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Monthly Horoscope Archive 2021

Archive 2021

Astro Overview for November

November is divided into two different astral timelines. In the first three weeks we are going through a series of tense, deeply transformative situations, amid the opposition on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The unpredictable makes its presence felt. Hidden emotional aspects come to the surface of our psyche. Surprises related to relationships and resources occur. After November 22, with the Sun’s and Mercury’s ingresses in Sagittarius, the atmosphere relaxes.

Throughout the whole month Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Capricorn build relationship dynamics through which we learn to reject with manipulation, power abuses or rigid rules that contradict our values and beliefs. On the other hand, by acting in a responsible and mature manner, we can gain a lot of respect. After Sagittarius’ activation, we become more optimistic, wise, open to new adventures and changes. Let’s therefore have a look at this month’s astral chronology!

Mercury (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn): extremist thinking

On November 2, the Mercury-Pluto square is exact. This challenges us to think more deeply and communicate both tactfully and authoritatively. The tension in our minds helps creating well-structured reasonings, which take into account a multitude of interconnected information. We can get into various verbal disputes with people or public institutions associated with the idea of authority. Mental balance is gained through considerable effort.

Sun (Scorpio) opposing Uranus (Taurus): surprising self-transformation

Around November 5, we need to prove determination, psychic endurance, confidence in ourselves in order to successfully go through unexpected events. The atmosphere is intense. Confrontations with egotistical people stimulate sudden changes in us. AstroFidelia recommends looking at these situations with creativity and calmness. We must accept that life means a natural succession of crisis and tranquility.

Venus in Capricorn: love and time

On November 5, Venus enters the sober, mature, pragmatic and controlled sign of Capricorn. We become more patient and realistic in relationships and in financial matters. We may face some some rather austere situations in this regard which invite seriousness and pragmatism on our part. We realize that successful relationships are the ones that pass the tests of time. We may attend official meetings with important people.

Mercury in Scorpio: radical thinking

On November 6 Mercury joins the Sun and Mars in Scorpio, reinforcing the tendency to sink into introspections and emotions. We are tempted to hide our thoughts, while in deep investigations take place in our minds. We put a lot of passion in complex analyzes. AstroFidelia recommends paying attention to the tendency of becoming too suspicious and missing the positive aspects of life. We are predisposed to subjective and fixed thinking.

Saturn (Aquarius) square Mercury and Mars (Scorpio): tensions in the name of a freedom and authenticity

At the same time, the beginning of the month builds a close square between Scorpio and Aquarius. Some changes and reform programmes elicit strong emotional reactions. The idea of endings comes to the fore and challenges us to intelligently confront our fear of death, literally or figuratively. While we maintain a willingness to make changes for a better future, we must also rely on what we feel about those perspectives.

Sun (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces): healing and self-healing

On November 12, the Sun and Neptune form a harmonious aspect, bringing a gentle and warm energy in the rather tense background of this period. We are able to express empathy more easily. We might realize that some losses are, in fact, our way to fullfilment, while deep love is the medicine that cures all suffering. But we also need to be vigilant and not let ourselves fooled easily by something or someone who seems too good to be true.

Mercury (Scorpio) opposing Uranus (Taurus): rebellious but brilliant ideas

On November 11 Mercury and Uranus are in exact opposition. Situations related to technology, online communication, IT may come to attention. We open ourselves with originality to new information. At the same time, we can understand economic notions that help us change our attitude towards money and values. A high nervous tension appears. Our minds can be flooded with emotions that suddenly burst out of the unconscious, in order to be released and transformed into positive energy.

Sun (Scorpio) square Jupiter (Aquarius): exaggerated pride, but also generosity

Around November 15, the Sun-Jupiter square warns us not to overextend ourselves uncontrollably: we might be too prideful, we may project personal frustrations and complexes on other people or on the whole society, we may engage ourselves in more activities than we will actually be able to sustain with our energy. On the other hand, we have the opportunity to offer the world a generous personal gift: our qualities, our inner light can touch many fellows.

Mars (Scorpio) opposing Uranus (Taurus): sudden actions

On November 17 we are taken by surprise by confrontations or challenges arising from the Mars-Uranus square. We may feel suddenly attacked by people who have stayed hidden and have carefully planned their movements. Still, this aspect also has the potential to generate spontaneous and creative courage. If we let ourselves guided by positive intentions and passion, we can initiate spectacular inner and outer changes.

