March Monthly Horoscope for Leo

On or around March 3, a busy and stressful period at work awaits you. From March 4 onwards, you could experience communication problems with your life/business partner. After March 5, the way you get along with you bosses improves visibly, and you may encounter opportunities to get noticed. On or around March 8, you may record a very important accomplishment at work.

From March 10 onwards, there are no longer any annoying conversational breaks or tensions with your loved one and/or associates. On or around March 20, you have a lot of work and pressure to handle at the office, which means you have to take better care of your health, too. From March 22 onwards, your main focus should be on relationships, be they professional or romantic. But, you can also meet many challenges in this sector.

On or around March 23, obstacles, delays, and emergencies can reappear in the career department. On or around March 28, a better period awaits you, where you can make large progress in relation to your current endeavors. From March 30 onwards, your relationship with your life/business partner could be strained, which could lead to a real conflict on or around March 31.

Anca Simina Martin

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