Love Horoscope for Capricorn

October 01, 2023 - 22:34:09 UT/GMT


Unlike your partner, you're not going to take yourself too seriously in the next few days. It's quite obvious that you've grown quite fond of your rose-tinted glasses and it's difficult to look at reality in another way than through their pink lenses. On the other hand, your partner might be tearing his/her hair out trying to understand how you manange to keep your attitude positive under present circumstances. Your secret lies in seeing the glass as half-full!


Whether you want it or not, your love life might turn into a romantic comedy sometime in the next few days. It matters less if you or a good friend of yours gets the main part, what's certain is that you'll have loads of fun watching all those comic situations unfold before your eyes, either voluntarily or not. Later you'll grow to appreciate what has often been said - that real life is more exciting than TV. The only thing you have to do is live in the moment!

Affective Predispositions

Love prospects
(regardless of your Sun sign)
Love prospects (regardless of your Sun sign) Emotional receptivity Social awareness

Important Notice: Our love horoscopes are based on the movement of the Moon and Venus in relation to the natal position of the Sun. Considering that transits follow a cyclic pattern, you may encounter the same forecast on other occasions or for other Sun signs.

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