The Chariot

The Chariot

Astrological Counterpart: Cancer ruled by the Moon, the caregiver, the symbol of family;
Mythological Correspondent: both the beginning and the end of the Sun God's journey, the offsprings of the gods and heroes, Phaethon, Icarus and Bellerophon, the one who rides Pegasus, the winged stallion;
Cabalistic Counterpart: Cheth;
I Ching Correspondent: 4 Mêng/Youthful Folly.

The Chariot stands for success, conquest and victory over opponents through (self-)confidence and control. It indicates that if you truly believe in your dream and you're determined enough to mobilize your every resource in its direction, no one and nothing can stop you from making your dream come true. This card also suggests that this journey will have a powerful impact on you, bringing you closer to your full potential. Therefore, if you're not afraid to take responsibility and you're ready to go through everything to get what you want, it can be a very favorable card.

Work: Don't let things get blown out of proportion at work. There's also the possibility that one of your co-workers is trying to sabotage you, regardless of whether s/he realizes what s/he's doing or not. However, you should be feeling very charged up, so don't let them get the best of you.

Love: You might be tempted to go too far or too fast. Or maybe you're seeing someone who's trying to rush things. Either way, it's vital to get to know your boundaries better. If you're currently seeing someone but you're really not that into him/her, avoid giving him/her false hopes.

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