Aries Horoscope 2022

Love and Friendship

Love and Friendship

For you, this year begins with some corrections in relationships. Partners from the past might come back and try to communicate with you. Your associates influence your public image. Some of your most important friendships also require clarifications. Interactions with large groups give you the feeling of personal participation in major social changes.

During the second quarter of 2022 you go through a phase of introspection, which allows you to evaluate with detachment the course of your relationships so far. Gradually, you start to feel a strong urge to manifest your own will. This gives you magnetism and attractiveness. Despite this popularity, you insist on being the one who decides and takes initiatives in relationships.

The third quarter brings you opportunities for flirting and falling in love. With an expansive and romantic attitude, you enjoy the present moment and let yourself carried away by spontaneity. AstroFidelia recommends experiencing new relationships, even if you don’t know how long this state of bliss will last. Just allow yourself to be happy! A vacation would be appropriate, too.

At the beginning of the last quarter you explore the idea of healthy compromises in relationships. You need to take care of yourself, but others have their role in your life and require attention as well. During October and November you encounter intense atmospheres in relationships, which challenge you to start a process of profound emotional transformation.

Finances and Career

Finances and Career

The first quarter of this year means interactions with people who have authority and impose respect from official positions. One way or another you stand out at work and you’re asked to take on important responsibilities. You’re reevaluating your career. New projects are available for you. During February-March it is good to detach yourself from routine and daily worries.

Over the second quarter you enter a more active phase and you easily notice practical aspects that can generate new income. This period is conducive to strengthening your financial power. You can attract considerable savings, invest in long-term projects, purchase items or services that are both necessary and pleasant. Take care of your further education too!

The first part of the third quarter means more time dedicated to family and home, which might distract you from work or at least require combining duty with relaxation. From August on, you need to pay more attention to details. Multiple interactions with co-workers and people who can share their skills with you start to occur.

In the last quarter of the year you are very active at work. A key to real success is associating with the right people. AstroFidelia recommends that you carefully consider the terms of contracts, respecting your commitments and not accepting unfair collaborations. With Jupiter back in Pisces in November and December avoid unclear or slippery job situations!

Physical and Emotional Health

Physical and Emotional Health

In the first quarter of this year there aren’t noticeable effects on your health and vitality. During these weeks it’s good to offer yourself moments of tranquility and to conserve your energy. If you fight against this flow, you may be forced by circumstances in one way or another to isolate from daily problems and to restore your reservoir of vitality.

During the second quarter you feel more dynamic. Following the annual transits through your sign and Jupiter’s ingress into Aries in May, you are active and full of initiative. On a physical level, this is highly reinvigorating. You have strength and enthusiasm. Your general mood is optimistic, all-embracing and competitive.

The third quarter begins with a feeling of introspection and offers intimate atmospheres built among your family. You need to spend more time with yourself and save your energy. In July and August you are once again very active and eager to move on with your life. September draws your attention to health and can bring you interesting insights about your body.

In the last quarter of the year there are no major health events, as long as you slow down and dose your energy efficiently. Starting the end of October Jupiter in Pisces makes you rather reflective. You’re more active on the inside. During the last two months of the year Mars retrograde teaches you not to waste your mental energy and how to avoid excessive nervousness.

Home and Family

Home and Family

In the first quarter try not to neglect your family and home, because, as we said in the previous paragraphs, it will be a rather busy time at work. Keep in mind, however, that a successful career is possible only if you build it in harmony with your personal life. Towards the beginning of spring, you clean up old family issues and transmute them into positive energy.

The second quarter of this year means time dedicated to yourself. You might discover new hopes and wishes for your future growth. You come up with many ideas to test on your own. You bravely assert yourself and send a clear message that your choices are all about you. From mid-June on, you start directing your energy towards family and home progress.

The third quarter of 2022 means reconnecting to familiar places, roots and previous generations. Family is very present in your life now. There may also be some confrontations with people who want to keep you tied to some old traditions, but you’ll probably get over them quite easily and optimistically. Relationships with children come to your attention and can be a source of happiness.

In the last quarter you should notice events related to travel, communication, new opportunities for study. These make you better understand the world around you and help you develop your intellect. Jupiter reenters Pisces and gives you a more dreamy attitude, detached from everyday problems. You can take a step back and synthesize this year’s experiences.

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