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Astro Overview for October

October begins under the introspective influence of Mercury retrograde, building a series of dynamics that draw our attention to relationships. The energy of air signs, active throughout the coming weeks, invites us to find intelligent solutions, objectively thought out and properly documented. We need to understand the meaning of healthy compromises in order to maintain civilized relations with those around us.

Not less than four planets turn direct during this month. As a result, after October 18 we will feel that we are moving straightforward, with less time for reflections and retrospective analysis. Venus’ entry in Sagittarius on October 7 brings an optimistic and adventurous mood in relationships, while Scorpio’s activation after October 23 invites us to intense emotional investigations. Let’s follow the main astral events of the month!

Venus (Scorpio) square Jupiter (Aquarius): excesses in relationships

On October 1 Venus and Jupiter form a hard aspect, which invites us to be wiser in relationships and in our financial behaviors. Some friendships can end up in crisis. AstroFidelia recommends confronting uncomfortable truths in relationships with detachment and intelligence. Faith in fair solutions for everyone helps us eliminate toxic situations in our most important personal partnerships.

Mercury retrograde (Libra) trine Jupiter (Aquarius): expansive and visionary thinking

On October 4, we might reach special and valuable awareness. From a non-prejudiced philosophical perspective, we see things with high clarity. We perceive our inner world in surprising ways. Networking makes us feel instantly connected to people from everywhere. We compare different sequences and information, drawing interesting conclusions. The past and the future combine in unexpected ways.

Venus in Sagittarius: trusting love

On October 7 Venus leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, triggering a period in which we will value optimism in relationships. From this moment on, we are tempted to express our affection through gestures of encouragement and by co-opting our loved ones on various journeys, adventures, philosophical debates. Foreign contacts and meetings with spiritual guides are favoured. We become more nonchalant and spontaneous in relationships.

Mercury retrograde conjunct Sun and Mars (Libra): illumination and energization of the mind

Between 8 and 10 October, a series of conjunctions take place between transiting planets in Libra. Relationships are accompanied by dynamism and a sort of warrior spirit. We seek to preserve balance and diplomacy, but we need to impose firmly our points of view. We reflect on other people’s behaviors. Hesitating and delaying actions can irritate us. Some team activities bring excellent results, but it is up to us how we select our companionship.

Saturn direct (Aquarius): moving forward with our projects

On October 11, Saturn turns direct, and begins to build the last square with Uranus of this year, which will be exact on December 24. After four months of reevaluating the structures built so far, we are refocusing our attention on what we have to set up from now on. We’re trying to combine innovation, progress, integrity, patience and to create the right rules for everyone. We need to build walls of resistance against abusive control.

Sun (Libra) trine Jupiter (Aquarius): optimism and joviality

On October 15 the Sun and Jupiter form a harmonious aspect, inducing an exploratory mood. We identify with high visions and aspirations and set great goals for ourselves. Staying open to friendship brings us into the company of people who help us make important evolutionary leaps. We might feel like the universe is smiling at us, but it’s good to avoid excesses and grandeur. AstroFidelia recommends listening to our inner wisdom.

Mercury (Libra) and Jupiter (Aquarius) direct: looking for new information

Mercury and Jupiter end their retrogradations on the same day, October 18. This creates a realignment of thought to external events and dynamics. We feel our minds becoming clearer, while communication resumes its natural rhythm. We are involved in new projects related to study and travel. We trust our judgment and feel a great thirst for knowledge. We’re looking for the right study and conversation partners.

Mars (Libra) trine Jupiter (Aquarius): broad gestures and cooperation

On October 19, Mars and Jupiter form a harmonious aspect. We trust our strengths and the effectiveness of our actions. Some team efforts can be rewarded nicely. We expand our associations and mobilize more easily if we act for or alongside others. We treat issues related to competition and fight with honor and generosity. AstroFidelia recommends avoiding indulgence with ourselves and mobilizing towards concrete actions.

Sun in Scorpio: intensity and transformation

On October 23 the Sun enters Scorpio. We connect to deep emotions and go through the transformation of repressed energy. We let ourselves guided by intuition and eliminate what is toxic in our lives. We need intensity and we can access great inner sources of power. We might create deep bonds with other people, acting like psychologists or detectives. If we face our fears bravely, we will gain more confidence in ourselves.

Venus (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces): imagination and illusion in relationships

On October 27, Venus and Neptune form a hard aspect that warns us of the tendency to dream with open eyes. If we project our most beautiful expectations on other people, we may be disappointed by the reality. If we rise above the worldly attachments and connect to universal love, we can feel a blessed state of transcendence. We need radical sincerity in love.

