September 2020 Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

On or around September 1, financial opportunities may arise. On or around September 2, however, expenses are on the cards. On or around September 3, profitable ventures are likely to cross your path. On or around September 4, tensions occur between you and your life partner and/or children. From September 5, you are more popilar on the social scene and you might meet new people.

After September 6, your mood visibly improves. From September 10, there may be tensions between you and your partner and/or children. On or around September 15, some challenges may appear at work. On or around September 17, 21 and 23, it is not a good time to invest in plans or projects. On or around September 24, you find it difficult to split your time between your social and love life, between current endeavours and future plans.

From September 27, you are likely to experience a sense of anxiety or general dissatisfaction. Try not to let your past dictate your present behavior and choices. On or around September 28, you are in a good mood and you enjoy beautiful moments in the company of your life partner and/or children. On or around September 29, you may be spending too much on unnecessary things.

Anca Simina Martin

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