Venus (Capricorn) trine Uranus (Taurus): relationships support our progress

On November 19, we will celebrate the Full Moon in Taurus and the exact Venus-Uranus trine. These aspects create a strong impact on relationships. While the Full Moon can also indicate some contradictions, Venus in harmonious aspect with Uranus brings solutions through friends and innovations. Some comrades support our progress. We are more nonconformist in love, looking for free and intelligent relationships.

Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius: the explorer’s enthusiasm

On November 22, the Sun enters Sagittarius, followed by Mercury on the 24th. From this moment on, the general atmosphere relaxes, becoming less serious and oppressive. Sagittarius stimulates us to seek meaning, higher truths, to open ourselves to new adventures. International situations capture our attention. Although this enthusiasm can manifest through bouts of arrogance, it helps us in making quick steps further.

Mars (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces): driven by faith

The end of the month sits under the influence of the Mars-Neptune trine in water signs. Our actions can be especially inspiring and charming if we let ourselves guided by idealism. We might feel being under the protective wing of a guardian angel, who helps us succeed in our intentions. AstroFidelia, however, recommends paying attention to some passive-aggressive behaviour. We might witness theatrical victimization.

Thus, November brings a powerful fixed T-square (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius) that require from us an unsual psychic mobilization. If we manage on this occasion to transform some old attachments into positive energy, to face irrational fears, to invite progress in our lives, we will move successfully towards the last major confrontation of this year: the third Saturn-Uranus square, which will reach its highest point in December.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Scorpio until November 22, 02:34 a.m., when it enters Sagittarius;
  • New Moon in Scorpio on November 4, 9:15 p.m.; Full Moon in Taurus November 19, 8:58 a.m.;
  • Mercury transits Libra until 5 November, 10:35 p.m., enters Scorpio until November 24, 3:37 p.m., then it enters Sagittarius;
  • Venus transits Sagittarius until November 5, ora 10:44 a.m., when it enters Capricorn;
  • Mars continues its transit through Scorpio;
  • Jupiter continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Saturn continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Uranus retrograde continues its transit through Taurus;
  • Neptun retrograde continues its transit through Pisces;
  • Pluto continues its transit through Capricorn.


Throughout this month, Mars, your ruling planet, transits Scorpio. This means that you will have lots of work to do around relationships, emotions and attachments. The purpose of these confrontations is for you to access deep inner powers, to transform yourself, regenerate and courageously eliminate toxic situations in your life. Until November 22, the Sun in Scorpio nourishes this all or nothing atmosphere.

At the New Moon on November 4, you are in front of new beginnings related to a very close relationship or a financial issue. After November 5, Venus in Capricorn brings official interactions. In career circumstances, AstroFidelia recommends a responsible, mature, well organized and persevering attitude. This way, you can gain respect from important people. Financially, this period can be complex, but it helps you reconfigure your values.

Around November 17, unexpected events take place and stir up your originality. After the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius, you may notice o boost of energy. The universe supports you to take bold steps towards new opportunities and progress. Long-distance travel or research that brings you into contact with people from abroad are favored. Seek to broaden your horizons and look optimistically towards the unknown!


For you, this will be a complex and important month. Scorpio, the sign opposite to Taurus, will be very active throughout this period and will bring events that force profound transformation. Many of these circumstances will be related to important people in your life. You need to balance your natural tendency to calm and stabilize situations and a general emotionally charged atmosphere. You could be the person who firmly resists fear and manipulation.

The New Moon on November 4 marks new beginnings in relationships. Teamwork is important to you now, but a careful selection of partners is also needed. On November 5, Venus, your ruling planet, enters Capricorn. For you, this might turn into a favorable period of interactions with people from abroad or with people who help you build a well-structured, thorough, mature philosophy of life.

The dynamics of this month also suggest involvement in some social or career changes that need to be managed intelligently. AstroFidelia recommends to fight with dignity for freedom. Although you might be very busy, try not to neglect your family, home and intimacy. Take enough time for dialogues with yourself! After the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius, your attention is directed towards close relationships.


During this month, the Fixed T-square challenges you to harmonize everyday details and duties, collective perspectives, social fairness, wisdom, knowledge. You also need to follow a balanced routine, get enough rest, exercise and pay attention to the signals received from your body. Otherwise, you might become physically exhausted. You can be very effective, but you also need periods of relaxation.

After November 5, Venus in Capricorn brings interesting events in close relationships and financial issues. You need to treat these circumstances with high responsibility. Around November 11-13 you can avoid tensions if you inform yourself and communicate carefully. Around November 15, complex situations may arise at work related to alignment with international procedures and compliance with professional ethics.

