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Surname Reduction:

Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a numerical value.
Name Reduction:

Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a numerical value.
Life Path Number:
The Life Path number is the most influential number in your numerology profile. It reflects the core of your personality.
Repeating Numbers:
They are the numbers that recur multiple times within the above-mentioned sequences. They exert a significant influence on your personality.
Karmic Numbers:
These numbers are missing from the number sequences of your name and surname. They indicate the karmic lessons of your present lifetime.
Heart's Desire Number:
It reflects your hidden and internal motivations, but also your innermost desires.
Personality Number:
This number represents your "social mask" and the manner in which you interact with others.
Destiny Number:
It stands for the things that you want to accomplish in this lifetime.
Name(s) Number:
This number reveals how your given name(s) affect/s your personality.
Hereditary Number:
It symbolizes the collective karmic lessons of your family.
Cosmic Number:
This number gives you insight into how to develop your intuitive gifts.

In order to understand the meaning of these numbers, please click the corresponding icons. Before you leave this page, we recommend that you save the content of this "Numerology Report" in a document on your computer. This way, you avoid re-entering your personal data when you wish to resume your interpretation.

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