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Love and Friendship

Love and Friendship

In the first quarter try not to neglect your family and home, because, as we said in the previous paragraphs, it will be a rather busy time at work. Keep in mind, however, that a successful career is possible only if you build it in harmony with your personal life. Towards the beginning of spring, you clean up old family issues and transmute them into positive energy.

The second quarter of this year means time dedicated to yourself. You might discover new hopes and wishes for your future growth. You come up with many ideas to test on your own. You bravely assert yourself and send a clear message that your choices are all about you. From mid-June on, you start directing your energy towards family and home progress.

The third quarter of 2022 means reconnecting to familiar places, roots and previous generations. Family is very present in your life now. There may also be some confrontations with people who want to keep you tied to some old traditions, but you’ll probably get over them quite easily and optimistically. Relationships with children come to your attention and can be a source of happiness.

In the last quarter you should notice events related to travel, communication, new opportunities for study. These make you better understand the world around you and help you develop your intellect. Jupiter reenters Pisces and gives you a more dreamy attitude, detached from everyday problems. You can take a step back and synthesize this year’s experiences.

Finances and Career

Finances and Career

The first quarter of the year seems to be the most prolific for your career, especially during the weeks with transits through Aquarius. You’ll stand out quite easily and you’ll have to interact with people in positions of authority. It is possible to find yourself in management roles. AstroFidelia recommends seeking to improve your public image, while remaining authentic and true to your core values.

The second quarter of the year could mean starting new projects. This brings you in contact with large groups and creates the feeling of belonging to a network where everyone has a useful contribution. May directs your attention to financial issues. By mid-July, you make new acquisitions, attract new income, negotiate and carefully analyze your investment choices.

The third quarter offers you new opportunities to learn and improve your communication skills. You feel like a curious student who accesses new information, which is good to pass on to those interested in it. After a few months with moments of relaxation and vacation, in September you should return to work. You can make yourself useful if you pay attention to details and order.

The last quarter of the year starts with hard work. This improves your various skills. You may feel quite stressed about the high workload, but you will be able to cope brilliantly if you do not postpone urgent duties and cooperate with your colleagues. In November and December, Mars retrograde will make its presence felt through various events related to money, profit and loss.

Physical and Emotional Health

Physical and Emotional Health

In the first quarter of this year, you may feel quite physically consumed by work-related responsibilities and events. A good idea would be to take a few days off and make faraway trips, maybe to the mountains or interesting new places. In March you need more rest and withdrawal from the daily rush, even if this doesn’t seem too fun and pleasant.

The second quarter brings you a lot of physical and mental energy. You feel dynamic and you’ve got a lot of work to do. Part of you remains dreamy and detached, but at the same time life doesn’t allow you to stand still and do nothing. This is a good time for starting a new exercise program and keep your body in shape. After Jupiter’s ingress in Aries, you enter a meditative phase.

In the third quarter of the year you experience short-distance travel and multiple interactions with people nearby, followed by a few weeks spent around home and family. In September it is advisable to reserve some spare time for hobbies and relaxing activities which boost your creativity. These moments improve your overall vitality and enthusiasm.

The last part of the year draws more attention to health, rest and nutrition. Despite a rather busy time at work, it is advisable not to neglect your health and to listen to your body signals carefully. A good balance between effort and rest would be the ideal solution against burnout. This is also a good time for spiritual practice and meditation exercises.

Home and Family

Home and Family

As we’ve already mentioned, the first quarter means taking care of your career. The ambition to achieve and demonstrate your powers in front of a public, however, must not contradict who you really are on the inside. Your family serves as a leading light for you. The values that have been placed in you since childhood can beautifully sustain your life missions on the outside.

In the second quarter you feel a strong urge to assert yourself and bravely impose your own opinions. This may also mean confronting your relatives’ expectations. AstroFidelia recommends making your own way even if this means breaking some old traditions. This quarter is about listening to your own voice and will no matter what others think.

The third quarter brings a strong orientation towards home and family. Communicating with people back home is very important right now. You have the opportunity to reconnect to your roots, visit childhood places, meet relatives you haven’t seen in a long time, or simply take care of your living space. In September pay maximum attention to relationships with children!

The last quarter of the year is less noticeable as far as family events are concerned, so until the winter holidays you can focus on other areas. In November it is possible to face some tensions between your partner and someone from your family. You can also meet people who mirror back various emotional patterns that are worth carefully considering.

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