After the Sun’s and Mercury’s ingress in Sagittarius, professional events fade, and your attention turns towards relationships. It’s time to take a closer look at those around you, to act as a team, to look for people who can help you evolve and who can guide you to new adventures. Your life becomes more dynamic and exciting in the company of those who cheer you up and encourage you to move forward.


Although this period can be quite oppressive and challenging, November might bring you passionate and happy moments also. Scorpio invites you to explore your talents and creativity, to bring to the surface unsuspected reserves of love and inspiration. At the same time, deep transformations may occur in your relationships with children or in romantic ones. AstroFidelia recommends living in the present and looking for happiness in everything you do.

On November 5, Venus enters Capricorn, the sign opposite to Cancer, which means more relationship events for you. Whether we are talking about love or other important partnerships, you have the opportunity to exercise your social style and attract new people into your life. Feelings can reach high levels as situations invite you to face older attachments, to transform the way you love and receive love.

After November 22, there follows a more practical and busy time, which help you will improve your professional skills. Work situations may involve more contact with foreigners, some travels or debates on morality and faith. Treat your daily activities with diligence and concentration! It is good to pay attention to your physical body as well. This way, you can gain new knowledge and wisdom regarding your health.


You’re going through a pretty busy month as a result of the Fixed T-square. External situations may seem too intense and oppressive for your solar, optimistic nature, but at the same time they help you gain more depth and resistance, while paying attention to social circumstances. AstroFidelia recommends detaching yourself, without taking personally problems that don’t depend on you. Just offer - when appropriate - generosity encouragement, support, love. Your family and home need extra attention now.

After November 5, Venus in Capricorn brings new people in your life at work. They may be your mentors or they may need your guidance. The connections you create now might have a long-term impact on your professional development. In the meantime, it is good to pay attention to home, relatives or various real estate situations in which you are involved. Spend time in solitude and look for intimacy!

During the long transits through Scorpio, you have the opportunity to strengthen and transform your relationship with the past and with traditions. The way you relate to your culture and your native country requires some deep analysis. After Sagittarius’ activation, the atmosphere becomes more cheerful and dynamic. Your mood is more relaxed and optimistic; you are more willing to play, to create, to organize moments of relaxation and fun.


For you, this month means the effort to learn, to communicate honestly, to penetrate with your understanding into the core of the problems and to help those around you to stay well informed. You’re like a detective who investigates, reveals secrets, confronts taboos, intuits hidden truths. You can passionately research occult subjects. Along the way, uncomfortable discussions, confrontations, crisis points may also occur.

At the same time, AstroFidelia recommends you to explore surrounding places, to undertake short trips, to investigate what comes in your way when traveling. Thus, you reach valuable information. Your relationships with brothers, sisters, study partners and neighbors come to the fore. After November 5, Venus in Capricorn brings more relaxation, opportunities for fun and play, time dedicated to hobbies, children, flirting and falling in love.

After Sagittarius’ activation on November 22, noticeable family events might occur. You may feel more drawn to home and intimate spaces, where you can quietly dialogue with yourself or with your dear ones. It’s time to reconnect to your roots, to travel literally or by memory to your childhood places, to offer yourself comfort in cosy places. Reconsidering your past means gaining wisdom.


You are going through a month that requires a very pragmatic approach. You need to take care of your material stability, and to make wise investment decisions. On these occasions, you deeply transform your value system. Some unexpected situations may arise related to money received from or owed to other people. These make you focus better on your security and your personal sources of income.

On an inner level, it’s time to find out if you value yourself correctly, if you have enough confidence in yourself, and if you are aware of your talents. AstroFidelia recommends not to manipulate financial circumstances if you feel that they are not entirely fair. At the New Moon on November 4 you are in front of new financial beginnings. This energy helps you to eliminate old attachments or unnecessary expenses.

After November 5, Venus in Capricorn brings you close to family members. Your home becomes a place of relaxation and pleasure. You can also start redecorating your nest or you can help some relatives improve the beauty of their home. From November 22 on, there follows a period in which you take on the role of the student: you read, listen, debate, broaden your knowledge. Curiosity opens up new horizons for you.


You are among those people most impacted by the astral conditions of this month. Throughout November, your sign is very active, which means a strong mobilization on multiple levels. You may feel full of initiative and willpower, while it is not yet clear to you how to manage certain beginnings in your life. What matters the most now is to accept these triggers and to follow them intuitively.

