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Monthly Horoscope Archive 2021

Archive 2021

Astro Overview for September

September builds tight relationship dynamics: whether we are talking about work situations, love or friendship, there are numerous opportunities for socializing and exchanging information with people around us. Under the influence of Virgo we are invited to exercise precision and hard work, while Libra demands pondering, a balanced and harmonious rhythm, civilized manners and elegance.

We are also talking about a less fiery and impulsive period than we experienced in the previous months. Except for the days when the Moon will cross Fire signs, there will be no planets in this element. Consequently, most of the time we will rely on logic, practicality and emotions. From the second week on, the penetrating, intense energy of Scorpio will make its presence felt. September ends under the auspices of Mercury retrograde, which leads us to introspection and rethinking our strategies. Let’s therefore follow the details of this month’s astral calendar!

Mars (Virgo) opposing Neptune (Pisces): inspired actions

On September 2, the opposition between Mars and Neptune is perfected. In the midst of chaos, we struggle to successfully follow our priorities. Our actions are motivated by empathy and noble goals, but we might find it more difficult to remain selective and focused. We must not lose faith in our power to achieve what we truly want. AstroFidelia recommends being more cautious about accidents caused by lack of concentration and a dreamy mood.

Mercury (Libra) trine Saturn (Aquarius): network exchanges

On September 5, a harmonious aspect is created between Mercury and Saturn. We seek to build strong reasoning and weigh our words carefully. We stay in contact with many people and feel that we are part of a large social network that gives us access to lots of knowledge. Friends help us achieve our goals and bring useful information. We keep an overall attitude of mental detachment. This allows us to see things from an objective perspective.

Venus (Libra) aspecting Pluto (Capricorn) and Jupiter (Aquarius): transformations and upgrades in relationships

Around September 6, relationships concern us deeply. On the one hand, we can get into some tensions with rigid or authoritarian people. This drives us to impose some limits and set our own relationship rules. On the other hand, we interact harmoniously with friends and highly original people. They inspire us with a positive attitude and help us stay out of trouble.

Venus in Scorpio: love means constant metamorphosis

On September 10 Venus enters Scorpio, a sign that expects radical commitment in relationships. We cannot settle for less than everything and prefer to eliminate from our lives people who do not pass our psychological tests. We understand more clearly the idea of toxic relationships. The right partners are the ones who assist us in times of crisis and encourage our emotional metamorphosis.

Mars in Libra: well-weighed initiatives

In the middle of the month, on September 15, Mars enters Libra. From this position it urges us to act with grace, elegance and good manners. At the same time, we are inclined to look for cooperation and team activities. We’re trying to synchronize our actions with our loved ones. AstroFidelia, however, recommends paying attention to the tendency of delaying our decisions. We should not expect others to take care of our responsibilities.

Venus (Scorpio) square Saturn (Aquarius): distancing ourselves from people who harm us

On September 17 Venus forms a tight square with Saturn and dictates a cold analysis of our relationships. We need to rely on intelligent and honest partners. We tend to reject people who are not responsible and mature enough. We easily understand some negative patterns that manifest at a collective level and try to participate in their transformation. In relationships we confront taboos and try to find them the right answers.

Mercury (Libra) trine Jupiter (Aquarius): inspired comparisons

On September 21, Mercury and Jupiter form a harmonious aspect between Air signs. We’re smart and intuitive. Our thinking process is sharp and all-encompassing: it is easier for us to logically understand some topics, but also to draw conclusions and use symbols. We are tempted to look for the correct answers by comparing different ideas and points of view. Our friends bring us interesting news.

Sun in Libra: cooperation as a way of living

On September 22 the Sun enters Libra. The way we see ourselves depends on the quality of our relationships. By comparing ourselves to others, we understand who we are as individuals and what we want to become. We radiate a sociable and cooperative energy. Our self-confidence increases when we practice our good taste and artistic talents. AstroFidelia recommends avoiding unhealthy compromise for the sake of a superficial harmony.

Venus (Scorpio) opposing Uranus (Taurus): halfway between calm and intensity

On September 23 Venus arrives in exact opposition with Uranus. We might see rebellious behaviors and unexpected twists in relationships. We understand that we cannot stagnate and that any relationship is constantly changing, but we are also looking for peace after intense moments. We become ingenious and aesthetically creative. On a financial level, we can have surprises that teach us to consider the idea of prosperity in a new manner.

