Astro Overview for October 2019

October Monthly Horoscope for Each Sign

Astro Overview for October 2019

With two personal planets in the signs of their exiles in October, the second month of autumn does not look too comfortable. On the other hand, we are working with very powerful astral energies, which can help us get what we have been looking for a long time. All we have to do is to keep an eye on this month’s cosmic energies and schedule our activities according to their influences:

Venus (Libra) square Pluto Rx (Capricorn): problems in paradise

On October 1, Venus in Libra draws a tense square to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, hinting that things might get worse in those relationships that were not working quite right. Some long-standing tensions risk coming to the surface and entailing some irreparable damage to certain professional and/ or life partnerships. This aspect challenges us to re-organize things and see what exactly can be saved.

Mercury enters Scorpio: human lie detector

From October 3 onwards, Mercury moves through the sign of Scorpio. If, while transiting the previous sign, we had sought, through our communication and social skills, to approach others and make them feel good, once this star moves into Scorpio, we are interested to see if we can put our trust in those near us. We dig deep the truth and do not pull back until we receive honest, even painful, confessions from those who matter to us.

Mars transits Libra: indecisiveness at its worst

After October 4, Mars transits the sign of its diurnal detriment, Libra. While moving through the previous sign, the purpose of our actions was to aim for perfection in everything that we undertook. During its stay in Libra, our goals may not be as clear. We do not always know exactly what we want and there is a risk that we will often vacillate between two strategies, two options with quite different long-term consequences.

Mercury (Scorpio) opposition Uranus Rx (Taurus): the moment of truth

On October 7, Mercury from Scorpio adheres to an opposition with Uranus retrograde from Taurus, which means that, in our quest for truth, we may bring to the surface things that might shock us and prompt us to make some painful decisions. Now is the time to learn if we are really prepared to chase the truth and seethings as they are. We must find out things that are difficult to process.

Venus transits Scorpio: increased potential for toxic relationships

From October 8 onward, Venus moves through the sign of her nocturnal detriment, Scorpio. While transiting the Libra, her diurnal domicile, we have formed new relationships or cultivated the existing ones, but once this planet comes in the sign of her nocturnal detriment, we submit them to the test of sincerity. We strip them down of niceties and seek to see if they are based on a sturdy skeleton, which can withstand all those challenges sustainable relationships must survive. We want something authentic.

Venus (Scorpio) opposition Uranus Rx (Taurus): relationships under the microscope

On October 12, the opposition between Venus in Scorpio and retrograde Uranus in Taurus is perfected. What this astral aspect shows us is that some seemingly resilient professional and/ or love partnerships may prove to be more fragile than previously thought. There is a risk that they are experiencing more hidden problems than expected, which have slowly but surely corroded the foundation of trust and sincerity they rely on. We recommend more openness toward our loved ones and associates.

Mercury (Scorpio) trine Neptune Rx (Pisces): the inner voice has spoken

On October 15, the harmonious trine between Mercury from Scorpio and retrograde Neptune in Pisces is struck. Natives who work in creative fields enjoy extra inspiration on or around this day, which allows them to leave a distinct personal touch on everything they do. Also, we appear more empathetic than usual, harmoniously intertwining tolerance with raw and painful sincerity. We know that successful relationships should have these ingredients.

Venus (Scorpio) trine Neptune Rx (Pisces): close relationships

On October 21, Venus from Scorpio forms the same favorable trine aspect with retrograde Neptune in Pisces. An almost palpable presence of the muse among those performing in creative professions is felt once again. In addition, the rest of us enjoy more romance and affection in love relationships. At the same time, we must avoid putting people on a pedestal, because there is a risk that life will show us that they can be a source of illusions and disappointments.

Mars (Libra) square Saturn (Capricorn): fatal uncertainty

On October 27, Mars from Libra adheres to a tense square with Saturn from Capricorn, which is why our uncertainty, marked by strong oscillations, may open pandora’s box in certain situations. Situations that require rapid reaction and lightning-fast initiatives appear on or around this day, but we lack the courage to take the risk of a firm choice. Too many fluctuations in our approach may cause us to miss opportunities.

Mercury conjunct Venus (Scorpio): the power of truth

On October 30, Mercury’s conjunction with Venus in the sign of Scorpio is perfected, which can have a beneficial effect on several levels. On the one hand, we have a keener eye for financial opportunities and make sense easier in which direction we are supposed to head in order to evolve professionally. In the romance department, things seem to go just as well, in the sense that the openness we show in our relationships with our partners gives us the security we need to form a deep connection.

Mercury retrogrades through Scorpio: heavy and painful words

From October 31 onward, Mercury moves backwards through the sign of Scorpio, which is why the end of this month may be a rather disappointing one regarding some secrets that might come to light. We may realize that we believed too much in certain people who turned out to have been less than previouslty thought. Or maybe we have been too generious with some information that was best left unsaid. We should be more careful who we let come into our lives.

As we may see from the paragraphs above, the second month of autumn is pretty dynamic. It can also be noted that the same planets and signs appear again and again in this period’s landscape, indicating that the lessons we are supposed to learn this month are repeated enough times for us to process them thoroughly. That may take some time but the stars are patient teachers.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Libra until October, 23, 5:19 p.m., when it enters Scorpio;
  • Full Moon in Aries on October, 13, 10:07 p.m., New Moon in Scorpio on October, 28, 3:38 a.m.;
  • Mercury moves through Libra until October, 3, 9:16 a.m., when it enters the sign of Scorpio, which it transits until October, 31, 6:41 p.m., when it starts to retrograde;
  • Venus transits Libra until October, 8, 5:26 p.m., when it enters Scorpio;
  • Mars transits Virgo until October, 4, 4:22 a.m., when it enters Libra;
  • Jupiter continues to transit the sign of Sagittarius;
  • Saturn moves in a retrograde motion through Capricorn;
  • Uranus continues to retrograde through the sign of Taurus;
  • Neptun retrogrades through Pisces the entire month;
  • Pluto retrogrades through Capricorn until October, 2, 5:39 a.m., when it reverts to moving in direct motion through this sign.

Anca Simina Martin

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