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2021 Horoscope for each sign

Astrology Forecast for 2021

The first half of the previous year was about the Cardinal signs, and Capricorn in particular. This time, the Fixed ones are in charge, as the most important aspects of 2021 are formed on these signs. However, towards the second part of the year, there is also a significant influence from the Mutable signs, through the entry of Jupiter into Pisces. But the planet of expansion does not spend much time in this sign, returning to Aquarius in late July. So, the year 2021 is one that empowers and questions fixed, stable structures, through the tense square aspects that are established between various planets in Aquarius and Taurus. In other words, we are called to make the most of the changes experienced throughout 2020 and find new ways to establish balance after a rough year, which was undoubtedly the most challenging of the past five decades.

Jupiter (Aquarius) square Uranus (Taurus): parting ways with the past abruptly

The first month of 2021 brings to the fore the tense square aspect between Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. In other words, the tendencies to develop (Jupiter) new behaviors, projects or friendships (Aquarius) may involve breaking free from( Uranus) what is stable in our lives (Taurus). We could therefore realize that we have a pronounced rebellious streak, that we are more willing than we thought to give up the security of things and people we know in favor of something new, which intrigues us and arouses our interest. On the other hand, this cosmic configuration can also have positive effects, in the sense that we abandon individualism – selfishness and pride in other words – in favor of the common good, of interests that are above our interests and goals. But the role of this aspect is to challenge us to keep our identities intact while pursuing collective objectives.

On a collectively level, this aspect could be synonymous with a period of confusion during the first part of 2021. We could see an escalation of protests in certain geographical areas and societies, which may be animated by egalitarian principles, progressive visions and common ideals. People are increasingly interest in breaking with the remnants of the systems that did not operate for the benefit of many, in moving away from coercive and conservative structures. On the other hand, the level of violence of these manifestations may increase, most likely due to a lack of understanding on how this separation from the past should be made. This astral configuration’s lesson for humanity is to make amends with the past in order to fully and effectively embrace the future.

Saturn (Aquarius) square Uranus (Taurus): don't take the sack to the praised tree

The tense square aspect between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus is perfected no less than three times this year. On February 7, the two planets move in a direct direction, on June 2 Saturn is retrograde, and on December 16 Uranus is the one moving in the opposite direction. If the previous aspect, formed with the same Uranus in Taurus, calls for sudden changes, an abrupt separation from the traditional and the old, this astral configuration signals the limitations and obstacles (Saturn) arising from the pursuit of novelty (Aquarius), from the unexpected divorce (Uranus) from tradition and the establishment (Taurus). In other words, we notice that changes take time, that it it is impossible to speed up the adjustment process. The lesson of this astral aspect is to be patient.

At the collective level, the consequences we could observe are similar to those we experience in our personal lives. In the previous section, we mentioned how Jupiter’s square with Uranus can paradoxically lead to increasingly aggressive protests for equal opportunities, for eliminating prejudices regarding certain groups of people or social strata. In this case, we could see that these manifestations are not synonymous with change, that more is needed – a different attitude perhaps – in order to advance these causes and common objectives. What we need is a collective awakening of sorts, a more in-depth understanding of what it means to embrace the new and progress towards the future. Also, this astral configuration can bring harsh confrontations with reality and more precisely, the awareness that some social causes cannot fully materialize.

Jupiter enters Pisces: tolerance and empathy

In mid-May, Jupiter shyly enters the sign of Pisces, its nocturnal domicile, for the first time, spending a little over a month there, only to start retrograding on June 20. Notwithstanding its short duration, this transit will leave an impression on the general cosmic atmosphere. During Jupiter’s transit through Aquarius we made room for novelty in our lives, but now we are invited to open ourselves (Jupiter) to virtues such as empathy and tolerance (Pisces). But before we try to accept others and forgive them for past hurtful experiences, we must find a way to make peace with ourselves. And on top of that, we need to start trusting that somewhere beyond us there is a plan, an order that makes things work out in the end, despite all hindrances.

On a mundane level, Jupiter calls for a similar attitude. We are invited to work on healing the wounds of the past in order to be able to embrace the future. We need to take accountability and make amends with our forefathers, our peers and ourselves. To break free from outdated, coercive structures, the root of prejudice and suffering for so long, means to acknowledge their existence and the effects they have produced. But the Pisces is a Mutable, changeable sign, which may also indicate that Jupiter’s entry into its nocturnal domicile is also synonymous with a period of confusion, of fears about letting go of toxic yet familiar attachments. We could also lose direction, chasing idealistic goals, unsustainable and difficult to put into practice. In a context like this, it is very easy to get lost, to lose sight of what truly matters.

