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Monthly Horoscope Archive 2021

Archive 2021

Astro Overview for March

Here we are in front of a brand new spring, getting ready for a fresh astrological cycle! Until the spring equinox, which we will celebrate on March 20, this month brings a few weeks strongly marked by the imaginative and sensitive energy of Pisces. After this date, the cosmic patterns offer us the combative, fiery and bold influence of Aries. At the same time, Gemini’s activation right from the beggining of the month keeps our perceptions alert and our curiosity alive. The world stage thus becomes an inexhaustible source of interesting information, conversations and debates. Let's follow the main moments of this March astro-calendar!

Venus (Pisces) sextile Uranus (Taurus): unusual sensitivity

On March 3, a harmonious aspect takes place between Venus and Uranus. This configuration produces a both mild and unconventional perspective in relationships and favors the implementation of big changes through widespread collaboration between individuals. We are invited to translate our empathy and unconditional love for those around us into manifestations of unusual beauty and grace. In this way, we demonstrate solidarity and subtly participate in collective healing.

Mars in Gemini: the courage of speaking out loud

On March 4, Mars enters the mental, agile, versatile and flexible sign of Gemini. From this moment on, we begin to measure our strength and courage by the speed and clarity of our arguments. Those who are good at handling words are in advantage, while we will all be challenged to weigh wisely the veracity of rumors and theories that reach our ears. Even if a lot is said, not everything should be believed or considered important. AstroFidelia recommends us to take up the attitude of a student with various interests, always ready to assimilate new interesting information.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter (Aquarius): logic and synthesis

Opportunities which promise intellectual growth may take place around February 5. Our mind becomes bolder and dares to explore new possibilities. Thus, we have the chance to quickly and intuitively assimilate a large volume of data, especially those of an unusual, reforming, revolutionary or technical nature. We can feel special affinity with international news and thus establish contacts with people from afar. It is good to avoid hasty conclusions and to document ourselves sufficiently before jumping to conclusions.

Sun/Venus conjunct Neptune (Pisces): refining self-awareness

Between March 11 and 14, the Sun and Venus form close conjunctions with Neptune. Altogether, these planets describe a time of increased sensitivity. This gives us the chance to access higher levels of conscience and to refine ourselves on a spiritual, artistic, emotional level. We may feel a dissolution of boundaries between us and other people. Thus, we are much more susceptible to various forms of contaminations with the energetic emanations of those around us, but at the same time we have the chance to understand them with more empathy and to receive unconditional love in our turn. All this increases our mental sensitivity and encourages us to look beyond tangible reality.

Mercury in Pisces: logic and imagination

On March 16, Mercury enters the sign of Pisces and announces a period that invites us to overcome the barriers of linear thinking. In this way, we have the chance to become mentally flexible and communicate with more sensitivity. Our capacity for abstraction and synthesis increases, while we may easily get carried away by imagination and idealism. AstroFidelia, however, recommends paying attention to distraction and mental chaos. It is good to avoid evasive communication as well.

Sun-Venus (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn): power and healing

Between March 16 and 18, we can access deep inner resources of power and become aware of some special healing abilities we have inside us. It is time to bring to light and confront certain emotional issues we have repressed util now. This process can be related to our most intense relationships, attachments and desires. We can also participate in the healing of others or we can be drawn into various collective experiences that reveal our interconnections with people around us. At the same time, it is good to firmly reject those who try to manipulate us.

Sun and Venus in Aries: enthusiasm for new beginnings

On March 20, we celebrate the spring equinox and the entry of the Sun into Aries. Venus follows it closely and announces a fiery, energetic atmosphere for the next few weeks. Our reactions becomes combative and direct. We are invited to take risks more easily, to enjoy new beginnings and to set various goals that require independence, courage, quick reactions. We look for the taste of victory, and this leads us to a set of dynamic experiences in relationships. We can't afford any moments of boredom and stagnation.

Mars (Gemini) trine Saturn (Aquarius): thorough and smart actions

Around March 22, we become more ambitious, task-oriented and ready for an extra effort to achieve important results. We act with more discipline and are willing to postpone some pleasures in exchange for the success of our goals. We also combine careful planning with spontaneity and the flexibility of small steps. We remain persevering and focused, but we make quick and sharp mental connections. All this can involve a large volume of information, conversations, negotiations and short-distance journeys.

