The Tower

The Tower

Astrological Counterpart: Mars, the planet of action, assertiveness, the symbol of unexpected endings and disruptions;
Mythological Correspondent: the mysterious message appearing on the wall at King Belshazzar's feast, Cronos being castrated by his own son, Zeus, the erection of the Tower of Babylon, the trumpets of Jericho, the downfall of Sodom and Gomorrah;
Cabalistic Counterpart: Pe;
I Ching Correspondent: 51 Chên/The Arousing (Shock, Thunder).

The Tower indicates a surprising turn of events. Depending on how you react to changes, it is either a positive or a negative card. The Tower itself symbolizes achievements built on shaky grounds and wrong premises. The lighting bolt hitting it represents both the source of its sudden collapse and a flash of inspiration, a glimpse of what's to come. It suggests that your entire belief system is about to change, making room for a new one. It's important to understand however that there's nothing you can do to avoid this dramatic turn of events. But it's in your power to adapt to it the best you can.

Work: You may think your job is stable but try to prepare for the possibility of things not working out. The economy is less stable in nowadays world and it wouldn't be a bad idea if you looked for opportunities to learn a new skill, get a second job or even start a business of your own.

Love: The status quo of your relationship is in danger. It can't go on like this anymore. If you want to make it work, verbalize your thoughts and feelings. Otherwise, it will crumble into dust. You've got what it takes to mend the rough patch. Don't be afraid and do it.

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