Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross is probably one of the best known and commonly used spreads by Tarot readers. This follows from the fact that it offers a broad perspective on the issue at hand, it shows what it is likely to happen within the next few months or even year and the significance of the cards' positions does not change from one Tarot reader or situation to another.

Each of the 10 cards used for the Celtic Cross spread occupies a specific position in the pattern, thus forging complex relationships among themselves. Along this line, the 5th card calls attention to certain aspects of the past that are linked to the present situation signified by the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th cards. The 6th card offers the first clues about the future whereas the 7th, 8th and 9th cards symbolize different stages of knowledge. The last card, namely the 10th one, indicates the outcome or the resolution.
The Celtic Cross Tarot spread can be used for any type of question.

Astro Tips & Tricks

When Saturn is retrograde, it's recommended that you take a step back, wait a moment, analyze your circumstances, draw conclusions and plan your next move. But don't take any action right away! Have a little patience! You can consult the Planetary Retrograde Calendar here.

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