Mercury (Pisces) square Mars (Gemini): idealism versus reason

Around March 24, tension may arise between the tendency to daydream and the need to remain focused on what is happening around us. As a result, we may feel some sort of inner and outer anxiety. We struggle to maintain a clear perspective, while things turn out to be quite relative. The objective, factual reality confronts with the spiritual one, which cannot be precisely quantified. Although a state of mental confusion is possible, this aspect helps us to think and communicate creatively.

Venus conjunct Sun (Aries): self-love

Around March 26, we pay special attention to love relationships, but also to the relationship we build with ourselves. We realize that we can establish harmonious relationships with our loved ones only if we respect each other's personal freedom. These days may mark the beginning of new relationships. We can enjoy more popularity, trying to be more conciliatory in conflicts and malleable in competitions. However, Aries keeps an overall energetic and passionate influence.

Mercury conjunct Neptune (Pisces): collective thinking

At the end of the month, on March 30, the Mercury-Neptune conjunction is perfected, which creates a very high psychic receptivity. Phenomena such as telepathy, meditation, connection to various sources of artistic inspiration capture our attention. We align ourselves more easily with collective thinking and communicate empathetically. On the negative side, it is good to avoid distorting the facts with too much imagination or being fooled by glamorous lies.

Venus (Aries) sextile Saturn (Aquarius): love and discipline

The same day of March 30 brings a harmonious aspect between Venus and Saturn, which encourages a serious and responsible approach of relationships. We value maturity and respect in our partnerships. We may get involved into new long-term projects with someone dear or with a larger group of friends. We pay more attention to our physical appearance, discover new definitions of beauty and good taste. At the same time, we can obtain good financial results and we can make useful purchases.

Putting it briefly, March invites us to remain curious and flexible, adapting spontaneously to new beginnings and opportunities. We may try to look at life through both the lens of logic and those of imagination. The relationship we build with ourselves concerns us. We develop our independence, but at the same time we become more and more aware that we are constantly connected with the rest of humanity. We become argumentative and fight for our point of view, but we also need to keep solidarity with each other and seek collective progress.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Pisces until March 20, ora 9:38 a.m., when it enters Aries;
  • New Moon in Pisces on March 13, 10:22 a.m.; Full Moon in Libra on March 28, ora 7:49 p.m.;
  • Mercury transits Aquarius until March 15, 10:27 p.m., when it enters Pisces;
  • Venus transits Pisces until March 21, 2:17 p.m., when it enters Aries;
  • Mars leaves Taurus on March 4, 3:30 a.m., and enters Gemini;
  • Jupiter continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Saturn continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Uranus continues its transit through Taurus;
  • Neptune continues its transit through Pisces;
  • Pluto continues its transit through Capricorn.


March 3 brings you ingenuity in financial matters and stimulates unexpected gains. From March 4 on, you become mentally engaged, acting as a messenger and quickly picking up new information. Thus, you absorb knowledge and attract new opportunities for your intellectual development. You are also concerned with network communication: the groups you belong to bring you fresh news. At the same time, you keep an overall detached attitude.

As you get involved in various debates and theories about the overall context, you begin to intuitively grasp some interesting social patterns. You make unusual syntheses and establish strategies to create a freer future for yourself. Between March 11-18, you are very sensitive to the collective atmosphere. AstroFidelia recommends that you take advantage of the energy of the New Moon on March 13 and set new intentions for your spiritual growth.

After March 20, new beginnings are triggered in your life, to which you align yourself intuitively. You may get involved in activities related to learning, communication, negotiation. You also become more physically active. Around March 24, it is good to avoid verbal disputes if you do not have clear arguments. Around the 26th you could bring some changes in your looks and style. At the Full Moon of March 28 your relationships come to the fore.


This month begins with offers that can bring you progress and innovation. At the same time, you may feel the impulse to be rebellious and more combative than usual. From March 4 on, you initiate actions related to wealth and material resources: you may negotiate some new investments, looking for productivity and best profits. You can earn money from activities that enhance your dexterity and communication skills.

Between March 11 and 18, you can join new groups that support your spiritual growth. At the same time, you are encouraged to set bold ideals and unleash your imagination. The New Moon on March 13 opens up promising opportunities for the future. After March 20, you become more contemplative and detached from current problems. Some important cycles in your life are about to be completed.

Around March 22, you can stand out through smart actions and build something financially sustainable. March 24 helps you understand that abundance is a relative term. This makes you dream of alternative ways to earn money. As the social climate continues to influence your mood, you can discover activities that subtly improve the quality of the surrounding atmosphere.