AstroFidelia also recommends paying attention to your physical body. You have a lot of energy, and other people seize it. They might be magnetically drawn towards you, while you remain self-focused and prefer to act independently. The New Moon on November 4 is important to you and can bring some valuable, but also challenging new beginnings. Take care of your physical appearance! The way you present yourself in front of the world is easily noticed now.

After November 5, Venus in Capricorn brings you around neighbors and colleagues with whom you can create harmonious moments and exhilarating conversations. You improve your communication skills and expressiveness. After the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius, for you there follows a dynamic period on a financial level. Try to approach these situations with pragmatism and wisdom!


The first three weeks of this month require a rather withdrawn and meditative attitude. You may feel that you still do not have the freedom to act as you please, that it is better to let things go with the flow. Your emotional and psychic receptivity is increased. AstroFidelia recommends to not let yourself be overwhelmed by more oppressive states. Take advantage of this rest and prepare new beginnings!

This month can be quite demanding at work, too, but with the same overall feeling that there is no point in trying to control the events. Your interventions are rather subtle, invisible on the surface. After November 5, Venus in Capricorn can bring some favorable financial circumstances. You may invest in beauty objects or services. Diplomacy and charm help you attract new sources of income.

From November 22 on, you enter a more dynamic and energetic phase. The Sun and Mercury reach your sign and bring changes, interesting new beginnings. You need to align yourself intuitively and courageously to theses fresh starts. You may feel it’s time to embark on a new adventure, to move further and to explore the unknown. You have a lot to communicate and you are invited to take on guiding roles.


The Scorpio transits during the early part of the month keep you connected to group events and friends. At the same time, you are invited to plan ahead and consider new projects. These projects go through a careful selection and ask you to combine usefulness with pleasure. At the New Moon on November 4, AstroFidelia recommends setting your intentions for the future. Thus, you have the chance to materialize them more easily.

On November 5, Venus reaches your sign. This means that you are entering a new stage in relationships and in financial issues. For now, these beginnings may not be very clear, but what matters the most is to receive the new energy and let it shape your life. There will also be several weeks in which you have the opportunity to improve your fashion style and your pshysical exercise program.

With the Sun entering Sagittarius, you need to retreat from outside events. You are going through an introspective period. Do not to try to control what is happening, but remain in the position of a detached observer. On this occasion, you will have more time for spirituality, art and rest. You could understand social problems better, seeing more clearly the bigger picture. Your interventions are remote and subtle.


Throughout this month you pay special attention to your career and public image. The emphasis on the sign of Scorpio brings you into the midst of complex work situations. They can offer you notoriety, but also quite uncomfortable responsibilities, which you have to manage with maturity and high professionalism. Some influential people may try to control you. In return, you should also try to avoid the tendency to ambitiously manipulate the course of events.

The way you manage your duties can become a role model as you display authenticity and passion for what you do. It is also possible to feel the strong influence of social conjunctures: what happens in the community impacts you directly. After November 5, Venus in Capricorn imposes withdrawal and introspection in relationships. Your interactions with others have a diaphanous and almost surreal touch. You may also get the feeling of having hidden protectors.

AstroFidelia also recommends taking advantage of this energy and cleaning up the past of your relationships. Try to understand if and in what way you might self-sabotage yourself through some social or financial behaviors. After November 22, the activation of Sagittarius means that the overall atmosphere becomes brighter, with you being more optimistic and oriented towards the future. Friends come closer and you attract exciting group events.


The emphasis on Scorpio throughout this month elicits strong emotional reactions in you. Your sensitivity is at high levels, as is the attention to what happens beyond appearances, in the invisible realm of intuitions and feelings. The first three weeks of the month can bring you close to interesting strangers in faraway places. If you do not have the opportunity to travel, you can explore all this by reading, looking for international sources of information.

The period also helps you transform your belief system, to check your life principles and morality. Others may notice your philosophic mood and perceive you as a guide. After November 5, Venus in Capricorn brings you closer to groups and various collaborators with whom you can set up valuable future projects. AstroFidelia recommends to take care of your evolution while helping humanity’s progress as well.

After the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius on November 22, you enter a time that makes you more easily noticed. Your career is gradually grabbing your attention, and your public image undergoes some changes as you take on new responsibilities. It is possible to get in touch with managers or other influential people. In these interactions, it is important to demonstrate high professional ethics and wisdom.

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