Astrological Counterpart: Libra ruled by Venus, the mediator, the embodiment of fairness and justice, the symbol of balance and truth;
Mythological Correspondent: the Horae, the goddesses of the seasons in Greek mythology, Dikē (Justice) and Eunomia (Law);
Cabalistic Counterpart: Lamed;
I Ching Correspondent: 21 Shih Ho/Biting Through.

The card of Justice has extremely powerful karmic overtones, regardless of whether you believe in previous reincarnations or not. It is a metaphor for the law of cause and effect. Although it usually indicates that you're being called to account for your actions and be judged accordingly, it can also suggest that there are occasions when you experience the consequences of a loved one's mistakes. No wonder it symbolizes your need for fairness and balance. Whatever the case may be, keep in mind that truth is always a good strategy. Lies have short legs. Don't count on them too much.

Work: Now isn't a good time to get sloppy about your work. It's neither the time to be workaholic. Make sure your attitude towards your career is balanced. Avoid taking sides at work and treat everyone equally. Here's your chance to make your work environment as harmonious as possible.

Love: If you're wondering whether you and your partner have a future together and this card appears in your reading, there's a strong chance you'll end up going separate ways. But if you're single, an opportunity to start a relationship could come your way. But don't rush things.

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