Love Horoscope for Leo

December 04, 2022 - 14:14:38 UT/GMT


The last drop of discontent, unfulfillment and resentment can make the cup of your relationship run over sometime in the next few days. If the opportunity to find solace into someone else's arms arises, it's advisable that you don't take it. This may sound like a good idea at first, but if you're afraid you might lose control, let your mind dictate your senses. It takes two, not three to tango. It goes without saying that there's no room left for a third person!


If you fancy someone but you're not yet ready to acknowledge it to yourself, it'll probably be incredibly hard for you to start a conversation. Moreover, the fact that you're pining away with unrequited love makes you look so melancholic, absent-minded and grumpy that you might end up pushing him/her away before you could even find out if you had a chance with him/her or not. Don't drop your weapons of seduction until you run out of ammo!

Affective Predispositions

Love prospects
(regardless of your Sun sign)
Love prospects (regardless of your Sun sign) Emotional receptivity Social awareness

Important Notice: Our love horoscopes are based on the movement of the Moon and Venus in relation to the natal position of the Sun. Considering that transits follow a cyclic pattern, you may encounter the same forecast on other occasions or for other Sun signs.

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