November 2020 Monthly Horoscope

November Monthly Horoscope for Each Sign

Astro Overview for November 2020

The last month of this year’s is one that comes bundled with a series of astral aspects and changes in terms of direction of planetary transit. But nevertheless, the most important of this month’s astral configurations is, without a doubt, the conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, whose catalytic effects we will feel several weeks from now. But let’s take a closer look at what November has in store for us:

Mercury Rx (Libra) square Saturn (Capricorn): few words

On and around November 1, we feel the effect of the tense square between Mercury retrograde in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn, which could lead to communication problems both at work and at home. This may make us stay silent when we are supposed to talk and say less than we should to get out of social contexts that could be prove dangerous. For this reason, we may want to be more careful how we act and speak up when we have to.

Mercury returns to its direct transit through Libra: clear decisions

From November 3, Mercury returns to transiting directly the sign of Libra, which is why a great deal of the communication tensions we experienced lately disspiates. In addition, it seems that we do not hesitate as much as before when we are faced with a making decision, which helps us come across as determined and proactive. And when we encounter difficult situations, the tact and diplomacy we are capable of will save us from any sensitive circumstance.

Mercury (Libra) square Saturn (Capricorn): few words with great impact

On and around November 6, the influence of the dissonant square betweem Mercury in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn is felt, a sign that, to a certain extent, the trends of the first part of the month resurface. So, we experience once again communication problems, although we do not hesitate to voice our opinions as long as we previously did. We remain speechless when we have to express our point of view or when we are expected to verbalize our thoughts.

Venus (Libra) opposition Mars Rx (Aries): heated arguments

On and around November 9, an opposition forms between Venus in Libra and Mars retrograde in Aries, which announces a climate that is as socially charged as it is sentimentally. What is actually happening in these areas of life is in stark contrast to what we want to happen. Precisely for this reason, it is recommended that, at the end of this part of the month, we do not schedule negotiations or other business meetings with a decisive long-term impact on our careers.

Mercury enters Scorpio: blunt frankness

From November 10, Mercury transits the sign of Scorpio, and this makes our communication style undergo some quite important changes. Even if we are not used to deploying irony and sarcasm, we may find ourselves formulating remarks that can be considered by some to be sharp. Tact and diplomacy do not come to us as easily as before and we are tempted more often than usual to say things that we would better keep to ourselves and those close to us.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto (Capricorn): a catalyst of changes

During November 12, the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn is perfected, an astral aspect with an extremely high energy potential. In general, it can be said that it it is a catalyst of transformations, ruptures with the past and what no longer works, in order to give way to something new. However, taking into account the challenges it brings, it is clear that the changes proposed by this astral configuration will take place over time and not without some difficult decisions.

Mars resumes its direct motion through Aries: controlled outflow of energy

Starting November 14, Mars returns to transiting the sign of Aries directly, which indicates that in the next period, we will be more orderly in how we act, unlike over the last weeks, when we were prone to dissipate our energies in all sorts of directions, without achieving notable things. In this way, it will be easier for us to organize our agenda coherently, to invest our time and energy in projects that will have a tangible result and generate long-term benefits.

Venus (Libra) square Pluto and Jupiter (Capricorn): relationships at a crossroads

On or around November 15 and 16, Venus in Libra adheres to tense squares with Pluto and Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn. These two aspects denote that, during this period, we will face relational problems. In fact, these issues have been around for a long time, but we need to do something about them this time. Otherwise, they can shake the foundation of our relationship with your peers more forecfully than before, which can lead to all sorts of difficulties in making decisions regarding mutural resources.

Mercury (Scorpio) opposition Uranus Rx (Taurus): shocking declarations

On and around November 17, the effect of the opposition between Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus retrograde in Taurus is likely to manifest, which can lead to tensions in communication, to quarrels that start for all sorts of reasons. In a context like this, it is very important to organize our speech and leave no room for interpretation. Otherwise, we might say things we end up regretting at some point or another. We need some extra attention in terms of how we verbalize our thoughts.

Venus (Libra) square Saturn (Capricorn): relationships experiencing a rough patch

On and around November 19, Venus in Libra joins another tense square, this time with Saturn in Capricorn. Just like two days ago, there is a tense atmosphere in relation to your loved one and/or those with whom you carry out professional activities. It will not be easy to show understanding and empathy in relation to them, for the simple reason that there is no mutuality on their part. Therefore, it is important to analyze how important these relationships are to you.

Venus enters Scorpio: relationships and the moment of truth

From November 21 onwards, Venus transits the sign of Scorpio, which is why the way we relate to those around us changes to a certain extent. On the one hand, this means that, instead of tact and diplomacy, we rely more on sincerity, regardless of whether it sometimes has side effects, putting distance between us and certain people we thought were important. After all, we know that otherwise we cannot make the relationships in our lives continue in a positive direction.

Mercury (Scorpio) trine Neptune Rx (Pisces): perceptiveness and vulnerability

On and around November 23, Mercury in Scorpio adheres to a harmonious trine aspect with Neptune retrograde in Pisces, which enhances our intuition and empathy. We understand more easily the needs and motivations of those around us and we can be by their side in tough moments. On the other hand, we may be more sensitive than usual and easily impressed by things we would otherwise have overlooked. For this reason, it is important to analyze our reactions, to see if they are not blown out of proportions.

Venus (Scorpio) opposition Uranus Rx (Taurus): relationships facing an unexpected turn

On and around November 27, Venus in Scorpio joins an opposition with Uranus retrograde in Taurus, which is why relationship issues could resurface. Some otherwise important relationships thus evolve in a direction that is difficult to anticipate, and this can only be managed if we are very careful how we express ourselves in each social context we encounter. Authenticity does not reside in unfiltered frankness, but in a deeply personal communication that still takes into account tact and diplomacy.

As can be seen from the paragraphs above, the most numerous astral aspects of this month are the dynamic in nature, which leads to various situations that we must manage with caution and wisdom. It is true that Mercury and Venus return to direct motion in November, but on the other hand, they form tense astral configurations that will challenges us harder than before to work on your weaknesses.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Scorpio until November 21, 8:40 p.m., when it enters Sagittarius;
  • New Moon in Scorpio on November 15, 5:07 a.m., Full Moon in Gemini on November 30, 9:30 a.m.;
  • Mercury moves through Libra until November 3, 5:49 p.m., when it resumes its direct motion through this sign, which it transits until November 10, 9:50 p.m., at which point it goes back into Scorpio;
  • Venus continues to move through Libra until November 21, 1:21 p.m., when it enters Scorpio;
  • Mars retrogrades through Aries until November 14, 12:33 a.m., when it resumes its direct motion;
  • Jupiter transits the sign of the Capricorn;
  • Saturn moves through Capricorn;
  • Uranus retrogrades through;
  • Neptun retrogrades through Pisces until November 28, 12:36 a.m., when it resumes its direct motion;
  • Pluto moves through Capricorn.

Anca Simina Martin

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