February 2021 Monthly Horoscope

February Monthly Horoscope for Each Sign

Astro Overview for February 2021

February surprises us with a strong square established between the conservative and grounded energy of Taurus, on the one hand, and the powerful activation of the deeply unconventional Aquarian energy, on the other hand. Thus, this month challenges us to integrate a realistic attitude while developing unconventional points of view, innovations, reforms which can be applied on a large social scale and produce thinking revolutions. Let’s therefore summarize the main cosmic events of the following weeks!

Venus enters Aquarius: freedom in relationships

On the first day of the month, Venus enters the sign of Aquarius. During the following three weeks we have the opportunity to explore our relationships from a detached, independent and nonconformist perspective. We take less interest in other people’s opinions about us. We feel the desire to spend more time with our friends and socialize with various comrades. We may also require more space in close relationships and choose our company in a totally independent way. All this brings us the opportunity to participate in the progress of our loved ones.

Sun (Aquarius) square Mars (Taurus): the importance of courage

February 1st also draws attention to the way we manage our energy. We will achieve great results if we stay ambitious, combative and zealous in our actions, but we also need to avoid extreme energy consumption, irritability and arrogant outbursts of anger. A problematic effect of this tension is that we may be prone to accidents. On a creative level, we can demonstrate our courage with enthusiasm and determination.

Stellium in Aquarius: revolutionary perspectives

The first two weeks of the month bring five planets in Aquarius close together: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. Thus, there is a union of forces under the power of nonconformist and revolutionary ideas. We may see ourselves as agents of progress, thinking more freely and joining groups which share our values. We learn and communicate information with a high degree of complexity, develop procedures, rules, principles and beliefs in the name of evolution, freedom and equal opportunities for all human beings.

Mercury retrograde (Aquarius) square Mars (Taurus): rethinking our actions

In this context, around February 10 a tension rises between our thoughts and our actions. We may feel that our plans for the future struggle with financial issues or with the slowness of preliminary steps. Thus, we have to find solutions that lead us to progress, but also allow a sufficiently patient implementation, to ensure that the results will last long. Some disagreements may occur between those who are too experimental and those with a traditional orientation.

Mercury retrograde conjunct Venus in Aquarius: resuming discussions with our friends

February 13 invites us to go over older topics with our friends and to pay attention to the messages sent via social networks. In this sense we may feel the impact of various technologies that facilitate communication – our gadgets may be affected by maintenance or upgrade procedures. Our insights on social issues become sharper while on a mental level we feel the urge to connect with people everywhere.

Mars (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces): inspired actions

Around February 14, our actions become more inspired and we are willing to cooperate in a more delicate and friendly manner. AstoFidelia recommends us to take advantage of this energy and make some gestures of charity and selfless support for those who need us. We can be both strong and delicate. This allows us to easily align our actions with our purest ideals, to give concrete form to high aspirations and to achieve victories without tense confrontations. It is advisable, however, to take into consideration that this aspect inclines us to a certain passivity and victimization.

Saturn (Aquarius) square Uranus (Taurus): controlled progress

February 17 marks the exact square between Saturn and Uranus, the first one in a series of three such encounters that will take place this year. This aspect challenges us to create procedures with wide applicability. As a consequence, confrontations may arise between old and new, between limits and radical acts of freedom and progress. Extravagant, progressive ideas challenge the laws of naturalness and simplicity. With patience and respect for simple solutions, we can begin the implementation of useful reforms.

Venus (Aquarius) square Mars (Taurus): energized relationships

Around February 19, our relationships come to the fore again. Some of us will rebel against compromises that we are no longer willing to make for the sake of apparent harmony. We become more stubborn, temperamental, and bold in our social interactions. We can also feel a certain pressure in relationships caused by financial concerns. On a creative level, we can use this energy to give concrete form to group projects or artistic inspirations.

Mercury (Aquarius) goes direct: clear mind

On February 21, Mercury ends its three weeks retrograde period. From this moment on, we can focus more easily, showing sharper and faster perceptions. Communication with others becomes more fluent after a time that made us return to some older information and debates, reflect on our own thoughts, resume previous learning projects.

Venus enters Piesce: refined love

The ingress of Venus into the romantic and idealistic sign of Pisces on February 25 marks a time when we will explore empathy, gentleness and sensitivity in our relationships. We may notice the universality of our feelings, realizing that we can equally and selflessly love many people, that there are no boundaries between us and others and that on a spiritual level we can connect with almost anyone. AstroFidelia recommends expressing our love by manifesting full acceptance of our dear ones while avoiding addictive behaviors in relationships.

Mars (Taurus) trines Pluto (Capricorn): intense actions

On February 25, we have the opportunity to initiate actions that help us exceed our limits and access consistent reserves of energy. Thus, we are invited to combine will with intensity, courage with deep insights, direct confrontations with subtlety. This way, we maintain a strong resistance in extreme situations and we can complete actions that enhance our executive and practical skills.

Taurus-Aquarius square: unconventional stability

Just as the previous month, February creates a close dialogue between the signs of Taurus and Aquarius. This mixture of energies challenges us to find the most practical ways of giving shape to our idealism. We need to be ingenious in truly useful ways and stimulate an authentic growth of the material world. Thus, we are challenged to combine nonconformism with lasting solutions and to produce mass progress through secure means, with high respect for nature.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Aquarius until February 18, 10:45 a.m., when it enters Pisces;
  • New Moon in Aquarius on February 11, 7:07 p.m.; Full Moon in Virgo on February 27, 8:18 a.m.;
  • Mercury stays in Aquarius and goes direct on February 21, 12:46 a.m.;
  • Venus enters Aquarius on February 1, 2:06 p.m.; enters Pisces on February 25, 1:12 p.m.;
  • Mars continues its transit through Taurus;
  • Jupiter continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Saturn continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Uranus continues its transit through Taurus;
  • Neptun continues its transit through Pisces;
  • Pluton continues its transit through Capricorn.

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