June Monthly Horoscope for Virgo

The first part of June brings you many career-related events. You're concerned about your public image and you make yourself easily noticed. The way you think and communicate caould make you a role model in your community. After June 2, you invest more time in group interractions. Friends, collaborators, project partners join you. Around June 5 your messages can be misinterpreted by a business partner. Keep certain thoughts for yourself!

The New Moon on June 10 can bring new career beginnings. From June 11 on, AstroFidelia recommends getting more rest. Don't try to control events and relax! You'll see that if you accept reality as it is, some problems will be solved without your intervention. Around June 15, you may feel the need to free yourself from some limiting situations at work. Consider integrating new business procedures in your daily routine!

After the summer solstice you get the feeling that you're part of a wide network. Social phenomena and collective patterns capture your attention. From June 20 on, Jupiter retrograde invites you to look at your loved ones in a new light. After 23 June, the atmosphere begins to ease off at work. Venus' entry into Leo on June 27 invites you to meditate on past relationships and take time for your spiritual development.

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