Sun (Scorpio) square Saturn (Aquarius): extreme seriousness

On October 30, the Sun and Saturn ask for maturity and responsibility, but they can also induce some frustrated, rigid behaviors. We’re coldly analyzing situations. We make authoritarian decisions. We might clash with people in control positions. We might run into blockages and restrictions, but at the same time we can find the inner force to destroy systems that defy normality and equal rights to happiness, development, self-assertion.

Mars in Scorpio: penetrating actions

On October 30 we also celebrate the Mars’ entrance into its nocturnal domicile, Scorpio. Passion leads us to intense, energetic gestures. We exude magnetism and strong desires. It is good to pay attention to the tendency towards compulsive behaviors, manipulation and revenge. We can oscillate between extremes: we either don’t trust our forces at all and hide, or we are capable of radical actions.

October’s sky therefore brings us notable planetary events. Under the cumulative impact of the four planets that turn direct, we can expect a special change in the general atmosphere. The first part of the month triggers analysis and introspection, most of them related to relationships and collaboration. We are invited to develop grace, tolerate paradoxes, demonstrate firmness in fair choices and reject inappropriate life paths.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Libra until October 23, 5:22 a.m., when it enters Scorpio;
  • New Moon in Libra on October 6, 12:06 p.m.; Full Moon in Aries on October 20, 3:58 p.m.;
  • Mercury transits Libra and turns direct on October 18, 4:08 p.m.;
  • Venus transits Scorpio until October 7, 12:22 p.m., when it enters Sagittarius;
  • Mars transits Libra until October 30, 3:22 p.m., when it enters Scorpio;
  • Jupiter continues its transit through Aquarius and turns direct on October 18, 5:43 a.m.;
  • Saturn continues its transit through Aquarius and turns direct on October 11, 2:49 a.m.;
  • Uranus retrograde continues its transit through Taurus;
  • Neptun retrograde continues its transit through Pisces;
  • Pluto continues its transit through Capricorn and turns direct on October 6, 1:05 p.m..


Under the influence of Mercury retrograde, you start this month with revelations about relationships. Your perceptions of other people’s universe are changing. You might resume older plans and discussions with various partners. Around October 4 you display considerable mental clarity. At the New Moon on October 6, new love situations may occur. After October 7, Venus in Sagittarius brings interesting strangers nearby.

Around October 10, conversations get intense and you undertake team actions. After the 11th, your future directions become clear. Around October 15, friendships are enhanced. Your pals can help you establish new contacts with people who will support your progress someday. After October 18, communication flows more easily and openly. On October 19, you could join promising group projects.

Around October 22, you may feel pressure from people who display authority and control. AstroFidelia recommends staying diplomatic and following the fairest solutions for everyone. After October 23, you become more withdrawn, discreet, sensitive and emotional. You come into contact with secrets and taboos that help you investigate the psychology of your intimates. On the 27th you might experience some special spiritual events.


The first part of October brings you many career situations that require careful analysis, thorough weighing and unbiased solutions. At the same time, you are advised to pay attention to your health by avoiding overwork, stress and small, useless worries. Around October 6 you may encounter new circumstances at work. Relationships with colleagues and collaborators come to the fore. You can easily gain public recognition, too.

Around October 8-10, you could clarify older work-related issues. If you unite with the right colleagues, you can obtain great results. Meanwhile, try not to make uncomfortable compromises for the sake of shallow peace! After October 11, you’re building new career milestones. Around the 15th, there may be lucky professional events. It’s good not to miss these opportunities, but still pay attention to unrealistic optimism and avoid excesses!

After October 18, communication at work is back to normal. Around October 19, you display a lot of physical and mental energy. After October 23, you focus on relationships and get in touch with new people. You delve into investigations and analyses related to the quality and the personality of your significant partners. You eliminate the wrong ones and create other deeper, genuine bonds. Towards the end of the month, you need to reconcile love with career.


The first part of October is dedicated to relationships with children, but also to romantic ones. You’re attracting opportunities for relaxation and fun. Around October 4, some new information boosts your creativity. At the New Moon on October 6, you can redefine in a new light what love and happiness mean to you. Around October 10, you’re trying to put passion and originality into activities that really represent you.

After October 11, you are working on implementing new future directions related to studies or travel. With patience and maturity, you build a more modern and progressive philosophy of life. Around October 15, you could make a pleasant journey in a harmonious companionship. This period is also favorable for love events. After October 18, you feel more free to express your point of view and to impose your life principles.

