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Astro Overview for August

We are heading towards a summer month which brings our work to fruition, offering time for holidays and moments of celebration. Under the demonstrative and warm energy of Leo, we remember that each of us is special in its own way. In addition, the planets in Aquarius teach us to relate with fair-play on a large scale and consider the collective circumstances, while the Virgo-Pisces opposition requires high professionalism, modesty and empathy.

Thus, throughout this month we maintain the meticulous and accurate attitude of Virgo, even if the transits through Leo will not allow us to become extremely serious. What does happiness mean to us and what makes us feel authentic? – these questions will guide us especially during the first three weeks of August. Gradually, Libra begins to participate in the astral equation of the present, turning our attention to relationships, collaboration, conflict mediation and searching for tranquility. Let's follow the sequence of August’s main cosmic events!

Sun and Mercury (Leo) opposing Saturn (Aquarius): authority and thoroughness

During the first days of the month, the Sun and Mercury meet in Leo, forming a close opposition to Saturn. Together, these three planets speak about confronting our mental barriers. We realize that pride can block our reasoning and prevent us from thinking more freely or objectively. AstroFidelia recommends self-control and practicing mindfulness. Positively, we can have refined, original and creative ideas. Our intellectual effort can bring us self-esteem, prestige and authority.

Venus (Virgo) trine Uranus (Taurus): unusual beauty

On August 3 Venus and Uranus form a harmonious aspect between Earth signs. By taking small steps, we can bring innovation into our relationships. We might end up in the company of people who support our progress, especially at a professional level. We adopt an original aesthetic style and enhance our beauty in unconventional ways. We can achieve financial gains through modern technology or we can make inspired and useful online purchases.

Mercury-Sun (Leo) square Uranus (Taurus): rebellion and nervous tension

Between August 4 and 8, we will feel strongly the Taurus-Leo tensed square. Around August 4, our ideas collide with collective rules and system rigidities. As a consequence, a certain irritation and tendency to speak in an impatient, arrogant, shocking way might result. Around August 8, we are ready to confront the whole world in the name of our personal freedom. We seek to implement our ideas on a large scale. Simplicity contradicts opulence and luxury.

Venus (Virgo) opposing Neptune (Pisces): minor and big discontents

On August 10, the Venus-Neptune opposition is exact, creating a dreamy and idealistic atmosphere. We make room for romance, but we insist on details, and imperfections of all kinds can prevent us from completely enjoying what we have. AstroFidelia recommends that we pay extra attention to our true desires: what do we really want and how achievable are those intentions? The small disappointments in relationships remind us that our partners sometimes make mistakes just like us and that we all have our own shortcomings.

Mercury (Leo) opposing Jupiter (Aquarius): grandiose thoughts

Around August 11, we need to work on prioritizing ideas and words. On the one hand, we have a lot of information to analyze and communicate; on the other hand, we must synthesize it and not get lost in insignificant details. Logic merges with intuition. We can misjudge if we don't take things seriously, assuming we're going to get away with situations that require deeper understanding. If we trust our intelligence and stay on the side of the truth, we will inspire others with our magnificent ideas.

Venus in Libra: charming and being charmed

With Venus in Libra, from August 16 we will become more romantic and look for the company of polite, harmonious, elegant people. In the name of grace and beauty, we seek to make ourselves attractive and establish pleasant connections with others. We feel a deep desire for peace, tranquility and comfort. However, AstroFidelia, recommends avoiding compromises and not hiding our true emotions behind nice appearances. We can meet people we're very compatible with and start new relationships.

Mercury conjunct Mars (Virgo): daring minds

On August 19 we have the opportunity to bravely assert our intelligence. Our perceptions gain precision and unusual acuity. We quickly observe precious details which help us win various disputes. We demonstrate force of argument and give our best to do our work impeccably. We need to feel useful and improve our knowledge. It is good not to become too critical with people around us.

Uranus retrograde (Taurus): inner originality

From August 20 to mid-January 2022, Uranus will be retrograde. This month we are refocusing our attention on our inner longing for freedom and progress. We establish our own opinions about what it means to be original. Some eccentric social currents can stir up our resistance. We discover new perspectives and analyze how much we have achieved so far from our previous plans for change.

Mars (Virgo) trine Uranus (Taurus): surprising actions

On August 22 we are under the influence of a harmonious aspect between Mars and Uranus in Earth signs. We thus demonstrate practical ingenuity. We act methodically, step by step, based on concrete things and tested information. On a physical level, we make progress if we turn to natural therapies and simple diets. By following the impulse to do things in a different style than before, we can achieve useful results.

