, Jupiter in Aquarius creates new opportunities for study and language development.


Until July 11 your job requires a lot of mental effort. You participate in debates, negotiate, write, read, listen and provide feedback just like a student. You are also involved in many social interactions. Other people demand your attention, protection and empathy. Some of them may seem rather inconsistent and difficult to understand. By developing your psychological abilities, you may experience transformative moments in relationships.

The New Moon on July 10 brings you new beginnings in relationships. Around July 13, you may be concerned about some financial debts. You need to balance your personal resources with things that you receive from others. Around July 15, AstroFidelia recommends that you express yourself with sensitivity while paying attention to other people’s emotions. That way, you will understand them better.

After July 22, thrilling travel opportunities begin to show up. Your job could bring you close to people from abroad. Pay attention to what they have to teach you! The Sun in Leo reveals unconscious emotions and helps you discover hidden powers. Around July 28 you confront with stubornness a partner’s opinion. After this date you start contemplating your value system. Some updates in the way you get your financial resources need to happen.


The first week of July brings oscillations in relationships: your rules and your time face the choices and the will of your partners. You have to find some fair compromise. A certain detachment can help you, especially if others tend to behave immaturely or domineeringly. You have the right to impose limits and respect. Simultaneously, you focus on work and seek to perform your duties keeping high standards.

The New Moon on July 10 brings a lot of small tasks to handle at work. You could also devote time working around your house and doing it with pleasure. Around July 13 something notable can happen in a close relationship. AstroFidelia recommends treating others with openness and generosity. On July 15 your efforts could be rewarded unexpectedly. The good you do comes back tenfold.

After July 22, you're directing more energy toward relationship issues. Your partners are like mirrors for you. With their help, you learn to see yourself in a different light. This also gives you time to meticulously analyze them. You can choose to end some collaborations that are no longer useful to you. Around July 25 you can understand and put into words topics related to soul, spirituality and faith.


For you July starts in a pleasant and relaxing tone. Although you may have a lot of work to do, there are also opportunities for fun waiting for you. This way, you get the chance to regenerate your mental and physical energy. Relationships with children also come to your attention. You might feel like a playful child yourself. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars in Leo create dynamism in work situations, which may stir up older problems.

The New Moon on July 10 can offer beautiful holiday experiences. Travelling near a river or going to the beach would be good for you. A new love adventure can begin. Your attitude towards others is highly protective. Around July 13 colleagues can help you achieve successful results at work, but it is important that none of you try to dominate. Team spirit makes the difference. On July 18, enjoy the moment, but keep an eye on the future as well!

After July 22, you may receive more and more tasks at work. Doing your job with pleasure could offer back well deserved applause. At the same time, Venus in Virgo brings you close to many people and helps you perfect your relationship style. AstroFidelia advises not to take critical observations too personally. Instead, you could benefit from the helpful advice given by well-intentioned people.

Astro Tips & Tricks

It's advisable not to schedule any surgical procedure when the Moon is full. You should also try to avoid it one day before or after the Full Moon. Emergency surgical interventions are an exception to the rule.

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