The Number of the Beast: What Does Numerology Have to Say About It?

According to certain numerology calculations, the number 9 reflects our current global level of consciousness. Therefore, we can rightfully assume that it stands for the human race in its entirety. Let us now examine some of these theories. Firstly, the Hebrew spelling for "Adam" is ADM. If we add up the cabbalistic numerology values of these three letters like this 1+4+4=9, we find that the word "Adam" does not designate a specific individual, but the whole human race.

Often regarded as more of a horror story than a treatise on metaphysics, St. John's "Revelation" mentions the much intimidating Number of the Beast, namely 666. However, if we reduce it to a single digit as follows 6+6+6=18, (18)=9, it results that humanity itself hinders its progress. However, the same Book hints at the fact that 144000 souls will survive the Apocalypse. The single-digit reduction of this number, i.e. (144000)=9, reveals that the entire human race will be raptured from the Earth. The number of those uncapable of spiritual evolution is negligible in comparison with the sum total of the chosen ones.

The Bible wasn't meant to be taken literally. If we don't succeed in reading it between the lines with a view to grasping the subtler meaning of its teachings, we run the risk of jumping to the hasty conclusion that the Bible is nothing more than a fascinating, albeit farfetched read. Therefore, if we're unable to interpret its metaphysical message, none of the universal truths it is supposed to contain will reveal to us. Last but not least, in relation to numerology, St. Augustine advises us that "we must not despise the science of numbers, which, in many passages of holy Scripture, is found to be of eminent service to the careful interpreter."

Excerpt from "Living Numbers" by Firicel Ciarnau

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