Astro Overview for August 2019

August Monthly Horoscope for Each Sign

Astro Overview for August 2019

The last month of summer is likely to be rather contradictory. If in the first half of august, we are expansive and want to get ourselves known, in its second part, we may be more pragmatic and realistic. But because this brief analysis does not necessarily apply to all the signs to the same extent, AstroFidelia invites you to take a closer look at the most important astrological events this month.

Mercury returns to directly transiting the sign of Cancer: feelings under control

On the 1st of this month, Mercury goes back to its direct transit through the sign of Cancer, which is why we will manage our feelings and emotiong more easily in the first part of this month. It is only rarely that they will be blown out of their ordinary proportions and cause some sort of emotional imbalance. Therefore,, the risk of taking something too personal persists after the resumption of its direct transit as well. It is important to avoid negative environments as much as possible.

Venus (Leo) square Uranus (Taurus): money talks, but not in relationships

The first aspect to perfect this month is the tense square between Venus from Leo and Uranus from the sign of Taurus. On or around August 2, when this astral configuration is configured, some of our habits are likely to cost more than usual. Any relationships that are now formed on bases other than sentimental ones will not have much success in the long run. Authenticity is recommended.

Venus (Leo) trine Jupiter Rx (Sagittarius): expansion out of control

On or around 8, the same Venus sends a harmonious trine to Jupite from Sagittarius, which is moving in an apparent reverse direction through this sign. At the end of the first decade of this month, we might be tempted to expand our activities, but it might be hard to figure out when to stop. It is therefore very important to know our limits and to steer clear of exaggerating in any way.

Mercury enters Leo and Jupiter returns to its direct motion through Sagittarius: who’s like me

Mercury transits the sign of Leo starting with Mercury 11 on the same day, Jupiter returns to moving directly through the sign of Sagittarius. A positive effect of these astrological events is that we may be in a better mood than usual and more open to try new things. At the same time, however, our ego is likely to bigger than usual. In order to succeed, we must let facts speak for ourselves.

Sun conjunct Venus (Leo): opportunies to make (our feelings) known to the world

On August 14, the Sun forms a conjunction with Venus in the sign of the Leo. Against the background of this cosmic aspect, we may be more charismatic and charming than usual. We are likely to be more popular on the social and dating scene and we may feel appreciated by those around us. But on the other hand, we may be tempted to rest on our laurels and expect to be always treated like that.

Mercury (Leo) square Uranus Rx (Taurus): let’s get real

On August 16, Mercury from the sign of Leo sends a dissonant square to Uranus, which has recently started to move in a retrograde motion through the sign of Taurus. Against this astral configuration, we may launch ourselves into a series of statements that are not received with too much enthusiasm. If we cannot repair the damage right after it’s done, we may run the risk of damaging important relationships.

Mars enters Virgo: safety first

From August 18 onward, Mars will be moving through the sign of the Virgo. Given the energy of this planet and sign, we may be a lot more critical than usual with ourselves and others. On the one hand, this can bring us closer to our true potential, but on the other hand, we may push people away from us with our unrealistic standards.

Mercury (Leo) trine Jupiter (Sagittarius); Venus enters the sign of Virgo: bold yet sincere statements

On August 21, two important astrological events are set to occur. Mercury from Leo enters a harmonious trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius, which endows us with enthusiasm, the ability to find original solutions to older problems and the desire to explore new experiences and possibilities. On the same day, Venus arrives in the sign of Virgo which is why we may be paying more attention to the way we present ourselves in society.

Venus conjunct Mars (Virgo): relationships based on mutual pragmatic goals

On August 24, a conjunction between Venus and Mars is perfected in the sign of Virgo. Against this cosmic configuration, we may be more focused on practical and realistic goals in our love and business relationships. This is a great time to attempt reaching a consensus with those close to us on our mutual goals.

Venus (Virgo) trine Uranus Rx (Taurus): how far can we go together

On or around August 26, a harmonious trine is formed between the same Venus from the sign of Virgo and Uranus retrograde from Taurus. Increased productivity and efficiency are on the cards for many of us at the end of this month. This is a good time to handle demanding and stressful assignments. Chances are we might bring them to a close easier than envisioned.

As is evident from the paragraphs above, August presents us with a series of very challenging tasks. What the stars are trying to teach us this month is that we need to carefully manage our energy and our opportunities to stand out from the cround. In order to achieve the visibility we aim for on the work front and the social scene, we must let facts rather than words speak for us.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Leo until August, 23, 10:02 a.m., when it enters Virgo;
  • New Moon in Leo on August, 1, 3:12 a.m., Full Moon in Aquarius on August, 15, 12:29 p.m.;
  • Mercury moves in a retrograde motion through Cancer until August, 1, 3:57 a.m., when it starts transiting this sign directly. On August 11, 7:36 p.m., it enters the sign of Leo, through which it moves until August, 29, 7:48 a.m., when it enters the sign of Virgo;
  • Venus transits Leo until August, 21, 9:06 p.m., when it enters Virgo;
  • Mars continues to move through Leo until August 18, 5:18 a.m., when it enters Virgo;
  • Jupiter transits Sagittarius in an apparent reverse motion until August, 11, 1:37 p.m., when it returns to moving directly through this sign;
  • Saturn moves in a retrograde motion through Capricorn;
  • Uranus transits the sign of Taurus directly until August, 11, 2:27 a.m., when it starts retrograding;
  • Neptun retrogrades through Pisces the entire month;
  • Pluto retrogrades through Capricorn throughout the whole month.

Anca Simina Martin

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