January Monthly Horoscope for Leo

During or around January 2, a full work schedule is announced. After January 3, the atmosphere is energized sentimentally, but the risk of conflicts increases. During or around January 12, you might experience a longer hours at work. From January 13 onwards, try to work harder to strengthen your relationship with your life and/or business partner.

After January 16, you communicate more effectively with your life and/or business partner. During or around January 18, tensions may arise, however, due to the fact that each of you is trying to have the last word. During or around January 26, the tense climate resumes, this time due to doubts you have about the way things are evolving in your relationship.

During or around January 27, some financial misunderstandings may occur between you and your loved one and/or your business partner. During or around January 28, tensions in the romance department resume. It is very important to communicate so as to eliminate any source of conflict in the romance department. It is only this way that you can eliminate some doubts.

Anca Simina Martin

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