Numerology Life Graph

Numerology Life Graph

It goes without saying that life doesn't follow a linear pattern. Everybody goes through highs and lows. We provide those of you who don't like being surprised by the life's ups and downs with a Life Graph generator based on the number patterns behind your birthdates.

Warning! The 0 (zero) value symbolizes neither downfall nor death, but a relatively normal period in your life, devoid of momentous happenings.

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Use the fields below to enter your birthdate and then press "Calculate".


After you click the button, your numerology life graph appears on the screen.

Astro Tips & Tricks

Every seven years (i.e. a quarter of a cycle of Saturn), the focus and the energy shift in each person's life. If you find yourself at the beginning or the end of a seven-year cycle, use your time wisely and make inspired decisions about your future.

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