May 2021 Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

During the first weeks of the month, a feeling of detachment veils you, creating distance from small problems. Your soul is drawn to spiritual experiences, and your sensitivity is heightened. AstroFidelia recommends to offer yourself moments of peace and meditation. This will put your thoughts and soul in order. After May 4, however, you begin to hear the call of fresh new beginnings and feel more energetic.

From May 9 on, you might take care of your physical appearance with more pleasure and interest. This way, you will emanate charm and you will easily attract new people into your life. The New Moon in Taurus on May 11 activates your intuition. Let yourself guided by these refined inner states! After May 17, you become more visible and start taking care of your public image.

From this moment on it is advisable to reflect on your social mission in life. You need to demonstrate generosity and wisdom, so as to provide a role model for others. After May 20, when the Sun enters your sign, you become more direct, determined and active. After May 30, you start revising your strategies while keeping some thoughts to yourself. Throughout the whole month, Mars in Cancer requires cautious financial tactics.

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You'll increase your rate of success if you launch a project or implement strategies when the Moon is waxing.

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