Mars (Libra) trine Saturn (Aquarius): team coordination

On September 26 Mars and Saturn support team results. We are persistent and patient in our actions. We are carrying out our objectives in a constructive way. AstroFidelia recommends not to postpone initiatives, even if it seems that immediate action isn’t mandatory. With the help of others, we can reach small victories useful to our long-term goals. We focus our energy and time to group goals.

Mercury retrograde in Libra: weighing what has been thought and said

From September 27 on, Mercury will start its last period of retrogradation of this year. By October 18, we’ll have time to analyze the content of our minds with detachment. We are inclined to reflect on things with more subjectivity. Information from the past comes to our attention. We might feel that it’s difficult to find the right words. A certain hesitation makes us retreat into the world of our thoughts. Many of these reflections can be related to relationships.

Venus (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces): sensitive and sentimental

On September 29 Venus and Neptune form a harmonious aspect in Water signs. The boundaries between us and the rest of humanity are being transcended. We feel everything at great intensity. Our emotions are universal and collective. We try to distinguish between reality and imagination, but it can be quite difficult for us to avoid illusions. If we’re waiting for a perfect relationship, we might miss reasonable opportunities.

September is about team evolution and sharing our experiences with others. Under Virgo’s influence, we need to establish practical goals and adopt the technique of small steps. Libra adds grace and style to our actions. Romance and falling in love are felt in the atmosphere, while Venus in Scorpio teaches us how to create a deeper contact with other people and eliminate toxic relationships from our lives. We reap the fruits of what we have sown so far.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Virgo until September 22, 8:22 p.m., when it enters Libra;
  • New Moon in Virgo on September 7, 1:53 a.m.; Full Moon in Pisces on September 21, 12:55 a.m.;
  • Mercury trnasits Libra and starts its retrograde cycle on September 27, 6:04 a.m.;
  • Venus transists Libra until September 10, 7:06 a.m., when it enters Scorpio;
  • Mars transits Virgo until September 15, 1:15 a.m., when it enters Libra;
  • Jupiter retrograde continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Saturn retrograde continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Uranus retrograde continues its transit through Taurus;
  • Neptun retrograde continues its transit through Pisces;
  • Pluton retrograde continues its transit through Capricorn.


For you, this month’s dynamics indicate two major categories of interest: work and relationships. Until September 22, transits through Virgo keep your focus on daily duties, relationships with co-workers and collaborators. In order to be very productive, AstroFidelia recommends you to prioritize your tasks carefully. By using the power of small steps, you'll improve your skills.

In addition to work satisfaction, this month can also bring you interesting opportunities in relationships. Throughout the whole period, you’ll experience numerous encounters, keeping close attention to the universe of others. Your most important personal relationships, as well as interactions with large groups of friends are favored. If you give your best to collaborate harmoniously, those teams will sustain your further evolution.

In the first days of the month you oscillate between work and detachment. Around September 6 you're dealing with power tests in relationships. After the 10th, you investigate secrets and hidden emotions. On September 17, interactions with friends require a lot of patience. Around September 21, talking to friends broadens your horizons. Financial surprises may occur on the 23rd. After the 27th, you analyze the words of others carefully.


For you this month is about combining the useful with the pleasant. By September 22, you have the chance to enjoy many opportunities for relaxation and fun. Even if you're no longer on vacation, you still feel the air of summer joy and cheerfulness. At the same time, work-related issues capture your attention. You feel like you have a lot of things to deal with. You need to use your skills efficiently.

Work relationships are favored, and after September 10 personal ones come to the fore too. Some close partners may need your help in times of crisis and difficulties. This period shows you the value of total commitment to another person. Real love means being there for your dear ones in hard times. However, it is possible to also meet some manipulative and toxic individuals. You have the right to reject them.

Until the middle of the month, you enjoy the present and make idealistic plans for the future. Around the 6th you're thinking about professional ethics. After September 15, things are accelerating at work. It's also good to keep an eye on your health and to dose your energy in a balanced way. Around the 23rd, someone might try to dominate you, but you respond with rebellion and defend your freedom. After 27 re-evaluations and clarifications happen at work.


Much of this month’s dynamic suggests staying close to your family. Until September 22, try to work from or for your home! You keep a discriminatory and maybe critical attitude towards these situations. At the same time, September brings opportunities for relaxation and fun. You're looking for people to share these moments with in a harmonious way. Relationships with children are also favoured, as are romantic ones.

