Numerology Compatibility

Numerology Compatibility

Numerology Compatibility

The compatibility scores shown above are computed on a scale from +2 to -2, "+2" being the highest rating and "-2" being the lowest. For additional details regarding these scores, please refer to the interpretations below:

  • +2 - perfect match, especially if both partners focus on exhibiting the positive qualities of their Life Path numbers;
  • +1 - good match, mostly if the two partners find common ground for certain couple issues;
  • 0 - this relationship requires some compromises at both ends to run smoothly. A Yang number, for example, may fascinate the Yin one but the latter needs patience and determination to cope with the Yang partner's exuberance and restlessness. Put differently, a person having a Life Path number of 4 may provide her/his Life Path number 9 partner with some sense of healthy grounding to the real world.;
  • -1 - troublesome couple;
  • -2 - inadvisable match. Although it may seem strange, if two partners have the same Life Path number, it doesn't automatically mean that they're a match made in heaven. For instance, none of the two Life Path number 8 partners is too eager to give up control over the other's life, just as neither one of the two Life Path number 1 partners is willing to become less authoritarian.

However, even if numerologically speaking two people are a perfect match for one another, problems may arise between them as a couple and the outside world. Specifically, two Life Path number 6 partners' "zaniness" may deter both of them from fulfilling their duties such as paying the phone bill while two Life Path numer 9 partners' altruism may eat them out of house and home. Therefore, it is very important for us to strike a balance between our numerology blueprints and those of our partners.

Nevertheless, love remains the essential ingredient of healthy and successful relationships. Consequently, two partners can overcome any negative astrological and/or numerological prediction as long as they care deeply and truthfully for one another. Numerology explains the syntagm "seven-year itch" as referring to the fact that "7" usually signals the end of a life cycle. One of my friends used to say that every seven years one should change something in his/her life, if not the partner or the house, at the very least his/her furniture.

All in all, please bear in mind the following two things:

  • Astrology and numerology predispose and man imposes;
  • A man has free choice to the extent that he is rational.

Excerpt from "Living Numbers" by Firicel Ciarnau

Astro Tips & Tricks

When Mercury is retrograde, it's advisable that you pay more attention to both the verbal and nonverbal messages that you send. Differences of opinion may arise when you least expect it. If you're willing to listen to what the other person has to say and you're careful not to say things that can be misinterpreted, there's a good chance that something good will eventually come of any disagreement. You can consult the Planetary Retrograde Calendar here.

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