Love Horoscope for Scorpio

July 22, 2024 - 05:51:20 UT/GMT


Over the next few days, the dark clouds of jealousy and possessiveness might rise over your seemingly idyllic love life. Regardless of whether you're the one that experiences these feelings or your partner, what's certain is that the atmosphere's bound to grow extremely tense. Given that you both have strong personalities, it goes without saying that you can hold a grudge for a long time. You know what they say: "He who angers you conquers you".


Your emotional needs can work against you sometime in the coming days and before you know it, they can plunge you into an abyss of sorrow and torment. As you may have realized, it might not be a good idea for you to start dating someone new in the next few days. If you haven't gotten over your ex-partner yet or you still have some soul searching left to do, pull yourself together and get your work done. Don't pass on your old baggage to someone else!

Affective Predispositions

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Love prospects (regardless of your Sun sign) Emotional receptivity Social awareness

Important Notice: Our love horoscopes are based on the movement of the Moon and Venus in relation to the natal position of the Sun. Considering that transits follow a cyclic pattern, you may encounter the same forecast on other occasions or for other Sun signs.

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