In your spare time, you could delight yourself with long-distance travel and interactions with people with original life styles. After September 10, Venus in Scorpio favors meeting new collaborators at work. It is time to look for the company of your colleagues and gradually return to a busy pace. The more useful and competent you feel, the more you will enjoy your daily routine.

Around September 6, you need to feel that what you create is truly authentic and valuable. You feel a strong state of connection to your inner self . You might feel very sensitive around the New Moon on the 7th. Around September 17, treat your coworkers and clients with patience and maturity! On the 23rd you realize that sometimes it's better to step aside and let the universe solve some problems. After 27, you re-evaluate your hobbies and romantic relationships.


You're going through a month that makes you learn a lot of new things, stay up to date with the latest news, exchange many messages and acquire knowledge. Until September 22, you keep a fast pace of mind, and your attention is moving in many simultaneous directions. You explore the nearby environment, but you also feel the temptation to travel far. Curiosity and the spirit of adventure lead you to new places and interesting discoveries.

The transits through Libra require your involvement in family activities and interactions with various relatives. On these occasions you exercise your diplomacy, trying to harmonize situations in a civilized way. After September 10, Venus in Scorpio helps you demonstrate your artistic talents more easily. New situations may also arise in relationships with children. You may feel a romantic mood and make room for a new love in your life.

On September 6, there can be confrontations in relationships and some uncomfortable reactions of your family. Until September 15 you combine logic, reason and intuition. Around September 17, relationships bring intense moments. You need to set clear boundaries between you and someone close. On September 23 you will find original forms of artistic expression. After 27, you re-evaluate some family situations.


For you, this month starts with a series of practical concerns. You have a lot of financial decisions to make, compare your options, invest and win. Critical spirit can help you make bright choices at shopping. You need to turn your native talents into something useful, resulting in material gains. By September 22, the subject of money is highlighted. In fact, that's how you improve your value system. You may ask yourself what does real prosperity mean.

Simultaneously, transits through Libra bring you a series of new experiences related to learning, communication, messaging, short-distance travel. These situations keep you mentally active and require quick perceptions. Relationships with brothers/sisters/neighbours/school colleagues require diplomacy and the willingness to collaborate harmoniously. After September 10, family relations intensify.

Around September 6, you are sensitive to words and seek to use your intelligence in practical ways. Various financial events may occur around the September 7 New Moon. On September 17, you need to mediate some discussions between your family and other people. Around the 23rd unusual career situations can take you by surprise. Spending time with your family balances these circumstances. After 27, you resume various readings and dialogues.


The first part of the month creates an active, dynamic, energetic rhythm. You focus on yourself and demonstrate spirit of initiative. AstroFidelia advises you to avoid a highly critical attitude. Try not to express your discontent until you make sure that the errors you notice are truly important. It is also good to avoid excessive self-criticism. You could focus on your body, your health, your vitality.

Meanwhile, transits through Libra make you weigh carefully various investments. It is good to compare offers and prices, to maintain a good balance between expenses and earnings. You could also invest in beauty items and services. Regardless of the purpose of your investments, it is good to take into account their usefulness. Your previous work could now be rewarded nicely. You can also enroll in new classes that improve your skills.

By the middle of the month you impress with your logic, clarity and precision. Some people may seem rather dreamy and confused, others may inspire you with their idealism and refinement. After September 10, you seek to communicate more diplomatically. You need to express your deepest emotions. Complex situations may occur at work on September 17. Around 23, debates on morals capture your attention. After 27, you reconsider your financial strategies.


Until September 22, transits through Virgo keep you connected to the unconscious realm. You might experience a general feeling of daydreaming. AstroFidelia recommends taking time for rest. You may withdraw from small problems and accept that you cannot control everything. As a result, you make more room for spiritual practice. You finally close old cycles, give up some unnecessary attachments, offer generous help to those in need.

Simultaneously, your sign is highly active throughout the whole month. This means that there are many opportunities to assert yourself. You focus and evaluate your personal desires, getting ready for new beginnings. It is recommended to bravely accept certain opportunities that arise unexpectedly. Even if their future evolution is not yet clear, it’s worth taking a risk and going with this new flow.

Around September 6, your will may collide with the plans that your family made for you. Follow your intuition and avoid stepping back out of fear of change! After September 10, money may come to you more easily. After 15, your physical energy boosts. Around September 23, consider both your individual needs and those of others! After 27, you carefully analyze yourself and make some adjustments in your personal style.


Until September 22, this month brings group events, plans for the future, projects and people who support your personal development. Some of these situations may be related to work, others are directed towards humanitarian, social causes. You're looking for a sense of purpose in life. Small discontents can make you oscillate between alternatives, but it's good not to give up your plans just because they're not perfect yet.

