June Monthly Horoscope for Aries

For you June starts with a series of events related to communication and knowledge. While your mind works on many levels simultaneously, you need to select truly meaningful information so as not to overload your nervous system. Starting with June 2, you can combine periods of study with quite moments spent in the intimacy of your home, among your family and closest friends.

Around June 5, you may feel assailed by lots of incoming messages, but you also have the chance to obtain some unusual knowledge. At the New Moon on June 10 you can start studying something new. Try to initiate engaging dialogues! After June 11 Mars in Leo invites you to manifest your creative and playful skills. Around June 15, AstroFidelia recommends analyzing how far you've managed to materialize your goals so far. You should also evaluate your financial situation.

After June 21, the main events you attract seem to be focusing around your home and family. You have the opportunity to get to know yourself better if you spend more time by yourself. Around June 24 a tension might arise between family needs and social responsibilities. After June 27 relationships with children and new opportunities for falling in love come to the fore.

Cristiana T─ânase

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When the Moon transits through the Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn), it's advisable that you start a new DIY home improvement and/or remodeling project. It's time for you to turn your dreams of a perfect home into reality!

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