Mercury and Venus’ retrograde cycles: reconfiguring thought and emotional patterns

In 2021, Mercury retrogrades three times and each time in an Air sign. It should also be noted that neither one of its retrograde transits do not involve multiple signs. Overall, his predilection this year for retrograding through Air signs speaks of a reconfiguration of our thinking patterns (Gemini), of our attitude towards novelty (Aquarius) and towards the other (Libra). Therefore, Mercury’s lessons for us are mostly about how we communicate and interact with others.

Venus, on the other hand, retrogrades once this year, in an Earth sign. Specifically, it changes direction in the sign of Capricorn, which we associate with professional and social advancement. We may say that Venus calls us to focus on the practical side of our relationships, on their potential to help us climb the social and professional ladder. We are invited to see how the social image and status of those around us affect our own position in the community, how we can strengthen it by interacting with others differently.

Jupiter and Saturn’s retrograde cycles: rethinking evolution strategies and obstacles

Of the two planets, Jupiter is by far the most active in 2021. Specifically, it starts transiting through the sign of Pisces on June 20, returns to Aquarius after a month, on July 28, and re-enters Pisces on December 29. This back-and-forth movement is meant to show us that, without proper assimilation of the past (Pisces), we cannot embrace the future (Aquarius). This lesson also applies collectively, in that we cannot build progressive structures and principles without forgiving and learning from the mistakes society has made so far. So we can say that changes are yet to fully happen and that there are still other intermediate stages we have to go in order to achieve our goals.

Saturn retrogrades, like Venus, only once this year, starting its reverse transit through the sign of Aquarius towards the end of May. In fact, much of its retrograde transit, namely the period spanning August and the first decade of October, overlaps with that of Jupiter through Aquarius, which means that we cannot embrace (Jupiter) novelty and the future (Aquarius) without understanding its limits (Saturn). At the collective level, we might witness a period in which we must recalibrate our expectations and become more realistic about the dimensions of the changes we can produce in society and in our communities. Again, our patience is put to the test, together with the strength of our convictions.

In lieu of conclusions: a small step for man, a big step for humanity

Given the size of this general commentary, we might be tempted to think that 2021 will be an easy year, an invitation to catch our breath after 2020 , which has changed the face of the entire planet forever. On closer inspection, however, we will see that 2021 is a year of contradictions, in which we can easily lose direction if we are not determined enough to manifest our vision. Astrologically, it is dominated by Fixed signs, by the paradoxical vibration of Aquarius, which calls for change but within certain limits. Numerologically, it corresponds to "5", which also talks about freedom, new experiences and learning from mistakes. Hence, it can be said that 2021 has the power to do or undo what was achieved in the previous year and further our journey into the future, towards a more equalitarian and progressive society. But there’s much more processing to do before we get there.

Major Astrological Events in 2021

  • January 17: Jupiter (Aquarius) square Uranus (Taurus)
  • January 30: Mercury retrogrades through Aquarius
  • February 7: Saturn (Aquarius) square Uranus (Taurus)
  • April 27: Pluto retrogrades though Capricorn
  • May 14: Jupiter enters Pisces
  • May 22: Saturn retrogrades through Aquarius
  • May 29: Mercury retrogrades through Gemini
  • June 2: Saturn Rx (Aquarius) square Uranus (Taurus)
  • June 20: Jupiter retrogrades through Pisces
  • June 25: Neptune retrogrades through Pisces
  • July 28: Jupiter retrogrades back to Aquarius
  • August 19: Uranus retrogrades through Taurus
  • September 27: Mercury retrogrades though Libra
  • December 16: Saturn (Aquarius) square Uranus Rx (Taurus)
  • December 19: Venus retrogrades through Capricorn
  • December 29: Jupiter re-enters Pisces


  • May 26: Total Lunar Eclipse, in Sagittarius
  • June 10: Annular Solar Eclipse, in Gemini
  • November 19: Partial Lunar Eclipse, in Taurus
  • December 4: Total Solar Eclipse, in Sagittarius

2021 Planetary Retrograde Calendar

2021 Planetary Retrograde Calendar

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2021 Horoscope for each sign
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