May 2021 Monthly Horoscope for Virgo

Under the influence of Mars in Cancer, your social life is highly active throughout the month of May. You are caught up in a variety of group interactions and get in touch with new friends. During the first days of May, you put a lot of emphasis on fairness and wisdom in your relationships. As the Sun transits Taurus, you enrich your philosophy of life and explore new territories of knowledge.

After May 4, you start to focus more and more on your career. You stand out easily and you carefully control your public image, your speech, your impact on the audience. You need to feel respected. From May 14 on, Jupiter in Pisces brings lots of people into your life. You treat your partners generously and become more easy-going with them. You might look at your loved ones with idealism. However, try to avoid deceptive people!

After May 20, you are concerned about your mission in the world. AstroFidelia recommends taking interest in technical knowledge and modern ways of communication. You can become a model of eloquence, insight and sharpness, but keep in mind that you are prone to worries and anxiety. After May 30, you have the opportunity to review some official information and drop redundant data out of your mind.

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When the Moon is new, do something you've never done before! Moreover, it's one of the best days to quit smoking, give up alcohol or any other vice you may have.

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