A Parallel Between Oracle and Tarot Cards

Oracle cards have become an increasingly popular card divination method. Many of you have probably heard of or seen them. In order to draw a parallel between Oracle cards and the Tarot, we've come up with a short description for the former type of cards.

Oracle cards, irrespective of their kind, are well-known throughout the world and they have been used for hundreds of years as a means of divination. Today, they are considered to be one of the most popular card divination techniques in the entire world.

Because many of you are probably more familiar with the Tarot, we've comprised a list of similarities and differences between this card divination method and the Oracle cards.

Oracle cards

Therefore, as opposed to the Tarot, Oracle decks:

  • contain a variable number of cards while the Tarot has a fixed 78-card structure;
  • their imagery is vast, ranging from flowers, crystals, animals to angels, Egyptian or Freemason symbols and spiritual teachers;
  • are not bound by strict rules as opposed to the Tarot that has strict reading guidelines;
  • have no clear structure, meaning that they're not divided into something that resembles the Major and Minor Arcana of the Tarot;
  • usually feature the interpretation on the card;
  • are usually based on the Pythagorean numerology;
  • usually consist of positive cards only wheres the Tarot contains dark-themed cards such as the Devil, Death, the Ten of Swords or the Hanged Man;
  • are much easier to interpret as opposed to the Tarot that requires more practice and experience.

But there are also similarities between these two card divination techniques:

  • they were both created for divination and inspirational purposes;
  • they can both be used to answer a vast array of questions, ranging from everyday concerns to the querent's interest in figuring out how to reach his/her potential;
  • they are both used in a similar manner (the Tarot reader shuffles the cards while focusing on the issue at hand and then s/he lays them in a specific pattern);
  • they can both be employed to develop one's intuition and to realize one's latent innate abilities.

The majority of Tarot and Oracle readers use more than one decks, depending on the querent's problem and their personal preference.

Many Oracle decks are improperly labeled as Tarot cards. Therefore, when you plan on purchasing either type of decks, it's important to double-check whether it's an Oracle or a Tarot deck.

A Tarot deck can successfully replace the Oracle cards, but an Oracle deck can never be used as a Tarot one.

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