June 2022 Monthly Horoscope

June Monthly Horoscope for Each Sign

Astro Overview for June 2022

Marking the transition from the mental energy of Gemini to the sensitive one of Cancer, the month of June brings the summer solstice and a fresh, vivid astral atmosphere. The impetuosity and autonomous spirit of Aries make their presence felt, while curiosity leads us to a variety of new information and interactions. While Mercury turns direct on June 3, Saturn and Neptune start their long retrograde periods this month.

Thus, over the next few months, we will be inclined to revise certain projects started previously, and an overall contemplative attitude will help us discover unknown territories of our own consciousness. After the Sun enters Cancer, our attention turns naturally to family, home, past, national context and emotions. We engage ourselves in the search of intimacy, gentleness and emotional security. Let’s take a close look at the main astral events of June!

Mercury (Taurus) direct: the mind’s reorientation towards new projects

On June 3, after three weeks of retrogradation, Mercury turns direct. From this moment on, it will be easier for us to operate with new information, to move forward in issues related to learning and communication. We are better attuned to the outside world of events, information and communication. New intellectual projects are set in motion, while practical and thorough thinking helps us materialize our ideas.

Saturn (Aquarius) retrograde: the revision of limiters and rules

Starting June 4, Saturn retrograde helps us analyze procedures and rules that have been defined during the recent months. We are concerned with concepts such as structure, time, efficiency, organization, responsibility, authority. We understand the need for strict limits and frameworks, but we are also able to see all this in an original manner. We tend to create personal rules for ourselves and reject obsolete norms.

Venus conjunct Uranus (Taurus): freedom in relationships

Around June 12, the Venus-Uranus conjunction suggests rebellious reactions in love. Relationships bring surprises. While some of us may rebel in a rather eccentric fashion, those who give their partners space and remain independent themselves will register success. Foundations are laid for unusual collaborations, which can lead to important progress. Feeling of shock or, on the contrary, pleasant surprises can also target the financial area of our lives.

Mercury in Gemini: cleverness and receptivity

After Mercury’s ingress into Gemini on June 13, there follows a period when our minds will be able to quickly assimilate various information. AstroFidelia recommends staying open to learning opportunities and dialogues that stimulate our spontaneity. It is good to pay attention to the reverses as well: anxiety, nervousness, scattering of attention in too many superficial directions, gossip. We might have a good flair for negotiation and trade.

Sun (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces): not knowing clearly who we are

Around June 16, the Sun forms a tense aspect with Neptune, which can create a feeling of uncertainty regarding ourselves. Our sense of self is blurred. We might become elusive, having poor confidence in ourselves. On the other hand, this lack of certainty about our own value stimulates change, especially on a spiritual level. Sensitivity leads us to refinement, elevation and progress.

Venus (Taurus) square Saturn (Aquarius): time and relationships

On June 18, the Fix square between Venus and Saturn is exact. In relationships and finances, some frustrations and blockages may arise, but they must be understood constructively. AstroFidelia recommends asking ourselves what we need to learn from these difficulties. If we respect our commitments seriously, without becoming overly rigid, we will see that a few solid relationships mean more than lots of superficial interactions.

Mercury (Gemini) sextile Jupiter (Aries): our mind’s expansion

Around June 20, a Mercury-Jupiter sextile propels us to high intellectual spheres. Our ideas acquire a limitless, philosophical and fearless trait. Life can even offer pleasant opportunities for spontaneous dialogues in foreign languages. We cover a lot of information in a fast way, grasping the essence of various contexts. It is good to avoid exaggerating our own theories. Some might abandon their ideas too quickly.

The summer solstice – Sun in Cancer: identifying with our feelings

On June 21, we celebrate the summer solstice, which coincides with the Sun’s ingress into the sensitive, delicate and protective sign of Cancer. From this moment on, our attention naturally turns to family, home, history and the subjective contents of our feelings. We are inclined towards capricious emotional reactions. As a natural consequence, we will become more aware of what brings us a sense of security and belonging.

Venus in Gemini: the art of conversation

Starting June 23, Venus transits the versatile sign of Gemini. We feel attracted to people with whom we can share interesting information. We are in search of like-minded partners. Social gatherings keep a fresh spirit. AstroFidelia recommends avoiding superficiality in love. We are inclined to mentalize feelings, but this helps us to remain more objective towards our partners.

Neptune (Pisces) retrograde: the realm of dreaming and imagination

After June 28, Neptune begins its retrograde period, which will run until early December. Although we tend not to notice such configurations in our everyday life, those oriented towards spirituality, art, sensitivity will be able to notice a different inner rhythm in these aspects. Meditating on our past and highest ideals brings to the fore delicate connections to our own spirit.

Sun (Cancer) square Jupiter (Aries): being unlimited

Around June 29, the Sun-Jupiter square gives us the feeling of boundlessness and the tendency to expand ourselves towards new directions. However, while some risky decisions might be useful, our consciousness dictates rather restrained and self-protective reactions. We need to find a balance between sensitivity and impulsivity. Common sense can help us avoid exaggerations of any kind.

Venus (Gemini) sextile Jupiter (Aries): generosity and nobility

At the end of the month, we are also under the lucky influence of a Venus-Jupiter sextile. Our social circle is expanding with new contacts. We can meet people who show brave wisdom. Independence seems appealing to us. We and our dear ones encourage each other. Unpremeditated journeys bring us close to pleasant comrades.

June therefore means a time of spontaneity, vibrant socialization and rapid exchange of new information. Mars and Jupiter, together in Aries throughout the month, make way for enthusiastic initiatives and new beginnings. Gemini adds cleverness and freshness, while Cancer takes us to a series of experiences designed to strengthen our connection with the past and with our family.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Gemini until June 21, 9:14 a.m., when it enters Cancer;
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14, 11:52 a.m.; New Moon in Cancer on June 29, 2:54 a.m.;
  • Mercury turns direct on June 3, 7;56 a.m.; it transits Taurus until June 13, 3:27 p.m., when it enters Gemini;
  • Venus transits Taurus until June 23, 12:35 a.m., when it enters Gemini;
  • Mars continues its transit through Aries;
  • Jupiter continues its transit through Aries;
  • Saturn continues its transit through Aquarius and turns retrograde on June 4, 8:52 p.m.;
  • Uranus continues its transit through Taurus;
  • Neptune continues its transit through Pisces and turns retrograde on June 28, 1:56 a.m.;
  • Pluto retrograde continues its transit through Capricorn.

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