Free Daily Horoscope for Aquarius

March 29, 2020 - 03:42:47 UT/GMT

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You're bound to talk a walk down memory lane today. You may feel inclined to reminisce about important moments in world history or momentous events in your own personal history. Avoid getting too caught up in the past, live in the moment and spend more time with your better half. Resist the impulse to compare your significant other with your ex partners. Nothing good ever comes of it!


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Important Notice: Our daily horoscopes are updated on a real-time basis. Considering that they rely on planetary ingresses and transits, forecasts may change several times a day (the Moon is the fastest moving planet) or you may as well encounter the same forecast two days in a row. If two different signs have the same forecast, it means that they share the same celestial influences. Incidentally, the forecasts match the biorhythm graphs. Yes, it is true! We offer you a whole new kind of daily horoscopes!

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You'll increase your rate of success if you launch a project or implement strategies when the Moon is waxing.

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