Pisces Horoscope 2022

Love and Friendship

Love and Friendship

In the first quarter, there are many events related to friends and the groups you belong to. Venus retrograde in Capricorn leads to various clarifications in these relationships, perhaps even setting limits in certain entourages that are no longer good for you. Meanwhile, Jupiter in Pisces induces a dreamy and optimistic attitude in you that attracts admirers and the support of your loved ones.

The second quarter might bring the beginning of a new romantic relationship. You’re going through an active, innovative period. Communication is heightened and you interact more often with people who support your education. In the second part of the quarter, you need intimacy and familiar places. Many encounters and relationship events are connected to your home.

The third trimester is lucky in romantic experiences, flirtation, falling in love. There are several opportunities to relax more. If you invest in travelling, you can meet new interesting partners. In August you combine romance with work, so it’s good to feel that you and your loved one do practical things together. September is dedicated to your significant others.

The last quarter starts in an intense and secretive atmosphere. You focus on important relationships and you’re looking to build a very sincere emotional unity with those people. From November on, these situations tend to relax. Love is now accompanied by a philosophical and optimistic attitude. The end of the year finds you in the middle of friends and group events.

Finances and Career

Finances and Career

In the first quarter you reconsider team projects. Some initial plans may be revised: you need new deadlines, a different structure and organisation of these projects. The period also brings some weeks of withdrawal, in which you may feel the need to distance yourself from current problems. Stop worrying about things taht do not concern you personally!

The second quarter is financially significant. Jupiter begins its transit through Aries and influences the birth chart house associated with money earned on your own. We are thus talking about a certain expansion of financial activity: more spending, but also more chances of winning. In this regard, it is good to combine generosity and wisdom.

During the third quarter you could assimilate a lot of new information, so you will be very sharp-minded and combative in communication. From the end of July to the beginning of September, it is possible to spend some busy weeks at work. Thus, you have the opportunity to improve your performance, professional skills and relationships with your co-workers.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, you need to weigh more some financial decisions. Now it is important to focus on a fair sharing of contributions in your partnerships and to keep balance in your loans. November and December bring many career events. You could make yourself noticed easily. Gaining respect is a significant goal during these months.

Physical and Emotional Health

Physical and Emotional Health

At the beginning of the year, although Jupiter is already in Pisces and brings you a general light, optimistic mood, you spend several weeks in which you may behave rather dreamy. During this period, various meditation exercises are useful. These moments increase your emotional receptivity and connection to the spiritual realm.

The second quarter accelerates new opportunities and keeps you active. Thus, your vitality and overall energy improve. This period supports exercises that combine strength with harmony and grace. For example, it would be appropriate to dedicate more time for dancing. Also, during these months you could pay more attention to your physical appearance.

The third quarter requires extra time to relax and have fun. This gives you the chance to recharge your batteries. In July and August it is advisable to take better care of your daily routine so that you can ensure proper rest. This quarter can bring more health-related events, including a better understanding of how your body functions.

In the last quarter, Jupiter returns for two months in your sign, which again invites you to focus on your physical appearance, style, vitality. During the months in which Jupiter crosses Pisces, it is good to pay attention to your weight, as this planet is a general principle of expansion. Still, if you focus on grace and a balanced physical effort, you won’t have this problem.

Home and Family

Home and Family

The first quarter bears the influence of Jupiter in Pisces, which, as we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs, broadens your horizons and gives you an optimistic mood. During these months, you have the opportunity to become aware of interesting aspects about yourself. This means that it is good to spend some time in solitude and to enjoy your own company.

The second quarter brings more family experiences, especially in the second part of it. This will give you the opportunity to spend more time at home, but also to anchor yourself strongly in your origins. This time of reflection helps you to analyze who you have become in the meantime, who you are in the depths of your being and what gives you the feeling of inner comfort.

The third quarter is also marked by various family events. July is rich in experiences related to children, whether you are a parent or not. From the second part of August until the end of the year, Mars will transit the family house of your chart. Therefore, a dynamic period follows at at home. Communication and flexibility are major keys to these situations.

The last quarter brings Mars’s retrogradation through Gemini. There may be some revisions and reconsiderations of actions related to family issues. The general atmosphere of these months can also have a combative, dynamic, enterprising nature. This period can also lead to verbal disputes, which will settle if you stay well informed, objective and offer clever arguments.

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