Libra Horoscope 2022

Love and Friendship

Love and Friendship

The first quarter brings a lot of events that teach you how to manage your love affairs. Even if there is a solid long-term relationship in your life, that doesn’t mean you can’t reinvent it. At the beginning of 2022 it is good to meditate on how you can maintain the feeling of romance in love relationships. You are allowed to experiment and enjoy the present moment.

The second quarter involves collaboration and establishing new partnerships. First you go through a phase welcoming new people into your life, then you focus on the most important relationships. You can go through moments of maximum emotional closeness. You descend into the psychic depths of others. Interesting strangers might enter your life now.

The third quarter makes you popular through your partners. Your love becomes demonstrative. There are also many group events and meetings with friends who support you with their positive attitude. September is a more discreet and peaceful month. AstroFidelia recommends reserving time for yourself. This could offer a large perspective over love and relationships.

The last quarter starts in a strong pace. You’re reinventing yourself and you’re planning a lot of new projects. Others will easily notice your magnetism and good vibe and will want to join you. At the same time, it is good to think pragmatically and try to strengthen your own material position. In other words, be generous, but keep enough for yourself!

Finances and Career

Finances and Career

At work, the first quarter begins under the influence of Jupiter. This means that you are entering a period with high potential for your professional development. During the second part of February you might feel that you have a lot of work to do, but it is good to take advantage of these opportunities to broaden your career horizons and develop your skills.

The second quarter brings important awareness of what significant work means to you, something through which you can contribute to the world’s progress. You need to feel useful, but also wise at work. AstroFidelia recommends not giving up your current projects while waiting for the perfect job. These months can also give shape to new collaborations.

The third quarter continues to bring you close to business partners who need your services. Together you can start beautiful, unprecedented initiatives. At the same time, these months contain a number of dynamic situations related to the financial sphere. You may feel that the stability of some sources of gain is faltering and that you must fight for a fair sharing of money.

The fourth quarter involves concentrating on daily job issues and relationships with co-workers. You draw some important conclusions in this regard before you go further. In October and November you go through many financial events. There are new sources of income, but also expenses that need to be honored. You need to upgrade your value system.

Physical and Emotional Health

Physical and Emotional Health

The first quarter of this year offers experiences that help you understand your being in a holistic way. You can become aware of the connections between emotions, thoughts and physical body. Spiritual practice can bring balance on all these levels. Having faith contributes to any kind of healing. You realize the value of those words now. Good therapists can enter your life.

The second quarter continues with wise revelations regarding your relationship with your body. It is good to avoid excessive use of pharmaceutical medicines or treatments that induce a state of detachment. There are no miracle cures, but you can find within yourself a deep source of healing. Combine faith with a good theoretical knowledge of your body!

The third trimester is rich in experiences that make you pay attention to deep emotions. That way, you eliminate toxic feelings and regenerate your psychic power. You’re making plans for the future. In September it is advisable to devote some time to meditation, contemplation and rest. A longer break might do you good. Art therapy is also helpful now.

The last quarter starts strongly, with a series of transits in your sign that give you energy and initiative. It’s a good time to stay in shape and make some style changes. Pay attention to your physical appearance! Towards the end of the year, you are mentally alert. It’s good not to get consumed in contradictory debates. Stick to the essential!

Home and Family

Home and Family

The first quarter is rich in family events. Transits through Capricorn, Venus and Mercury retrograde are building a series of complex dynamics at home. The past comes to the surface and requires reevaluation. For example, you could think about your childhood and reconsider the relationships with your parents. You become aware of ancestral emotional legacies.

The second quarter brings moments of great intensity in relationships, which may also be reflected in family affairs. Some of these may be related to money or other values that you share with various relatives. Others are purely psychological in nature. AstroFidelia recommends analyzing the emotional structure you have received from your family of origin.

The third quarter speaks about career and relationships with different groups of friends. For this reason, you may feel that you have less time for family and home. It’s good not to completely ignore these issues, but you don’t have to force yourself to stay home any longer than you should. In September you will have time to withdraw and analyze what has happened so far in your life.

The fourth quarter should be dedicated to the relationship with yourself. It’s a time when you see yourself in a new light and set new directions for your development. Energetic and spontaneous, you confidently move forward and feel that life still has many surprises to offer you. At the end of the year, you dedicate time to your family and home.

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