Types of Tarot Spreads

In order to support our readers and customers in their search for answers to their most pressing questions, we've come up with list of popular tarot spreads and their descriptions:

1. Tarot Spread for a Specific Day in the Near Future

It is used to learn more about the day you intend to get married on or sit an important exam. This Tarot spread answers questions such as: "Will I pass the upcoming exam?",What will my wedding day be like?", "How will this important business meeting go?".

2. Tarot Spread for Choosing or Changing Your Career or Job

It answers questions such as: "What kind of career should I choose?", "Is this job offer right for me?". This last question requires you to be more specific about your job expectations (whether you seek a bigger salary, a promotion or to gather more work experience).

3. Tarot Spread for a Holiday or Trip

This Tarot spread is used when you intend to travel to faraway locations or to a place you've never visited before. This reading is valid for about 3 weeks.

4. Crossroads Tarot Spread

This Tarot spread is used when you have to choose between two potential life partners, two options or two different courses of action. It answers questions such as: "Is A or B right for me?".

5. Karmic Tarot Spread

This Tarot spread is used when you're interested in finding out what is your spiritual mission, especially if you believe in reincarnation and karma.

6. Tarot Spread for Finding Your Soulmate

If you're trying to find your soulmate, this Tarot spread is for you. It provides you with information concerning his/her appearance and under what circumstances you're likely to meet him/her.

7. Self-Knowledge Tarot Spread

This Tarot spread helps you learn more about your strengths/weaknesses and how you can better yourself. It answers questions such as: "Is there anything I don't know about myself?".

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