Number 8


Number 8 symbolizes tangible forces, counterbalancing actions, in a word regulatory justice. Considering that its attributes relate to those of Saturn, the taskmaster of the Zodiac, it goes without saying that it’s almost impossible to escape its influence. Therefore, when numerologists encounter this number in a numerology chart, they take extra caution to avoid interpretation mishaps because it tends to interfere with any previous assumption regarding the native’s numerical life pattern. Those who are ruled by the number 8 are extremely resourceful, ambitious, practical and down-to-earth. They are said to be numerology’s born leaders, social climbers and high-achievers. On the other hand, the negative 8s may seem stubborn, loud, impulsive or dictatorial.


  • Planet: Saturn
  • Zodiac sign(s): Capricorn - Scorpio
  • Element: Earth
  • Keyword: practicality
  • Colour: indigo
  • Gem(s): onyx, topaz

Esoteric Counterparts

Kabbalah Tree of Life - It is associated with Hod, also known as Majesty, Splendour and Glory. It correlates to the eighth angelic choir, the Bene Elohim, also called the Archangels. They rule over the Animal world.

Angelic Hierarchy - It corresponds to the Archangels, the angels of fire who use Mercury's communcation channels to express themselves. Given that they cannot exert direct influence over the human race, the Angels act as mediators between Archangels and men. They are usually appointed patron saints by the city councils.

Astro Tips & Tricks

Every seven years (i.e. a quarter of a cycle of Saturn), the focus and the energy shift in each person's life. If you find yourself at the beginning or the end of a seven-year cycle, use your time wisely and make inspired decisions about your future.

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