Understanding the Court Cards

First of all, the court cards symbolize different levels of consciousness, but they are usually thought to signal that the querent is likely to meet a person whose personality traits resemble those of the card indicating his/her presence:
- A King is a mature, authoritative, blunt and practical individual;
- A Queen is a mature, feminine, natural person and s/he is more concerned with simplicity than complexity;
- A Knight is an inexperienced, immature, often confused or even restless individual;
- A Page is usually a young, ambitious, clever and witty person.

Other meanings:

The Kings

The King of Wands indicates authority and self-confidence. He's the master of Fire and Thunder. He's proactive, generous, authoritative, just and optimistic. He symbolizes justice, determination, logical thinking, imagination, truthfulness, persuasion, wealth and vitality. Romance-wise, he's a metaphor for generosity, fidelity, optimism and well-being.
The King of Swords symbolizes some sort of mischievousness. He's cunning, aloof, intelligent and manipulative. Career-wise, he indicates success earned through cunningness and persuasion while romantically speaking, he's a metaphor for emotional distance and ugly breakups. Health-wise, the King of Cups indicates a tendency to develop a mental disorder.
The King of Cups represents a beautiful, sensitive, gracious or maybe an even downright arrogant person. Professionally speaking, he symbolizes major achievements while romance-wise, he's a metaphor for suffering and longing for an ex-partner.
The King of Pentacles is usually a materialistic, determined, insensitive, but patient individual. Career-wise, he indicates team achievements whereas romantically speaking, he's a metaphor for stability, fidelity, sensuality and jealousy.

The Queens

The Queen of Wands represents the thirst for life, the feminine force manifested confidently. She symbolizes the need for freedom, authonomy, justice, courage, enthusiasm and the desire to stand out from the crowd.
The Queen of Swords is a wise, intelligent and sometimes mischievous person. Professionally speaking, she represents one's ability to fulfill his/her work assignments while romance-wise, she symbolizes the inability to tolerate certain attitudes.
The Queen of Cups indicates dreams, premonitions and intuition. Career-wise, she symbolizes occult interests and endeavors. Romantically speaking, she represents mutual attraction and a strong emotional connection.
The Queen of Pentacles symbolizes womanhood, fertillity, family values and maternal love. She represents patience, diligence, wisdom, sensuality, compassion, fidelity and marriage.

The Knights

The Knight of Wands represents, as far as the career department is concerned, one's ability to do his/her work assignments enthusiastically. Romance-wise, he indicates a passionate and short-tempered partner.
The Knight of Swords indicates that the querent is likely to experience a difficult time in his/her career. Romantically speaking, he symbolizes the imminence of a heated argument or emotional distance.
The Knight of Cups symbolizes an affectionate and warm environment. Career-wise, he indicates a supporting work atmosphere. Romantically speaking, he's a metaphor for a strong, profound love.
The Knight of Pentacles represents, as far as the career department is concerned, profitable business ventures, promising job opportunities and good work-related news. Romance-wise, he symbolizes sensuality, fidelity, marriage prospects.

The Pages

The Page of Wands symbolizes, as far as the career department is concerned, risky albeit potentially profitable business ventures and/or opportunities. Romantically speaking, it usually marks the beginning of a new relationship.
The Page of Swords usually indicates that the querent is surrounded by envious work colleagues. Romance-wise, it symbolizes the imminence of a threat to the harmony of you and your partner's relationship.
The Page of Cups is a metaphor for pleasant experiences. Romantically speaking, it indicates that one of the referent's friendships is likely to turn into a love relationship or maybe s/he's about to reconcile with an ex-partner.
The Page of Pentacles indicates, as far as the career department is concerned, profitable business opportunities. Romance-wise, it symbolizes generosity, kindness, good luck, understanding and friendship.

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