Your Venus and Its Love Lesson

These lines are for you, my dear, the one who might have had that one dreadful day in her life when time stood still. Maybe your partner inexplicably made himself disappear, summing up his reasons for doing so in a goodbye haiku that plunged you into even deeper doubt and confusion. On such a day, it's possible that you might have laid there, utterly vexed, speechless and thoughtless, unable to make sense of anything while the metaphysical question called "why" kept running through your mind over and over again like a goddamn Chinese water torture.

Why? Because. Because maybe the time has come for us to understand that everything that happens to us is a stepping stone towards living a life of lessons learned. Even when we experience our most unfortunate and painful love experiences or, better, particularly when we come across such events, astrology provides us with useful answers, for somewhere in those natal charts of ours, Venus always smiles amicably and considerately, calling attention to the manner in which we could relate more happily to our significant others or describing the way in which we could find what we like most in life.

Therefore, in this regard, making no pretense at being complete, we put down in writing some of the romantic behavioral patterns that we tend to display either voluntarily or involuntarily. If we manage to recognize them in ourselves and others, they may prove extremely useful, especially when we learn to put them to good use. Whether in time, in extremis or never, it depends on us entirely!

Therefore, for all concerned with getting a firmer grip on matters of the heart and figuring out what to expect from love when, believe it or not, it comes their way, we bring Venus' love lessons in the twelve Zodiac signs.

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When Venus is retrograde, conflicts may arise between both domestic and business partners. If approached wisely, they can present you with the opportunity to clarify any remaining issues and/or revitalize your love life. On the other hand, if you rush into things, there's a good chance that you'll go separate ways.

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