February Monthly Horoscope for Cancer

From February 3 onwards, you are in a good mood, full of vim and vigour. Starting with February 7, you show a proactive attitude in the work department. After February 16, the relationships in which you are involved, be they love or professional, evolve faster than you would have expected. From February 17 onwards, some not-so-positive thoughts may trouble you.

On or around February 21, you have support from the stars if you intend to discuss a possibility of collaboration, future partnership strategies, or other issues that involve projects and professional relationships. On or around February 23, there is a risk that the balance of forces in the sentimental or professional relationship in which you are involved may suffer and conflicts will occur.

On or around February 25, your mood slowly recovers. On or around February 28, the struggles for power within your life and/or business partnership could return. It is obvious that something is happening and that this can erode the foundation of your relationship over time. Strive to see what this is all about before something happens.

Anca Simina Martin

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