September 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn

On or around September 1, opportunities for travel may appear. On or around September 2, tensions may arise with your life partner and/or co-workers, collaborators, and clients. On or around September 3, you seem to be in a good mood. On or around September 4, some housing, household, or domestic issues can lead to conflicts between you and your life partner.

From September 5, you communicate better with your superiors. After September 6, opportunities to collaborate on lucrative ventures may appear. From September 10, the family atmosphere is tense. On or around September 15, conflicts may arise with your life partner and/or children. On or around September 17, 21 and 23, you may have a hard time getting along with your superiors, and the responsibility at work may be overwhelming.

On or around September 24, you have a hard time dividing your time between your family life and career. From September 27, you enjoy social popularity and meet new people who share your ideals and visions. On or around September 28, you enjoy beautiful family moments. On or around September 29, however, things may take an unfortunate turn between you and your loved ones.

Anca Simina Martin

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