Venus (Libra) trine Saturn (Aquarius): friendship and fairness

Around August 23, we combine affection with responsibility. We understand other people’s limits and approach them tactfully. We have more patience in our social interactions. Good manners help us maintain cordial relations with a larger circle of friends, but we also impose our rules and ask for respect. Relationships with older people help us evolve.

Mercury (Virgo) opposing Neptune (Pisces): imagination and confusion

On August 25, Mercury forms an exact opposition to Neptune. We're trying to find exact definitions of phenomena that are hard to put into words. Reason and imagination manifest themselves simultaneously. Our logic is colored with diffuse impressions and emotions. Our thoughts are influenced by the collective atmosphere and it can be difficult for us to concentrate. AstroFidelia recommends time for meditation. Artistic expression can cleanse our minds of unnecessary worries.

Mercury in Libra: mental balance

Towards the end of the month, on August 30, Mercury joins Venus in Libra. We observe and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings. Harsh and tactless words bother us more. Our way of speaking carries something artistic and elegant. We make harmonious connections between words and ideas. We become more aware of other people’s points of view. It may be harder for us to decide on specific perspectives.

August invites us to enjoy ourselves and our loved ones, while maintaining a sufficiently cautious, methodical and effective approach of things. Leo’s energy will be celebrated through creativity and self-centering, Virgo brings hard work and perfectionism, Libra asks for grace and cooperation. In the meantime, Aquarius and Pisces continue to suggest humanitarianism, broad thinking and a holistic understanding of life, so that we can achieve important progress.

Planetary Motion and Astrological Events

  • The Sun transits Leo until August 22, 10:36 p.m., when it enters Virgo;
  • New Moon in Leo on August 8, 2:51 p.m.; Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22, 1:03 p.m.;
  • Mercury stays in Leo until August 11, 10:57 p.m., when in enters Virgo; on August 30, 6:11 a.m. it enters Libra;
  • Venus transists Virgo until August 16, 5:27 a.m., when it enters Libra;
  • Mars continues its transit through Virgo;
  • Jupiter retrograde continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Saturn retrograde continues its transit through Aquarius;
  • Uranus continues its transit through Taurus and starts its retrograde period on August 19, 11:04 p.m.;
  • Neptun retrograde continues its transit through Pisces;
  • Pluton continues its transit through Capricorn.


August invites you to truly listen to your heart. You are in search for happiness through all kinds of recreational activities. Until August 22, the energy of Leo brings a playful and shinny mood, humor and good will. In the early days of the month, you have a lot of bold ideas that you're trying to turn into something functional for the long run. There's a lot to do at work, but you also make room for relaxation.

Financially, you can invest in vacations and short trips. You can also see some unexpected remuneration of your previous work. Around August 10, you oscillate between focusing on work and detaching yourself from routine problems. What makes you feel good can contradict your friends’ plans for you. AstroFidelia recommends keeping a bright, self-centered attitude and avoiding ego-games.

After August 16, relationships become an important issue for you. Around August 19, some controversial discussions at work may occur. You put a lot of effort into your work and concentrate on your career, especially after August 23. You need to feel useful, competent, effective. Around August 25 you have a dreamy and idealistic attitude. After August 30, relationships arouse your curiosity, and you start paying more attention to your loved ones.


For you, August starts in an intimate and protective atmosphere. Among your family, you get a sense of comfort and belonging. Although your relatives’ opinions may conflict your ideas, especially in the early days of the month, you can skip unpleasant discussions by keeping a good sense of humor. Around August 7 you realize that you need freedom and stability at the same time. You're trying to make safe changes and reshape your past.

Around August 8 you may face managers or authoritarian people with extravagant points of view. AstroFidelia recommends responding with calm and dignity. Simultaneously, planets in Virgo bring you various opportunities for relaxation, travel and encounters in which you combine productivity and joy. The company of dear friends can be particularly beneficial and help you relax.

After August 16, work relationships come to the fore. You have the opportunity to expand your circle of colleagues and collaborators. Interesting love events or contacts with children can take place around August 19. After August 23, you become more easily noticed, leaving behind the events that have kept busy at home. On August 25 you may demonstrate creativity and an artistic flair. After August 30, you concentrate on work.


Under Leo’s influence, the first three weeks of August bring you many messages, a general feeling of movement and transition. Around August 2 your ideas must be well documented, without losing sight of conclusions and their essence. Between August 4 and 8, you receive a lot of information from many directions. You might feel the urge to creatively express not only rational thoughts, but also impressions, insights, feelings.

