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Monthly Horoscope Archive 2021

Archive 2021

Astro Overview for June

The first month of summer offers many interesting astral events and cosmic patterns. Under their influence we are invited to sharp our logic and our emotional intelligence as well, to seek our special place under the sun and to go through important inner transformations. During the first three weeks of June the sign of Gemini seems to have the first word in the unfolding of events. Mercury retrograde demands various corrections on a thinking and communication level. It also urges us not to jump easily to superficial conclusions.

In the middle of the month, the second Saturn-Uranus square of this year speaks about controlled reforms. Our fundamental need for freedom and progress faces the limits of time and reality. On June 21 we will celebrate the summer solstice and the Sun’s entrance into Cancer. At the same time, the sign of Leo adds a touch of self-centering, while we deeply need to shine and celebrate life through playfulness and creativity. Let’s therefore follow in detail the sequence of June’s astral events!

Venus in Cancer: protective love

On June 2 Venus enters Cancer. From this moment on, we are attracted to people whom we can treat like family members. We need closeness and privacy in order to feel safe and express our affection freely. We are inclined to demonstrate our love through a protective, maternal attitude, while demanding to be treated with delicacy in return. We get actively involved in family relationships. Some of us will be looking for the company of people from their past.

Venus (Cancer) trine Jupiter (Pisces): grace and loyalty

On June 4 Venus forms a harmonious aspect with Jupiter. We enjoy popularity and easily charm others. We manifest ourselves sensitively, while keeping a good mood and generous heart. We feel connected to people from all around the world, as if there are no boundaries between us. However, we should avoid emotional excesses and self-victimization. No matter how much we open our souls, AstroFidelia recommends not to let ourselves be fooled by the weaknesses of others.

Mercury retrograde (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces): brilliant confusion

On June 5, Mercury and Neptune form a perfect square between mutable signs. While it is difficult for us to keep contact with the objective reality and to remain focused, we can see things from a very original perspective. We’re trying to deal with an avalanche of details and information that might confuse us. Incoming messages can be misleading or we can make some foolish mistakes trying to decipher them. If we accept that knowing is not just about logically understanding phenomena, we can discover an extraordinary suppleness of our minds. Meditation practice can make it easier for us to think and communicate.

Mars (Cancer) opposes Pluto (Capricorn): subtle tenacity

On June 5, the opposition between Mars and Pluto also takes place. Under this influence, we experience extremes of power: we can either feel too small, powerless and fearful, or we can act with surprising courage. Feelings and irrational impulses dictate our actions. We are willing to risk everything in order to protect our loved ones and ourselves. We may feel threatened by imaginary dangers. However, some of us might have correct insights into acts of hidden manipulation. We should trust this kind of intuition.

Mars in Leo: spectacular actions

On June 11, Mars enters the creative and demonstrative sign of Leo. From this moment on, we manifest ourselves warmly, expressively, playfully and radiantly. We seek to make ourselves noticed by our victories and gain general attention. In the name of glory and honor, we can even dramatize a little bit more some of our experiences. AstroFidelia recommends avoiding narcissitic outbursts. Dominating others is not a solution.

Sun (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces): reason and mysticism

Around June 14th we are under the influence of the Sun-Neptune square. We seek to align ourselves with high ideals, looking outside the box of consensual reality. We access inner spiritual wisdom, but this process can conflict with our need for logic and clarity. Confidence in ourselves undergoes some erosion. It is no longer clear to us who we are and what direction suits us in life. Some male authority figures can let us down.

Saturn retrograde (Aquarius) square Uranus (Taurus): controled reforms

On June 15, this year’s second Saturn-Uranus square is perfected. We need to come up with widely applicable reforms. Confrontations between old and new arise. Rigid boundaries and the radical desire for freedom face each other. Those who make the rules stir up resistance and revolt. Reality meets the urgent need for change. The extravagance of progressive ideas confronts the laws of naturalness and simplicity. We are reviewing what has been built so far in this regard during the previous months.

Jupiter retrograde in Pisces: inner expansion

On June 20, Jupiter goes retrograde for the next four months. Although we tend to become more skeptical about outside events, we discover within us unusual reserves of faith. We take distance from the general principles and philosophies to which most of society adheres. We start an inner journey that can lead us to our own definitions of morality and truth.

Sun in Cancer (summer solstice): self-care and sensitivity

On June 21 we celebrate the summer solstice and the Sun’s ingress into the emotional sign of Cancer. From this moment on, our self-image is colored by imagination and subjectivity. We become more impressionable, shyer and tend to take a step back in order to avoid risks. We feel good about ourselves when we protect our loved ones. We’re starting to celebrate our home, roots and past. In order to act with confidence, we need to feel protected first. Our vitality level fluctuates according to irrational moods.

