Number 5


According to the Pythagoreans, number 5 symbolizes human perfection and marriage. Those who have this number in a key position in their numerology chart are gifted with mental alertness which reflects in their insatiable thirst for knowledge. They distinguish themselves from others through their sociability, restlessness, spontaneity as well as their love for travel. Although they may seem outgoing, spontaneous, adventurous and ahead of their time, one of their dominant drawbacks is their short temper.


  • Planet: Mercury
  • Zodiac sign(s): Aries - Gemini
  • Element: Fire
  • Keyword: celerity
  • Colour: violet
  • Gem(s): aquamarine, jasper

Esoteric Counterparts

Kabbalah Tree of Life - It is associated with Geburah which functions as a counterbalance to Hesed. It symbolizes both the Power of Destruction and the Instrument of Divine Justice. It is said to be the source of the two most important opposing principles – good and evil. This Sephirah designates the angelic Forces.

Angelic Hierarchy - It corresponds to the Virtues, the angels of movement and change. They possess attributes similar to those of Mars.

Astro Tips & Tricks

If possible, schedule your tooth extraction when the Moon is waning.

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