October 22 can bring some tests of will and strength, which help you experience some traumas related to childhood or love relationships. AstroFidelia recommends avoiding manipulation in close relationships, no matter how charming your partners may seem. After October 23, you need to focus on work and daily routine issues. Therefore, you will need to demonstrate and improve your skills.


Under the impact of Mercury retrograde in Libra, the first part of this month gives you the tendency to retreat into the privacy of familiar spaces. You can also be more introspective and withdrawn. These periods help you create interesting connections with the past and clarify old family situations. Around 8-10 October, home events might precipitate and require team efforts. Do your best to keep all pieces together and everything will be all right!

After October 11, some previously blocked issues related to relationships or material resources start to relax. Around the 15th, you might experience some nice interactions with very close people. You can heal old emotional traumas. After October 18, your inner mood comes back to normal. Family relationships improve. Around October 19, you have much energy and confidence in your psychic strength. Use them wisely!

After October 23, you might attract more opportunities for relaxation and fun. Relationships with children come to the fore. For others, it is time for flirting and falling in love. Simultaneously, starting October 7, AstroFidelia recommends paying attention to work relationships. On these occasions, you can establish new contacts and enjoy good company. After October 30, career situations become even more dynamic.


At the beginning of the month you have the opportunity to access information that you have long planned to learn. You can resume old readings and conversations, you can understand with a special sharpness complex information. Around October 4, meetings with intelligent and original people help you clarify various questions and communicate more easily. At the New Moon on October 6 you combine logic with intuition.

After October 7, Venus in Sagittarius brings you an expansive mood and creates relaxing, fun situations. Around October 8-10, you have a lot of strength in your arguments and vigorously defend your points of view, while still keeping enough tact. After October 11, you build new relationship frameworks. Around the 15th, you can participate in network discussions that offer simultaneous access to many people. After October 18, your mind becomes clearer.

Around October 19, you easily mobilize others by inviting them to join interesting debates. On the 22nd, you need more focus in work situations that require intellectual effort. After October 23, you turn your attention to home and family. Gradually, you start spending more time alone or among those people very close to you. These periods help you connect to your ancestral roots and make you aware of old childhood feelings.


The first part of October brings a series of special situations related to financial resources. Under the influence of Mercury retrograde, it is good to weigh your choices wisely and avoid unimportant shopping. Around October 4 your work can offer lucky gains and opportunities for financial growth. At the New Moon on October 6, you enter a new phase that requires updates in your value system.

Around October 8-10, your good taste and civilized manners might help you strengthen your material situation. You evaluate the usefulness of some goods and services distributed in the economy. After October 11, work-related projects begin to progress. Around October 15, you can be very efficient at work and establish financially advantageous collaborations. This way, you keep improving your skills.

After October 18, you communicate and think more clearly. Around October 19, you may feel caught between the desire to relax and the need to gain money. AstroFidelia recommends combining the useful with the pleasant. After October 23, you have many new things to learn and debate. You become very active mentally, while curiosity opens the way to exciting information. You put passion into study projects and short trips.


By October 23, you have plenty of time to line up with new beginnings. Mercury retrograde helps you gain a special awareness of who you are. Thus, your relationship with yourself matters the most these days. AstroFidelia recommends paying special attention to your body and physical appearance. At the New Moon on October 6 you have a lot of energy. New situations are triggered in your life and require intuitive, spontaneous acceptance.

Around October 8-10, you make yourself noticed through independent actions. You can co-opt others into your projects, but the final decisions are still yours. After October 11, you build authentic, creative and original happy moments. Around October 15, you have ingenuity and new ideas. You could devote more time to hobbies or romantic relationships and enjoy the company of children.

After October 18, you express yourself more easily and think clearly. Around October 22, someone from the family can resist your will. Perseverance and patience help you organize your activities on your own. After the Sun’s ingress in Scorpio, various financial events occur that help you develop your practical skills and turn your talents into something useful. After October 30, financial issues (both gains and investments) are even more emphasized.


For you, the first part of October involves a more withdrawn period, which favors various introspections and emotional healings. Until October 23 you may feel that you cannot control the course of external events. You must accept what it is, while you are dedicating yourself to more solitary activities. This way, you have the chance to develop your spiritual side. The New Moon on October 6 can offer you special insights in this regard.