During the first part of the month, until the spring equinox, you may feel the energy of Pisces in a contradictory and uncomfortable manner. Your logical and eloquent nature contradicts Pisces' imaginative, unfocused and idealistic approach. As a result, starting March 4, when Mars enters your sign, you are fighting to clear up this sense of confusion and distortion. However, this helps you refine your perceptions and be more sensitive.

The middle of the month, until March 20, also brings you many career-related events. You are attracted to activities that prove your intellectual and communication skills. You may feel exposed in front of an audience whose respect you need to earn. By doing your best, you can impress with the talent of handling words sharply. It is advisable to pay attention to beautiful but incomplete or dishonest statements.

After the Sun enters Aries, your attention focuses on establishing strategies for the future. This way, you can start projects together with new associates and gain protection from those who share similar goals to you. Aries helps you direct your energy better and claim your personal power. The Full Moon on March 28 can reward your previous efforts with relaxing and joyful moments.


From the first days of the month you are given the opportunity to use your wisdom and meditate on life’s meanings. Around March 3, you can get in touch with friends from all over the world. In fact, you could maintain a sense of closeness to the international affairs throughout the whole month, regardless of the physical distance between you and the others. After March 4, you may feel highly influenced by the collective mood and social events.

On the other hand, you could take part in some interesting volunteering projects this month. Your courage stands out when you defend an ideal, a cause or a disadvantaged social category. The New Moon on March 13 marks the beginning of a time in which you can gain a lot of knowledge or be a wise guide for others. AstroFidelia advises you to look for the truth – it will lead you to the right people and experiences.

After the spring equinox, you will become more focused on your career and fight to earn public respect. You are concerned about your official image and interactions with authority figures. You may be wondering about what your mission in life is, and how you can contribute to the betterment of society. The Full Moon on March 28 invites you to find balance between work and home, between your outward image and your inner self.


During the first part of the month you are going through a process of emotional transformation, so be open to confront old ​​taboos. Thus, some of your closest relationships offer moments of deep intimacy and total honesty. This process can be awkward, but it may heal you on multiple levels. At the same time, it is good to pay attention to unrealistic idealization of some charismatic individuals and to avoid those who victimize themselves.

After March 4, you are invited to initiate smart actions which sustain your evolution. With your friends’ support, you can create excellent plans and strategies for the future. The middle of the month might find you struggling for the progress of a relationship that is very important to you. You can also concentrate on future investments and profits, establishing long-term goals in this respect.

After March 20, you may feel more energetic and enthusiastic. Your horizons widen, connecting you with people from all over the world. Keeping an optimistic approach, you are in search of the truth and real faith. You can also attract some unexpected travel opportunities. Meanwhile, this is a proper time for mental expansion: new classes, workshops or interesting books are waiting for you.


Around March 3, you have the opportunity to meet new people. They help you see relationships from a liberal, non-conformist point of view. After March 4, you may stand out through actions that highlight your intellect and communication skills. Some of them will be connected to your career, which comes to the fore. Some disputes arouse out of mental pride and cannot be avoided.

Between March 11 and 16, try to listen carefully because others have important messages for you. Relationships require your attention and sensitivity. Sometimes you may experience the feeling that there are no boundaries between you and the rest of the world. Around March 18, subtle emotional transfers occur; this induces a state of transcendence. You also learn to distinguish better between the weak, the dependent, and the truly spiritual individual.

After March 20, you bravely move towards deeply transformative experiences. On an emotional level, you need to confront some acute problems between you and your closest partners. This way, you can acquire a profound emotional regeneration. Even if you have to investigate unpleasant repressed feelings, this process is priceless: it points to the people who share your values.


The beginning of March makes you think at your daily duties from a spiritual perspective. Regardless of your profession, any moment of effort and concentration sustains your soul’s evolution. At the same time, your work contributes to world’s transformation. After March 4, your energy is directed towards gaining more wisdom and knowledge. From this moment on, you can travel more and interact with people from abroad.

Between March 11 and 18, you may have a positive impact on your co-workers. These people can be inspired by your fairness and open-mindedness. You also continue the accelerated process of learning and essentialize a large volume of date. Around March 18, you can successfully take care of practical tasks related to family and home. During stressful times, AstroFidelia recommends that you pay attention to your health and inner harmony.

After the spring equinox, you pay more attention to relationships matters. Around March 26, new people may appear in your life and you can join some interesting partnerships. You may also face the impulsiveness and impatience of people around you, a fact that stimulates your competitiveness and boldness. It is good for you to combine all this with activities that truly represent you and reflect your uniqueness.


