September 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Libra

During or around September 1, you enjoy quiet moments with your family. During or around September 2, it can be difficult to divide your time between your career and family life. On the other hand, during or around September 3, you enjoy beautiful moments with your loved ones again. On or around September 4, your or your partner’s career can become a source of conflicts.

From September 5 onwards, you communicate well with those around you. After September 6, you enjoy social popularity. From September 10, quarrels may appear in relation to your life partner and/or those you conduct professional activities with. During or around September 15, some relationships, projects or future plans do not seem to evolve in the intended direction.

On or around September 17, 21 and 23, tensions may arise between you and your family. On or around September 24, arguments may occur yet again between you and your life partner and/or those with whom you carry out professional activities. From September 27, financial opportunities arise. On or around September 28, negotiations and collaborations are favored and you may make new friends. During or around September 29, family tensions are foreshadowed.

Anca Simina Martin

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