March Monthly Horoscope for Virgo

On or around March 3, tensions may arise between you and your loved one/children. From March 4 onwards, you may face problems at work or misunderstandings with your work colleagues. From March 5 onwards, the natives involved in long-distance relationships may find it easier to cope with the distance and those who are single may meet someone interesting from another culture.

On or around March 8, you find out that you and your partner have similar views on an important topic on your current agenda. From March 10 onwards, the way information circulates at work is no longer afflicted. On or around March 20, you may not get along very well with your life partner/children. From March 22 onwards, your focus should be on work and health.

On or around March 23, the tense atmosphere is maintained in relation to your loved one and/or the children. On or around March 28, you seem to have a very good mood and this is easy to see for everyone around you. From March 30 onwards, you may experience some difficult working days and something unforeseen may happen on or around March 31. Try to stay in control.

Anca Simina Martin

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