Around October 8-10, you may be intensely concerned about certain social and collective events. You understand some complex dynamics that influence humanity as a whole. AstroFidelia recommends avoiding stubbornness and pessimism in these reflections. At the same time, you may become aware of self-sabotaging patterns in personal relationships. Significant partnerships in your life go through a purification phase.

After October 18, your mind and emotions get clearer. Around October 22 you try to combine intuition with logic, although some of the facts that you feel can’t be easily expressed in words. After October 23, the Sun in your sign brings new beginnings. You become active, energetic. By staying alert and spontaneous, you get more self-confidence. You see yourself better and move forward firmly towards next goals.


The first few weeks of October bring you many situations related to the groups you belong to and the projects in which you are involved in. Mercury retrograde may require clarifying previous discussions with these people or rethinking future plans. You’re adjusting your personal development strategies. The New Moon on October 6 can find you in the middle of group events. Full of idealism, you might reevaluate your plans for the future.

Around October 8-10, the mechanisms of network cooperation are set in motion. It is important to clarify various information in advance, even if some have already been debated in the past. After October 11, you begin to build the next stages related to study and communication projects. Around October 15, your friends can help you find new solutions to old problems. You also need to pay attention to your long-term financial situation.

After October 18, you communicate and think more clearly. Around October 19, you may harmoniously combine multiple projects. Teamwork helps you and offers protection. Around October 22, try to focus on your own material safety and welfare! After October 23, it is good to stay more withdrawn and devote time to spiritual activities. Try to detach yourself from everyday worries and look at things from a broad perspective!


For you, the first three weeks of October are full of career events. Under the influence of Mercury retrograde, you reconsider various strategies that can bring you notoriety. You’re concerned about your public image and your role in society. Around the New Moon on October 6, there may be interesting fresh starts at work. It is advisable to highlight your charm and diplomacy. This way, you can establish relationships based on grace and fair play.

Between October 8-10, you need to demonstrate courage and initiative in front of many people and to communicate with great sincerity. However, AstroFidelia recommends staying away from situations that make you a scapegoat for other people’s problems. After October 11, you’ll be able to implement your financial plans and rapidly adjust your value system. Around October 15, you can be rewarded for special professional results.

After October 18, career situations relax and clarify as you communicate your ideas more easily. Around October 22, you could interact with some authoritarian superiors. You try to earn respect, but to stay as authentic as possible. After October 23, you will focus on groups and team events. You can join new projects and set up strategies for the future. An idealistic approach to life brings you close to friends with similar interests.


The first three weeks of the month take you on distant journeys and expand your knowledge. You’re broadening your horizons, while Mercury retrograde urges you to carefully analyze perceptions and speech. You also need to contemplate your own mind. As a consequence, you might reconsider previous conclusions and beliefs. The New Moon on October 6 can give you a new perspective on things and inspire a precious leap of faith.

After October 7, relationships with friends expand, bringing new opportunities for progress. Between October 8-10, you elegantly impose your points of view. You may also be concerned about some rules related to relationships, cooperation, harmony. After October 11, Saturn direct in Aquarius helps you build new personal dynamics. The relationship with yourself is entering a new stage. Around October 15, you might feel optimistic and confident.

After October 18th, you have more energy. You think and express yourself more freely. Around October 19, you may be surrounded by interesting strangers, in the middle of an exciting adventure. On October 22 you might investigate religious and philosophical issues. After October 23, you turn your attention to your career and mission in society. You can feel exposed in front of the world. Try to make sure that your public image reflects your true inner nature!


Under the influence of Mercury retrograde in Libra, the first weeks of this month bring you a series of special awareness in relationships. Around October 6, you see in a new light the patterns of emotional and financial exchange between you and close people. At the same time, these days you may notice an increased interest in occult subjects, mysteries, secrets, taboos. Honest communication is very important now.

Between October 8-10, you might notice a large amount of psychological tension, manipulation attempts and uncomfortable emotions. AstroFidelia recommends turning these situations into opportunities for healing and emotional development. If you do not suppress intense feelings, they will lead you to unsuspected sources of inner strength. After October 11, you can see more clearly certain collective patterns and their impact on you.

Around October 15, faith can help you overcome challenges in relationships and fears of material insecurity. After October 18, communication in the couple and in other key relationships clears up. With the Sun’s ingress in Scorpio on October 23, you enter a more expansive and exalted period. You get a philosophical attitude and you’re concerned about the higher meanings of life, exploring new places and opportunities.

Astro Tips & Tricks

If you plan on doing some research on a particular topic and/or you want to deepen your knowledge of something new, focus on these activities when Mercury transits through the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

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