Mercury (Gemini) goes direct: outward-oriented mind

On June 23, Mercury ends its three weeks retrograde period through Gemini. From this moment on, we can focus more easily, showing clearer and faster perceptions. Communication with others becomes more fluent after a time that made us return to some older information and debates, reflect on our own thoughts, resume previous learning projects, develop unusual territories of our minds.

Venus (Cancer) opposes Pluto (Capricorn): intense relationships

On June 24, a tense aspect takes place on the cardinal cross between Venus and Pluto. We ask for radical sincerity in our relationships, even if what we discover will cause suffering. We’re not allowed to stay trapped in superficial relationships. Deep healings and transformations might occur in family affairs. Financial interests, manipulations and power games can emerge in the national, political environment.

Venus enters Leo: loyalty and honor in love

Towards the end of the month, on June 27, Venus enters the extrovert and warm sign of Leo. We surround our dear ones with applauses and demonstrations of love. We put them on a pedestal and ask for the same special treatment in return. The more love we receive, the more generous we become. However, AstroFidelia recommends to avoid dominant impulses. Excessive need for total attention can drive our loved ones away.

As we can see, the beginning of this summer brings a lot of dynamism and change. Under the Geminian influence, June’s first weeks keep our minds alert and open; Cancer urges us to create protection systems for ourselves and our loved ones; Leo dictates actions colored with honor and self-confidence. At the same time, we remain detached observers who intend to upgrade their life principles and personal beliefs. Intuitively, we need to follow our soul’s desires, while equally respecting the individual paths of others.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Gemini until June 21, 4:33 a.m., when it enters Cancer at the summer solstice;
  • New Moon in Gemini on June 10, 11:54 a.m (solar eclipse).; Full Moon in Capricorn on June 24, 7:41 p.m.;
  • Mercury transits Gemini and goes direct on June 22, 10:56 p.m.;
  • Venus transits Gemini until June 2, 2:19 p.m., when it enters Cancer; on June 27, 5:28 a.m., it enters Leo;
  • Marte transits Cancer until June 11, 2:34 p.m., when it enters Leo;
  • Jupiter transits Pisces and starts its retrograde period on June 20, 3:18 p.m;
  • Saturn retrograde continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Uranus continues its transit through Taurus;
  • Neptune continues its transit through Pisces and starts its retrograde period on June 25, 1:43 p.m.;
  • Pluto retrograde continues its transit through Capricorn.


For you June starts with a series of events related to communication and knowledge. While your mind works on many levels simultaneously, you need to select truly meaningful information so as not to overload your nervous system. Starting with June 2, you can combine periods of study with quite moments spent in the intimacy of your home, among your family and closest friends.

Around June 5, you may feel assailed by lots of incoming messages, but you also have the chance to obtain some unusual knowledge. At the New Moon on June 10 you can start studying something new. Try to initiate engaging dialogues! After June 11 Mars in Leo invites you to manifest your creative and playful skills. Around June 15, AstroFidelia recommends analyzing how far you've managed to materialize your goals so far. You should also evaluate your financial situation.

After June 21, the main events you attract seem to be focusing around your home and family. You have the opportunity to get to know yourself better if you spend more time by yourself. Around June 24 a tension might arise between family needs and social responsibilities. After June 27 relationships with children and new opportunities for falling in love come to the fore.


For you June begins with events related to finance, investments, earnings and expenses. Under the influence of Mercury retrograde, some renegotiations and changes in financial strategies may be necessary. Meanwhile, after June 2, Venus in Cancer brings you close to new people who share interesting information. Communication and gaining knowledge gradually captures more of your attention.

After June 11, your energy concentrates around home and family. Some tensions with relatives can be solved with humor and a joyful spirit. Around June 14, AstroFidelia recommends avoiding friends who may cause you financial losses. The Saturn-Uranus square on June 15 urges you to focus on your public mission: how well does your career represent you and how do you feel about your relationships with your superiors?

After the summer solstice you may feel great enthusiasm about exercising your mind’s sharpness. Many short trips are also waiting for you. Relationships with brothers/sisters, neighbours or schoolmates are strongly activated. From 23 June on, some financial issues that have concerned you since the beginning of the month clarify. On June 24 you need to balance logic with intuition. After June 26 you pay more attention to familiy meetings.


The first half of June keeps you very active and brings a series of new beginnings that you need to evaluate intuitively. Other people feel your energy and magnetism, so you can easily make yourself seen. After June 2, you gradually start to focus on the practical aspects of life. You need to feel comfortable and financially secure. As planets move through Gemini, AstroFidelia recommends taking time for yourself and enjoy your own company.