Simultaneously, transits through Virgo draw your attention to home and family. A slightly dissatisfied and perfectionist attitude can come to light in these contexts. You can constructively use this energy by working to improve your living space or by doing something useful for your relatives. People can appreciate your help and kindness, but it is good not to sacrifice yourself too much and not to blame yourself for small imperfections.

After August 16, you have more free time for friends and love. You relax more easily and have a more spontaneous, playful, enthusiastic mood. On August 19, you concentrate your ideas and actions towards family. After August 23, you can retreat in the privacy of your home. Starting August 30, Mercury in Libra makes you creative with words. You may also enjoy hobbies that require dexterity and esthetic flair.


Until August 23, the Sun in Leo helps you focus effectively on your financial situation and make some lucky investments. AstroFidelia, however, advises you not to take unnecessary risks. You could think about some long-term saving plans. This way you will not be constrained by outstanding debts. Between August 4 and 7 you can clarify many financial aspects. Be creative in business and investments!

The transits through Virgo support you throughout the whole month on a mental level. You learn, read, write and talk a lot. You pay attention to details and accumulate useful information. You communicate with precision and modesty, offering useful advice. Around August 19 your observations are quick and clear. It is good to make your voice heard, but try to avoid petty criticism!

Starting August 16, family and home capture your interest. You spend more time creating a pleasant nest for yourself and your dear ones. After August 23 you become very mentally active. Your confidence in yourself increases when you feel up to date with the latest news. You try to keep a good overall understanding of things. Short trips can be sources of news and surprises. After August 30, communication with family members is important.


The first three weeks of the month give you an overflowing energy. You have a lot of initiative, and enjoy an easy mood, spontaneity, creativity. However, it is good to pay attention to some egotistical tendencies and respect other people’s freedom of choice. Otherwise, the beginning of August may bring tensions and unpleasant debates in relationships. AstroFidelia recommends to consider others as equals and keep your true friends close.

Throughout the whole month, transits through Virgo make you pay attention to financial details. It's good to prioritize your spending and invest money in things that are really useful. If small imperfections bother you, it’s best to give up shopping those items. Around August 10 you can feel generous towards someone close to you, but try not to be naive if that person tries to manipulate your feelings!

After August 16, Venus in Libra brings you pleasant and kind interlocutors. You're concerned about the elegance of communication and language. From August 23 on, you focus more closely on the practical aspects of life and seek to strengthen your financial situation. Around August 25, you can invest in access to information of a spiritual, psychological or artistic nature.


Until the Sun’s ingress in Virgo, you’ll spend the first part of August in a more secluded and dreamy state of mind. You need to disconnect yourself from everyday problems. Between August 4-7 you should avoid getting too involved in work-related problems, even if you can't totally ignore them. AstroFidelia recommends paying attention to communication with your co-workers around August 11.

After August 12, when Mercury enters your sign, you have more energy and you concentrate more easily. Although throughout the whole month you have a voluntary and active attitude, after this date things become clearer to you. Starting August 16, Venus in Libra can bring you some expenses related to beauty, style, elegance or relationships. Associating with the right people favors financial gains.

On August 19 you can stand out through the way you argue your points of view and act on them. After August 23, the Sun joins the other planets in Virgo, and for you this symbolizes a period full of new beginnings. This energy makes you more assertive; other people notice you more easily. You analyze yourself carefully and try to correct your shortcomings. Around August 25 you can meet elusive interlocutors.


Under Leo’s influence, the first three weeks of August make you think about the future. You need to evolve, and your friends can help you with these plans. AstroFidelia recommends associating with those groups where there is a cheerful, creative, powerful atmosphere. Between August 4-7 you have to pay real attention to the present moment, even if you prefer to dream and relax.

Throughout the whole month, Virgo transits give you a meditative and detached state of mind. Although it is not yet the time to act forcefully, on a spiritual level you can make important progress. Just have faith that the universe will take you exactly where you need to be! Around August 11 you can have an inspired idea for your personal development. You could also sustain the evolution of the communities you belong to.

On August 16 Venus enters Libra, which means a time when you will become more attentive to your physical body, appearance and style. On August 19 you can receive an important message in your dreams or in meditation. After August 23, the tendency to isolate and detach yourself from small daily problems will be more pronounced. During the next period you will be more intuitive and capable of analyzing your life as a whole.


During the first three weeks of August, you make yourself easily noticed and you are concerned about your public image. Between August 4-7, you need to keep balance between home, work and relationships. AstroFidelia recommends making some career adjustments. You can improve your role in society, become aware of new professional strategies that will help you shine better and gain more respect.