The first days of March bring you a bright mood and moments of happiness. Around March 3, you are tuned to creativity. Meanwhile, you may enjoy romantic surprises and receive unconditional love. After March 4, you can get involved in actions related to loans or other material resources that involve partnership and collaboration. In this contexts, your negotiation skills and cleverness improve.

At the same time, you learn interesting information that helps you understand the psychology of other people. AstroFidelia recommends to take advantage of this energy and descend into the mysteries of your unconscious powers. Between March 11 and 16, you can feel inspired by artistic activities or interactions with children. There might be a tendency to idealize love, but you also have real chances of falling in love.

After the spring equinox, you begin to focus on your work and daily duties. New projects are about to enter your professional life and contribute to the development of your skills. Around March 22, you gather your physical energy and mental strength; this way, you can act smart on several levels simultaneously. Around March 26, your interactions with co-workers should be dynamic and pleasant.


During the first half of the month events related to home and family capture your attention. There is a sense of fusion between your emotions and those of your loved ones, a process that requires a gentle attitude on your part. This way, you learn to express your sensitivity, while life also invites you to think freely and nonconformist. After March 4, relationships and team actions come to the fore.

Communication is highlighted during the second part of the month. New friends enter your life, some of them acting like messengers, others trying to find out the latest news from you. Although this general ambience is dynamic, between March 11 and 16 it is good to pay attention to what is happening inside your deep self. You can discover inner resources that support your spiritual evolution.

After the spring equinox, AstroFidelia recommends that you dedicate extra time to activities that combine pleasure and usefulness. It's time reevaluate your talents, uniqueness and creativity. You can also initiate various projects related to education and children. Other Sagittarians may have interesting opportunities to flirt and fall in love. Around March 26 you can enjoy a lot of action and happy moments.


For you, this month begins with a lot of mental activity. This is a good time for study that helps you develop your ability to synthesize a large volume of data. Around March 3, you are very receptive to beauty and you may feel more creative than usual. After March 4, events related to work tend to accelerate. You may have the chance to improve your knowledge and skills through interesting trainings.

At the same time, there may be several opportunities for business trips. Communication with your co-workers can become intense and sometimes challenging. AstroFidelia recommends that you make the most of this month by using your distributive attention, taking care of several goals at once. As your nervous system can be very active this month, it is advisable to avoid stress and worries that would consume you unnecessarily.

After March 20, events related to home and family capture your attention. You can initiate various real estate projects or redecorate your house with good taste and imagination. Interesting family reunions can take place around March 26. Towards the end of the month, on the 30th, communication becomes empathetic. You can also create a strong impact on others by using images or videos.


During the first half of the month you need to focus simultaneously on your body and on financial-related issues. You are going through a period of regeneration and you can feel very active on a mental and physical level. After March 4, Mars in Gemini contributes to a playful and creative mood. This way, you can express your inventiveness and originality in smart and dynamic ways.

Between March 11 and 18, your value system strongly comes tot the fore. While it is good to keep an eye on your expenses and earnings, AstroFidelia recommends to look at these issues with detachment. Generosity, trust and empathy can help you get exactly the abundance you actually need. This way, you can make inspired investment choices without becoming too materialistic.

After the spring equinox, you become very mentally alert. You can start exciting classes together with new colleagues and teachers or you can be self-taught, studying on your own. Communication requires quick and sharp reactions while others may see you as a precious messenger. At the same time, short-distance travel opportunities increase, bringing new information and keeping you highly active.


Until the spring equinox you are going through a period of fresh new beginnings and you can easily make yourself noticed. You have a lot of energy and keep a close connection to your physical body. Around March 3, you can think and communicate with delicacy and inspiration. After March 4, there is a need for inner withdrawal which offers more space and time dedicated to yourself.

Starting March 4 you can also demonstrate skillfulness in various home-related activities. AstroFidelia recommends to avoid as much as possible contradictory dialogues with your family. Instead, you can use this energy for reevaluations of your past. That process cand stimulate deep healing and spiritual growth. Between March 11 and 18, your emotional sensitivity increases. You may become more vulnerable to other people’s moods.

After March 20, the energy of Aries draws your attention to administrative issues, earnings and investments. You can make quick decisions in this kind of matters. You can also start earning money from new activities. For other Pisceans, it's time to explore their latent talents. Around March 26, you can win unexpected financial rewards. On March 30, you can do some acts of generosity that will bring you subtle protection in return.

Astro Tips & Tricks

When Jupiter is retrograde, there's a fair chance that the things you once loved to do won't give you as much pleasure as they used to. It marks a time of turning inward for expansion and awareness. You can consult the Planetary Retrograde Calendar here.

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