After June 11 Mars in Leo makes you fight more for your ideas. You come up with ingenious arguments and you quickly get excited about new information. Around June 15 you may feel trapped in the midst of moral issues and existential questions. The values you care about most seem to contradict collective events, which impose new life rules. Keep your faith in essential truths!

After June 21, you can successfully take care of administrative and financial matters. Some family activities can bring you material gains and other advantages. You can also make inspired investments for home decorating. After June 23, your mind becomes clearer. On June 24 you have the opportunity to deeply understand some patterns of material attachment and possessiveness. After June 27, think creatively, communicate with humor and get in touch with former or current school colleagues!


From June 2 on, you start to feel more energetic and active. AstroFidelia recommends taking advantage of Venus’ transit through your sign: improve your style and show your physical beauty! Around June 5 you may feel trapped in confusion and consumed by misleading messages. However, these days can also bring valuable spiritual insights. The New Moon of June 10 helps you see the past in a new light.

After June 11 you start concentrating on purchases and negociations. Having fun requires new investments. Children might also generate some expenses for you. Around June 15, the future of your debts and loans may come to the fore. Your projects are subject to a profound reassessment. It is useful to join groups and collective currents that advocate for progress and integrity. Some older people may become your protectors.

After June 21, the Sun’s transit through Cancer brings you a lot of fresh energy. Your presence easily attracts others’ attention. You could start a new physical exercise program that combines strength with delicacy. From June 23 on, the inner turmoil that you may have felt during last weeks will gradually fade. After June 27, Venus in Leo invites you to purchase beautiful things and gracefully use your native talents.


The month of June finds you surrounded by friends and caught up in many projects. You make plans for the future, design your strategies, concentrate on group activities. Around June 5, you may realise that some of these plans are not very clear and that they require further analysis. After June 2 you gradually start to withdraw from this general noise. Combine moments of dynamism with rest and daydreaming! This will keep you in a good emotional shape.

At the New Moon on June 10, you should set new intentions. Your idealism reaches high levels as you dream about unlimited possibilities. After June 11 Mars in Leo brings you a lot of physical energy. AstroFidelia recommends sports for releasing this energy. Try not to rush in order to avoid any accidents! Around June 15, things become intense at work. Your colleagues and clients need your original ideas and suggestions for change.

After the summer solstice you become more intuitive and meditative. This will be a good time for you to focus on the spiritual aspects of life. From June 23 on, the future seems clearer to you, and your plans finally start moving forward. On June 24, there may be some controversy at work. Don’t take these things too personal! After June 27 Venus in Leo increases your charm and physical beauty.


The first part of June brings you many career-related events. You're concerned about your public image and you make yourself easily noticed. The way you think and communicate caould make you a role model in your community. After June 2, you invest more time in group interractions. Friends, collaborators, project partners join you. Around June 5 your messages can be misinterpreted by a business partner. Keep certain thoughts for yourself!

The New Moon on June 10 can bring new career beginnings. From June 11 on, AstroFidelia recommends getting more rest. Don't try to control events and relax! You'll see that if you accept reality as it is, some problems will be solved without your intervention. Around June 15, you may feel the need to free yourself from some limiting situations at work. Consider integrating new business procedures in your daily routine!

After the summer solstice you get the feeling that you're part of a wide network. Social phenomena and collective patterns capture your attention. From June 20 on, Jupiter retrograde invites you to look at your loved ones in a new light. After 23 June, the atmosphere begins to ease off at work. Venus' entry into Leo on June 27 invites you to meditate on past relationships and take time for your spiritual development.


The first part of the month brings you experiences related to long distance journeys. You broaden your horizons through readings, lectures and debates. Meanwhile Mercury retrograde urges you to withdraw and analyze what has happened so far in your life. After June 2, you start interacting more with managers and important people. As you take on new responsibilities, your public image becomes a priority.

The New Moon of June 10 triggers something new in your philosophy of life. You're setting new directions and embark on new adventures. Around June 15, it's good to consider shared material resources: how much money do you get from your closest partners and what personal pleasures do you support with it? After June 20 it is possible to return to an older work project, seen from a different perspective.

Starting the summer solstice, career events intensify in your life. Getting yourself actively involved in community issues would be a good idea. You can become more popular and gain respect if you show kindness and sensitivity to social problems. From June 23 on you think more clearly and communicate easily. After June 27 Venus in Leo brings you close to large groups of friends. Together you can start new exciting projects.


For you June starts by investigating hidden information and complex emotions. You're carefully observing the psychology of others. Various situations involving shared material resources come to the fore. Around June 5, someone close to you can misinterpret your words. Meanwhile, from June 2 on, you start looking at the big picture and synthesize details. You may also meet some wise people who can become your spiritual guides.

