June Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

The first half of June keeps you very active and brings a series of new beginnings that you need to evaluate intuitively. Other people feel your energy and magnetism, so you can easily make yourself seen. After June 2, you gradually start to focus on the practical aspects of life. You need to feel comfortable and financially secure. As planets move through Gemini, AstroFidelia recommends taking time for yourself and enjoy your own company.

After June 11 Mars in Leo makes you fight more for your ideas. You come up with ingenious arguments and you quickly get excited about new information. Around June 15 you may feel trapped in the midst of moral issues and existential questions. The values you care about most seem to contradict collective events, which impose new life rules. Keep your faith in essential truths!

After June 21, you can successfully take care of administrative and financial matters. Some family activities can bring you material gains and other advantages. You can also make inspired investments for home decorating. After June 23, your mind becomes clearer. On June 24 you have the opportunity to deeply understand some patterns of material attachment and possessiveness. After June 27, think creatively, communicate with humor and get in touch with former or current school colleagues!

Cristiana T─ânase

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