Love Horoscope for Sagittarius

January 19, 2022 - 04:11:25 UT/GMT


For the next few days, the emphasis might shift from the second-person plural to the second-person singular. Consequently, not only shouldn't you be judged for being a little selfish in the coming days, but you shouldn't listen to those who say it's wrong to focus on yourself, even for a little time either. Take self-realization courses, go to self-improvement workshops or take piano, sculpture and drama lessons. Your partner will notice the difference in no time!


If you haven't found that special someone to whom you could dedicate your time and attention, focus instead on harnessing your true potential. There must be a hobby or two you've given up for your ex-partner's sake and now it's time for you to rediscover them. If you don't find pleasure in them anymore, maybe you should look for new activities to feel your free time with. Do some yoga or reconnect with your senses through an aromatherapy session!

Affective Predispositions

Love prospects
(regardless of your Sun sign)
Love prospects (regardless of your Sun sign) Emotional receptivity Social awareness

Important Notice: Our love horoscopes are based on the movement of the Moon and Venus in relation to the natal position of the Sun. Considering that transits follow a cyclic pattern, you may encounter the same forecast on other occasions or for other Sun signs.

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When Mercury is retrograde, focus on the activities that have "re" attached to the beginning of the word, such as reanalyzing information and ideas, revising contracts, revisiting old friends etc. You can consult the Planetary Retrograde Calendar here.

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