Around August 10, friends can offer you relaxing moments. Being part of groups and keeping your allies close is good for you now. You may act with courage and support collective ideals and social causes. At the same time, you need to prioritize your future plans very carefully. Also, you should take some time to relax. Travelling near waters can help you quickly recharge your batteries.

After August 16, Venus in Libra brings a sense of connection with all humanity. You develop vast perspectives, explore the idea of universal and unconditioned love. The Sun's ingress in Virgo triggers a period of focus on projects and large groups. After August 23, you become active in large networks which help you grow. From 30 August on, you need to take a mental break.


The transits through Leo from the first half of August arouse your longing to travel and explore the distances. An expansive larger than life attitude takes you to new places, in the company of new people. You can do this either by traveling or by reading and attending courses that broaden your horizons and philosophy of life. Between August 4-7 you could also be very active at work. You might learn to implement new tasks and procedures.

If you are not away on holiday, on August 10 you can be noticed at work. Interactions with managers require diplomatic and impeccable behavior. You need to understand certain concepts in depth, but don't get lost in too many details! Morality and wisdom can get you out of trouble. AstroFidelia recommends taking the authority of your own opinions and convey them in creative results.

After August 16, Venus in Libra brings new opportunities and events within the groups you belong to. You start looking at things from a holistic perspective, thinking about the future. Under the influence of the Virgo Sun, after August 23 your career can facilitate valuable achievements. You're concerned about your public image and you could gain notoriety. From August 30 on, Mercury in Libra keeps your mind busy with team projects.


Under Leo’s influence, the first weeks of August highlight your closest relationships. Between you and your loved ones there may be moments of deep emotional contact and love, but also some pride issues that need to be honestly confronted. It is good to relate to all this with sufficient detachment, so as not to lose sight of your own needs and interests. Around the August 4-7 you need to defend your right for freedom and happiness.

Transits through Virgo add to this period the impulse to travel and explore. Some of these journeys may be related to your profession, others bring a holiday mood. For those who choose to stay close to home, there might be opportunities to enrich their knowledge through readings, courses, conversations of a spiritual-philosophical nature. Around August 11, you might be concerned about various financial aspects.

Starting August 16, you are easliy noticed and find yourself in the company of authority figures. This is a good time to concentrate on your career. You're trying to maintain a respected, pleasant, diplomatic public image. Others need to rely on your fairness and balance. After August 23, you develop a more optimistic attitude and think about the meaning of life and its fundamental truths. New adventures are waiting to enter your life.


Other people’s universe captures your attention this month. During the first three weeks of August, you need the company of powerful, honorable, creative and imposing people. At the same time, you also realize that you must stay away from those who are too proud, don't respect your freedom and try to control you. Between August 4-7, you strongly reject theatrical and selfish behaviors.

Financially speaking, the transits through Virgo make you pay close attention to business details. Accuracy and logic can save you from risky situations. AstroFidelia recommends being generous, but not wasteful. Some partners who are more mathematically skilled could support you in this regard. Try to stay in alliances with fair and responsible people!

After August 16, you can get in touch with friends from aborad who help you promote your ideas and develop your wisdom. The company of those with whom you share the same spiritual values can be particularly beneficial to you. After August 23, the Sun in Virgo draws your attention to the fact that too much criticism can erode even the closest relationships. However, providing constructive critical views can improve your relationships with others.


Under Leo’s influence, the first three weeks of August inspire you with a step-by-step approach to everyday problems. Even if you're going on vacation, it's good to feel like you're spending that time in a useful way. Simultaneously, you are under the impact of the collective atmosphere. Some social circumstances can make you uncomfortable. You can overcome these issues if you distance yourself and look for alternative solutions.

Around August 10 you can get in touch with highly perfectionist people. You're trying to find a balance between your sensitivity and their sharp logic. AstroFidelia recommends taking advantage of this month's Virgo transits and closely analyze your relationships. It's good to prioritize your partnerships. Some people will need your unconditional help, but try to keep enough energy for yourself!

After August 16, Venus in Libra brings graceful moments in relationships. For others, it's time for some interesting revelations. Someone close to you may need your presence in a crisis situation. You become more secretive. After August 23, the Sun in Virgo makes room for new people in your life. Some of them could become great comrades at work. At the same time, it is good to remain emotionally and calmly detached.

Astro Tips & Tricks

When Venus is retrograde, conflicts may arise between both domestic and business partners. If approached wisely, they can present you with the opportunity to clarify any remaining issues and/or revitalize your love life. On the other hand, if you rush into things, there's a good chance that you'll go separate ways.

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