June 2020 Monthly Horoscope

June Monthly Horoscope for Each Sign

Astro Overview for June 2020

The first month of summer is one that brings along quite a handful of astral aspects and energetically charged ingresses. It appears, however, that its second part is the most intense because three important personal planets - Mercury, Venus, and Mars - change signs the conjunction of Jupiter retrograde with Pluto retrograde is perfected in Capricorn. But let’s take a closer look at this month’s astrological offer:

Venus Rx (Gemini) square Mars (Pisces), Sun (Gemini) square Mars (Pisces) and Neptune (Pisces): misunderstandings and disappointments

During or around June 2, the influence of the tense square aspect between Venus retrograde in Gemini and Mars in Pisces is to be experienced. Hence, a rather confusing period awaits us at the beginning of June, which will be reiterated in the middle of the month, around June 6, when the Sun forms a square with Mars on the same signs, with Gemini and Pisces being reactivated yet again at the end of the first decade of the month, when the Sun makes, this time, a square with Neptune.

Sun conjunct Venus Rx (Gemini): relational turmoil comes to the surface

The next day, the Sun adheres to a conjunction with Venus retrograde in Gemini, exacerbating its negative predispositions. Therefore, any faux pas committed during or around June 3 could become visibile more easily than usual. Also, knowledge gaps come to the forefront, especially if we want to impress others with a know-how that, in fact, we do not have. It is therefore desirable to do serious research before expressing our opinions, to think twice before saying something that might cost us our reputation.

Mars conjunct Neptune (Pisces): scattered energies

During or around June 13, the conjunction of Mars with Neptune in Pisces is perfected, a sign that we are (overly) enthusiastic in mid-June. However, Neptune may stifle our courage to throw ourselves into the unknown, to take the initiative. Or it makes us overly positive, convinced that nothing bad can happen to us. Therefore, we may want to be more down-to-earth around this day, to avoid situations in which our energies will be lost without accomplishing much.

Mercury starts retrograding in Cancer: mood swings

From June 18 onwards, Mercury begins to retrograde through the sign of Cancer, which could accentuate not only the states of introspection we often experience during this transit, but also the episodes of excessive shyness. It is recommended to be more selective with the topics and people to whom we devote our attention. We run the risk of soaking up the negative energy around us.

Venus starts moving directly through Gemini: the need for a more fulfilling social life

After June 25, Venus returns to moving in a direct motion through the sign of Gemini, which helps to balance our social lives and the impact of Mercury’s current transit. Yet, since the two are inconjunct, we are likely to vacillate between inwardness and an outgoing attitude: at times, we take things very seriously and are susceptible to disappointment, while at other time, we are extremely communicative and sociable. Confusion is therefore likely to arise.

Mars enters Aries: energy at the superlative

Starting June 28, Mars transits the sign of its diurnal domicile, Aries, which means that, at the end of the month, we may receive a well-deserved boost of energy. On the other hand, some problems may arise, especially if we underestimate certain risks and get involved in activities and projects that involve jumping headfirst. Consequently, it is important to curb our enthusiasm, to avoid taking unnecessary risks. Otherwise, many unpleasant surprises appear.

Jupiter Rx conjunctive Pluto Rx (Capricorn) and Sun conjunct Mercury Rx (Cancer): changes perceived at a deep emotional level

During or around June 30, we experience the most intense conjunction of this month, that of Jupiter with retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. Depending on the specifics in our birth charts, the area of influence of this aspect differs. In any case, one thing is certain: this configuration will bring out major changes and shifts. Also on this day, the Sun forms a conjunction with Mercury retrograde in Cancer, which makes us even more receptive to the energies of the aforementioned aspect.

As can be deduced from the paragraphs above, the beginning of this summer is dynamic yet full of opportunities to use the astral energies to our advantage. Things are changing, the status quo is in tatters and we are invited to welcome novelty, to embrace transformation. It will not be easy at the beginning, but the benefits outweigh the challenges.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Gemini until June, 20, 9:43 p.m., when it enters Cancer;
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius on June, 5, 7:12 p.m., New Moon in Cancer on June, 21, 6:41 p.m.;
  • Mercury moves through Gemini until June, 18, 4:58 a.m., when it enters Cancer;
  • Venus moves in a retrograde motion through Gemini until June 25, 6:48 a.m., when it reverts to transiting this sign in a direct motion;
  • Mars transits Pisces until June 28, 1:45 a.m., when it enters Aries;
  • Jupiter retrogrades through Capricorn;
  • Saturn continues to retrograde through Aquarius;
  • Uranus moves through the sign of Taurus;
  • Neptun moves through Pisces;
  • Pluto retrogrades through Capricorn for the duration of the month.

Anca Simina Martin

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Astro Tips & Tricks

When the Moon transits through the Mutable signs (Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces), it's time for you to make some adjustments to the DIY home improvement and/or remodeling projects already under way. It'd be a good idea if you asked your partner, best friend or a close relative's advice and/or opinion on this matter.

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