The New Moon on June 10 triggers deep emotional transformations in you. After June 11 Mars in Leo impels bold career intiatives. You take on new responsibilities and fight from a leadership position. Around June 15 an important relationship can take you out of your comfort zone and stir up radical changes. From this position you can be a model of integrity, resilience and wisdom for others.

After June 21, AstroFidelia recommends planning more trips to unknown places. You need the feeling of adventure. You're broadening your horizons by going far or accessing new information. From June 23 on, communication between with dear ones comes back to normal. Starting June 27, Venus in Leo brings many interactions with managers and other authority figures. It's time to stand out and make yourself noticed.


Relationships ask for your attention right from the beginning of the month. Many people want to get in touch with you as you have a lot to communicate. At the same time Mercury retrograde makes you meditate more on all these incoming and outgoing messages. After June 2, you start focusing on your closest partnerships. If you are very honest with each other, you can create deeply intimacy and highly charged emotional moments.

At the New Moon on June 10, you could start a new relationship. You're surrounded by people, and among them you can find many friends. After June 11, Mars in Leo stirs you up for travel and adventure. You defend your beliefs more ardently and you can get into various debates on morality. Around June 15, you analyze the extent to which recent undertaken studies help you progress at work.

After June 20, Jupiter retrograde makes you see things from an unusual perspective and meditate on your spiritual values. Someone in your family can become your wise guide. The Sun's ingress in Cancer brings to light some taboos in close relationships. You confront your fears, anxieties, wounds and turn them into inner strength. After June 27, Venus in Leo invites funny and interesting strangers in your life.


The first part of the month brings you many work-related events. Rewriting, corrections, analyses, clarifications are required. After June 2 you receive more help from others. You pay more attention to your connections and seek to relate to sensitive, protective people. Around June 5 it is good for you to make an extra effort in order to stay alert and present. The New Moon on June 10 might bring new projects at work.

After June 11, Mars in Leo challenges radical honesty in relationships. You might be dealing with taboos and uncomfortable emotions. Privacy is important, but it can also trigger some ego outbursts. Other people’s money or joint resources may become the center of these confrontations. Around June 15 your desires could meet money constraints. AstroFidelia recommends thrift and patience in financial matters.

After June 20, you might feel the gentle touch of artistic inspiration. Life is seen in a new light as you notice subtle nuances of grace and beauty. The Sun's entrance in Cancer is turning your attention to relationships. The universe of others concerns you and requires various acts of unselfish cooperation. From June 23 on you can focus more easily at work and communicate better with your colleagues. Starting June 27, Venus in Leo brings you deep emotional connections with your dear ones.


Although during the first part of the month opportunities for having fun are waiting just in front of you, starting June 2 you also need to focus on work. Relationships with co-workers and various daily tasks come to the fore. Around June 5 it is good to think twice before making a purchase. The New Moon on June 10 can bring a new situation in your relationships with children or a new opportunity to fall in love. Book time for pleasures and hobbies too!

After June 11, Mars in Leo energizes your partnerships. Confrontations with self-centred people can occur, but you should also expect beautiful love experiences, lived with passion and joy. Around June 15, you need to concentrate your energy and to cope with some willpower issues. What you start in this period may require patience and effort, but it is dictated from the depths of your being. You're going through important metamorphoses.

The Sun's ingress in Cancer directs your energy towards professional accomplishments. You have the chance to develop your skills, encounter new situations that keep you busy and help you become more efficient. From June 23 on you think more clearly and organize your time and energy better. After June 27 Venus in Leo prepares the ground for interesting events in relationships.


The first part of June keeps you busy at home. You need to spend time in the privacy of your personal space and family. After June 2 Venus in Cancer brings more interactions with children and invites you to relaxation. AstroFidelia recommends rest, travel, fun and entertainment. The New Moon on June 10 marks a new beginning in home-related issues and helps you see the past in a new light.

From June 11 on, Mars in Leo energizes things in your career. You become more active and work harder. It is appropriate to demonstrate your creativity and ingenuity in front of your colleagues. This way you can be noticed and rewarded for your skills. Around June 15 you could find out subtle, hidden information. Logic merges with intuition. After June 20, Jupiter retrograde in your sign helps you discover surprising reserves of inner wisdom.

After the summer solstice, you should dedicate more time to hobbies and recreational activities. Although this time should not be wasted, it is good to spend it in the most pleasant ways. From June 23 on, communication with your loved ones improves. Starting June 27, Venus in Leo brings you work meetings and mentors that help you become better in your profession. You can also share your skills with less experienced colleagues.

Astro Tips & Tricks

When Venus is retrograde, conflicts may arise between both domestic and business partners. If approached wisely, they can present you with the opportunity to clarify any remaining issues and/or revitalize your love life. On the other hand, if you rush into things, there's a good chance that you'll go separate ways.

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