The Star

The Star

Astrological Counterpart: Aquarius ruled by Uranus, the reformer, the sign of groups and forward thinking, the symbol of hope and optimism;
Mythological Correspondent: Binah or Sophia understood as the two highest powers of the intellect, the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, the priestesses of the Oracle of Isis;
Cabalistic Counterpart: Tzaddi;
I Ching Correspondent: 61 Chung Fu/Inner Truth.

The woman depicted in this card shares some similarities with the Archangel Michael pictured in the Temperance. More specifically, the both have one foot on dry land, the material world and the other in the water, the subconscious realm. What distinguishes the two characters is the fact that the female figure is pouring water from the two vessels onto the earth and into the pond, a metaphor for the cycle of life. Given that the Star comes after the Tower, an allusion to a sudden collapse of some sort, we can rightfully assume that this card is a symbol of hope, new beginnings and guidance.

Work: Work should be going well now. If you're not totally satisfied with your job, opportunities to improve your current position and/or to earn extra money could come your way. Or maybe you'll find the courage to start a business on your own. Either way, the future looks bright.

Love: If you're already spoken for, you're likely to move to the next level. Here's your chance to make your relationship grow strong and stay strong. If you're single and looking, there's a strong chance you'll meet a special someone. There's bound to be fireworks. Enjoy it to the max.

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If you plan on doing some research on a particular topic and/or you want to deepen your knowledge of something new, focus on these activities when Mercury transits through the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

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