June Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

The first part of June keeps you busy at home. You need to spend time in the privacy of your personal space and family. After June 2 Venus in Cancer brings more interactions with children and invites you to relaxation. AstroFidelia recommends rest, travel, fun and entertainment. The New Moon on June 10 marks a new beginning in home-related issues and helps you see the past in a new light.

From June 11 on, Mars in Leo energizes things in your career. You become more active and work harder. It is appropriate to demonstrate your creativity and ingenuity in front of your colleagues. This way you can be noticed and rewarded for your skills. Around June 15 you could find out subtle, hidden information. Logic merges with intuition. After June 20, Jupiter retrograde in your sign helps you discover surprising reserves of inner wisdom.

After the summer solstice, you should dedicate more time to hobbies and recreational activities. Although this time should not be wasted, it is good to spend it in the most pleasant ways. From June 23 on, communication with your loved ones improves. Starting June 27, Venus in Leo brings you work meetings and mentors that help you become better in your profession. You can also share your skills with less experienced colleagues.

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It's advisable not to schedule any surgical procedure when the Moon is full. You should also try to avoid it one day before or after the Full Moon. Emergency surgical interventions are an exception to the rule.

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