At the same time, throughout the month, Libra transits keep you connected to the realm of collective emotions. A general sense of belonging to something higher than your own being emphasizes your spiritual sensitivity. Although things are not very clear and there’s a feeling of dreaming, this is like a gestation period, preparing new interesting beginnings in your life. Take advantage of these quiet moments, reflect and detach yourself from small worries!

Around September 6, communication may be difficult. You feel like there's a lot going on beyond words. After the 10th, Venus in your sign brings you a feeling of freshness and directs your attention to the physical body. You have magnetism and you easily attract others’ attention. Around the 17th, your family might try to organize your schedule, a thing that bothers you. On the 23rd you radiate originality. After 27 you are absorbed in introspections.


For you, September starts amid career responsibilities. Whether or not you're back at work after the summer holiday, you may feel that others expect mature decisions from you. This means taking care of important tasks with meticulousness and competence. AstroFidelia recommends using this context to improve your public image. Until September 22, you may wonder what your mission in the world is. How do you contribute to society’s welfare?

Simultaneously, throughout the month, Libra transits create group contexts for you. You join various networks of friends and colleagues. These people support your evolution and in turn need your assistance. Through this kind of collaboration each of you makes important progress. After September 10, Venus in Scorpio urges you to adopt a more reflective and reserved attitude in relationships.

Around September 6th, friends can cause some unexpected expenses. Your plans for the future may require new investments. The New Moon on September 7 brings unusual career situations. On September 17 you confront logical understanding with some inner impressions difficult to describe in words. Around September 23, divine guidance helps you solve practical tasks. Just sharpen your intuition! After 27, you reconsider your long-term strategies.


For you, September begins with a longing desire to experience broad experiences. This sense of adventure and exploration develops until the last part of the month. You can turn it into meaningful journeys, researches in philosophy and religion. The concept of higher truths concerns you. Looking for meaning in your life, you may start new studies, such as a master's degree, a doctorate or other forms of education.

Libra transits guide you towards somewhat official situations. You could come into contact with a lot of people in leadership positions or you might be asked to take on coordination roles. This feeling that you have important tasks to perform makes you think about the need to be respected and esteemed for your results. It's good to make some improvements in your public image and not be afraid to get noticed by your superiors.

On September 6 you can obtain profitable financial results. After the 10th, group situations and events among your friends occur. After the 15th, you initiate new relationships at work. On the September 17 you might make some financial plans for your future development. On the 23rd you need to take into account your personal needs and desires, not just your friends’ ones. After September 27, you reconsider some career situations.


Until September 22, you concentrate on close relationships. You're being asked to develop psychological talent. Your disposition is investigative. Others might feel you're testing their fidelity. In turn, you're going through some profound emotional transformations. Uncomfortable emotions may surface, but that way you can access your inner reserves of power. Various financial situations may arise between you and your partners.

At the same time, transits through Libra give you a philosophical and wise state of mind and make you meditate on the meaning of life. You're looking for definitions of truth, faith and morality. You can connect with people of another nationality or with different life principles than yours. You may need to mediate some conflicts resulting from divergent views. Libra helps you expand elegantly to new horizons.

Around September 6, you go through tests of patience and faith. After the 10th, Venus in Scorpio favors relations with people in leadership positions. You're looking to make a pleasant impression in some official circumstances. Around September 17, tensions may arise between you and some authority figures. On September 23, you defend your freedom, rejecting other people’s rules. After 27, you reconsider your life principles and beliefs.


For you, relationships are a central theme of this month. By the 22nd, transits through Virgo bring you into contact with new people. You also analyze existing relationships, insisting on some small details. Perfectionism is in the air. AstroFidelia recommends trying to associate with people with whom you can do something useful for yourself and for the entire community. Some of them may be your coworkers.

At the same time, Libra transits urge diplomacy in close relationships. You are invited to behave with grace. Your loved ones need your emotional depth. You try to keep equilibrium in some delicate relationship situations. That way, you understand who your trustful allies are. These are the ones with whom you can build a truly authentic collaboration. Financial issues may also arise, requiring moderation.

Around September 6, you consider future plans that depend on your partners. After September 10, you might meet interesting strangers. After September 15, you can get into some emotional manipulation fights. Temper your emotions! Around the 23rd, you can receive unexpected messages from abroad. After September 27, you take a close look at taboos and emotional vulnerability issues.

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