About Fidelia is one of the most ambitious projects developed by Fidelia Publishing House, a company that has been actively involved in supporting and promoting astrology, numerology and other esoteric sciences in Romania since 1995. Among its greatest achievements is the official recognition of the astrological practice in Romania.

Fidelia Publishing House founded the first Romanian astrology school which is also the first Romanian institution ever to issue official professional astrology certificates. These certificates are issued by the Romanian Ministry of Labour and Ministry of National Education and they are formally recognized within the European Union.

Fidelia team

Firicel Ciarnau

Firicel Ciarnau
Mathematician. Fidelia team coordinator, manager of Fidelia Publishing House, web programmer, co-author of the astrology courses offered by Fidelia School of Astrology, author of the numerology courses offered by the same school, manager of Fidelia School of Astrology, senior editor of the AstroText and Astrele astrology magazines, founding member and Honoray Vice President of the Romanian Astrologers Association ( more details on his activity ).

Anca Simina Martin

Anca-Simina Martin
Editor, translator. Member of the Romanian Astrologers Association. Part of Fidelia's web site development and astrology services teams.

Astro Tips & Tricks

When Venus is retrograde, conflicts may arise between both domestic and business partners. If approached wisely, they can present you with the opportunity to clarify any remaining issues and/or revitalize your love life. On the other hand, if you rush into things, there's a good chance that you'll go separate ways.

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